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Disclaimer, Liability & Copyright etc,

For pages pointing to this page, usually with this graphic footer

Some (but not necessarily all) of which may have been authored at least in part by

J.H.S of Berklix.Com

  • Author of this page is a Freelance Internet, Unix & C, & systems engineering consultant, Business enquiries are welcome.
  • Pages that point here with their Copyright footer, have usually been created by me, or assigned or entrusted their copyright to me (Though of course any page on the Internet could point at this disclaimer so there's no guarantee I wrote some page pointing here).
  • Some pages that point here may have been created on behalf of others.
  • This author reserve all Copyrights etc, to pages pointing with a copyright type footer to this page.
  • Do not blame me for content of every last page on the Internet that might point here: I can not stop others pointing here too, should they choose to for their reasons.
  • The author of this footer page is associated with various commercial computer consultancy companies etc, including Vector Systems Limited & BSDPIE
  • The author is a member of various technical & social clubs in Munich etc.

Use Any Browser ! - Complex HTML deliberately avoided.

The author usually avoids using HTML features that may annoy or break for some etc (OK, a few valign have slipped through - Shrug). (Unless a paying customer wants a particular feature, but then that's on their site & domain, not my site).

There's no cookies on Berklix. No, there never were any, even before I noticed 2014_02_12 that EU now required people be able to turn them off. Some other sites love cookies. Her'es some background reading on cookies:

No, there's no frames.
No, there's no Java or Java script either.
Yes you can use a simple text browser such as lynx on most pages.
No, there's no damn annoying eye catching flashing gimmicks.
No, there's no paid adverts. All links are free, unpaid, usually there just 'cos I felt reader might find them relevant, & occasionally cos I was doing a favour pointing to a friend's page.
No, the pages do not have Google Analytics (or equivalent) embedded in them (which would slow access & feed google as well as page owners.
No you'r not being logged, I'm too busy to care who or how many etc !
But if you want to know (some of) the info you give to every page on the web you visit, Try My Printenv Script
Timezones: A lot of pages have reference to Europe, Munich, London, etc, people there may be asleep while you are wide awake, don't always expect to phone them or get a quick email reply.

Broken Links

  • There's always some, lack of time to check & fix! If you report one: Thanks! Please quote both the exact URL you were currently at, & the one you were clicking on that failed, as I have too many servers & files to search through otherwise.

Spelling & polite phraseology & Style Sheets etc ?

I have too many pages to maintain all spellings & URL pointers & phraseology to perfection.

Yes I could spell better, No I don't have time. Yes I have a spell checker. Yes some of them are just typographic errors, No, they're not all typographic, some are genuine errors on my part. Yes I speak foreign languages, No, they don't all spell the same word quite the same, (& then there's the permuted trade names similar to words in natural human languages, to add more confusion. Yes I know how to spell some errors here correctly. As you doubtless don't want to pay me to spell check all pages, don't waste time suggesting I do it.

Yes some things could be phrased better, No editing web pages is not the purpose of my life, & I'm not paid to tweak non business pages.
Web ornamental style ? : Same answer applies.
Want more HTML features &/or style sheets etc ? Not from me, unless you want to be a paying customer.
If you are not paying, just be grateful I took the time to type information at all !
Why did I write this ? Too many with nothing better to do used to want to waste my time.


Yes I know my written German grammar is poor. If you are a native German speaker, you are welcome to send improvements. You will also find Mailman Lists Robot already works in German. I read English German & some French, etc. I see illogical inconsistencies in what is `correct' English grammar, as well as defects in German etc. Human languages are not designed, but thrown together, & it shows. I'm not motivated to spend time learning illogical constructs. I look forward to the growing global mass of future non native English speakers with similar attitude ironing out illogical constructs in English, to improve the language.

Factual Corrections

Factual corrections are welcome, but please include the URL (web reference) , as I have too many servers & files to search through otherwise.
I do not accept transient URLs (web refs) to forum comment (aka tweets etc) that time expire, just static references.
My email address

Legal Disclaimer

Concerning data & links in & under directories containing my home page, & organisation pages maintained for eg BIM, MECC, Beer Gardeners etc,

