2008 05 25 Jochberg Walchensee

Photo Quality

Half size & quality reduced to shrink data size by 10.
Original size & better quality with Julian & Omar.

Photo Brightness (on both Originals & Web)

Question: Why are the panoramic views dark ? Maybe UV affected the exposure and darkened just some images? We were sat on mountain top, facing south at mid day, & camera for groups pics was looking North & upward maybe 30 degrees. Groups pics taken by a stranger. Then I still sitting, a minute later held camera sideways above group & took panorama shots as dates show
529181 May 25 11:42 pict0014.jpg
532478 May 25 12:28 pict0022.jpg Last faces
526862 May 25 12:29 pict0023.jpg 1st panorama
522114 May 25 12:30 pict0027.jpg
I did not deliberately set anything But prob camera powered down up , maybe I caught it too soon, & it didnt set brightness right. Anyone got a better answer ?


Omar, Julian & a friendly stranger at mountain top. (Helga has pics too, welcome here).


Barbara, Cornelia, Helga, Julian, Manuela, Omar, Sarah, Volker, Waltraud.


Waltraud, + Cornelia for tickets.


6 Euros / person: From Muenchen HBH 08:10 meet, 08.32 depart, changing trains at Tutzing for Kochel, then bus to top of pass. ( 2 x 27 Euro group Bayerntickets for up to 5 people each). Returning 17:03 (or 17:13).
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