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Green Farm Festival

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Map: http:// www. openstreetmap. org/# map=18/ 48.29079 / 11.72100
2011 or 2012:
There was free mini bus from & to S Bahn, included in the 5 Euro entry. Garchinger Weg is a long way on a hot day as it has no trees for shade.
  • We cycled there, & met other beer gardeners who had come by S-Bahn , Cycle, & Car .
  • The 12 Euro entry price we felt a rip off from 5 Euro in 2012.
    • We wouldn't have paid to go in, except it was too late to re-arrange :
      • we had the day before arranged to meet friends there assuming it would be similar reasonable pricing to our last visit.
      • A friend had earlier said it was 12 EU including 10 EU food & drink vouchers (seems that was campers only?).
      • Another friend ahead (who had heard 10+2=12) , had just paid to go in, vouchers forgotten. When asked where his food & drink vouchers were ? Vendor was surprised & said it's 12 Euros, & no vouchers!)
    • We received just orange arm bands with a [serial?] number,
      No tickets, no receipts. Missing info:
      • No Tax number for who pays MWST & Einkommensteuer to Finanzamt.
      • No name & address of Veranstalter responsible for fairground safety & security.
      • The "Programm" leaflet did not declare organiser or printer.
      • The Impressum after on seems to be just for the web publisher, not for Veranstalter.
  • Despite good weather there were far fewer visitors than our last visit when price was reasonable, (also a Sunday afternoon, similar weather): The first side stall we passed had no customers, outside continued sparse, not so many visitors as before. A friend who knew a vendor in a bigger stand said no stand visits/ sales in hours.
  • We missed favourite stand(s), eg no stand with wide selections of British pies. Just British Allsorts had an English type food stand, with a few pies & lots of crisps. (Bavarian food stand omitted, we'd come for Irish/British Isles type food / drink / atmosphere).
  • Another major stand further down on left (South East) toward sport field was completely empty, just the canvas roof, a no show or evacuated Sunday as insufficient customers ?
  • Maybe they heavily increased prices for stand pitches as well as for visitors ? High prices then deterring numbers of visitors & sellers ? Low numbers of each then likely to mutually deter further ? They should revert to reasonably prices before they deter more.
  • The cycle group, (smaller than usual, (possibly some cyclists &/or Beer Gardeners might have been deterred by seeing the 12 EU price on the Green Farm URL copied to our mail lists ?)) ... searched music areas for friends , then sat outside away from music to drink under sun umbrellas in partly fresh air (dodging as much smoke as possible: despite few visitors, not enough tables had sun umbrellas).
  • The heavily raised entry price we felt excessive, & with less stands & visitors less attractive.
  • 12 Euros/head bought nothing for cyclists, except entry to buy a 5 Euro meat pie, & Guinness at 4.5 EU/ 0.5 litre, or Kilkenny. We chose to sit Away from the music , & the stands we expected to buy from were absent. We decided not to go next year; We can cycle a similar route to Freising, with 12 Euro per head extra remaining in our pockets for other beer gardens.

Green Farm Price Jump in 2013: 5 to 12 Euro

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