  • I make no recommendation for or against, & disclaim liability for people, companies & organisations referenced by URL or otherwise. Links are there because they might be interesting or have some relevance to the text. I might approve, deplore, or have no opinion of the linked page (which content may have also changed since).
  • Occasionally you may even find a URL points to some domain that's been sold to someone else with different content. I disclaim that too. I also won't know to correct it unless you Mail me
  • I disclaim liability for local copies of information provided by others, the local copy is merely for my convenience. Go search for & read the original yourself.
  • If information is misleading, wrong, obsolete, etc please inform me. I make no particular effort to maintain information, what was once true may well no longer be etc, & vice versa. It probably merely was thought to be true, when I wrote it, or was sent it.
  • NO I don't check everything I write or get sent. It might be wrong or misleading, Check it yourself if you want to rely on info.
  • No I don't keep a log of old pages & changes. I could do that on pages I was paid to write for customers, I won't do it on stuff I write free.
  • Web server sites & associates are not liable for information provided or referenced within my web directory structures.
  • I disclaim all liability for any wrong translations. I'm a qualified computer consultant, not a language professional.
  • I disclaim all liability for information not being available if servers crash, configurations break, power failure, or other human or machine error. Data is made available on a best effort basis, & is on multiple redundancy servers, but if you want real reliability, you must pay me for professional service.
  • I disclaim any & all other possible & conceivable & inconceivable responsibility !
  • Some law court apparently came up with a really foolish ruling that URL pointers need to be disclaimed, else are considered to be reccomending remote content as agreed with by the source pointer. Doubtless similar daft rulings have occurred in more than one country by now, & hopefully been overturned by more sensible & more senior judges elsewhere. Such a ruling is farcical idiocy, it could kill the web, local pointers have no control of changing remote content, expiring domains then bought by random advertisers of objectionable or illegal products & services (it's happened to me too, I once found by chance, one of my computer science links had become a porn site, as domain owner had not paid renewal fee I guess, & domain had then been bought by some porn outfit), plus many web authors have no time to thoroughly check remote content which may only contain some limited relevance, depending on views of writer & reader, plus web pages writers like me have better things to do in life, unpaid, than constantly check where all their links point. Readers are lucky when URLs exist at all, when writers have even bothered to write a page in the first place, let alone adding links; readers can always use a search engine instead/ as well if they want (though one wonders if judges emitting daft rulings realise search engines too work by cruising & pre indexing links, under automatic criteria, Not with human intelligence), or use a public library censored perhaps by your local government, & paid for perhaps by your taxes, if you want to be `protected' by the `Nanny knows best' state ;-).
  • I hereby formally disclaim all my URLs ! Any content the far end of click-able links may interest you, or may be stuff you, I or both of us think inappropriate wrong, or offensive, or criminal. Neither of us will know until we look again, as the domain or page owner or content may have changed. Stupid that some combo. of laws/ lawyers/ judges/ public or private prosecutors want the blatantly obvious stated else they'll assume what they choose to be most bone headed damaging to web authors.! Most domains expire each year, unless renewal is paid, those domains can then be bought by almost anyone on the planet, & then who knows what nasty content might be put there. At 2011_08 I have 34,500 web refs; 29,200 if one excludes to berklix; 23,600 if one also excludes # local refs, 22,800 if one excludes a few other trusted domains
    As calculated by eg:
    cd ~/public_html 
    find . -type f | xargs grep href= | wc
    find . -type f | xargs grep href= | grep -v berklix | wc
    find . -type f | xargs grep href= | grep -v berklix| grep -v # | wc
    find . -type f | xargs grep href= | grep -v berklix| grep -v # | grep -v findbesttreatment | grep -v mhlclinics | grep -v | grep -v | grep -v | wc
    No one pays me to maintain all those links. Probably many do not get checked for years on end. Caveat Emptor. & You paid nothing & are entitled to nothing. Do not use my links if you don't want a risk of a jump into the blue. If you do find some link that seems wrong, please let me know the Exact URLs (web refs) From & To, so I can correct it.
  • Laws, courts, rulings in different countries, vary over time. Some have contempt laws. As on old maps: There be Dragons. One can only hope certain foolishness is rectified over time.
  • I disclaim all recommendation of all my URLs, and every site I point to, even other parts of my own. The pointers are merely there because the remote content may or may not have some relevance or accuracy to pointing section, but I can't guarantee all content is up to date, no time & not paid to. In fact, more accurately, I can guarantee some is Not up to date.
  • My views are mine, (unless I've changed them & not updated my text), my views don't represent my employers, customers, fellow drinkers, neighbours or their dogs ;-) ie use common sense.
  • These pages are not legally definitive, not offers of contract etc.
  • 170+ Foreign National & Unenforceable Legal Systems ? or 1 international Copyright convention ?
    Some aggressive money grubbers at a map service in Germany, claim that even setting a URL pointer to part of their site is not allowed & a breach of copyright (some contest that). Doubtless there are similar fools elsewhere also claiming black is white. What German, British, American & Chinese etc law might say or not say about such a claim I don't know, but most except Germans operating in Germany won't even care. It won't have any relation to eg how Australians constructing a tour guide web site of Europe might see their Australian law. The web is full of idiots who seem to think their petty national law is of wide relevance to others, when it's not. Another petty national example: the USA's aggressive Millennium act. No relevance outside the USA. The World Wide Web is global, any web page on earth can point at any other web page on the planet, served from any point on the planet, edited by any national (or stateless person) from any other country on the planet, or in international waters. Get the drift ?! What concerns many, me included, is to respect International Copyright conventions, not 170+ national sets of weirdness.
  • Many jurisdictions assert no contract exists until money changes hands. No web reader has ever paid me any money for what I write (except corporate pages paid for by companies) , & I expect never will, & I owe no responsibility to anyone to create or maintain accurate information I personally choose to publish unpaid, (though I do welcome factual corrections).
  • English law applies. Legal venue is Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

Copyright Of Web Pages Pointing To This Page

  • Copyright Julian H. Stacey, Munich 1995 - 2012.
    Applies to all pages that bear a URL pointer to this statement, (EG: most pages accessed from below a ~jhs/ or berklix URL + some others.) Copyright also for pages where the data is in a subdirectory, but I've written or generated the holding directory or index etc.
  • I will likely grant any copy request free of charge, but I do not formally grant the information to the public domain. In particular, I would be unhappy with wholesale theft for competitive sites etc, or people misusing my resume for other than the intended purpose (encouraging job offers smiley face icon ), I would of course object to my data being twisted out of context, or misrepresented etc.
  • Other than that I'm not trying to withhold anything, clearly the information is there to be accessed.
  • If in doubt, mail me.

See also disclaimer.html

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