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Beer Gardeners Group

May 1st Annual Trip to Gross- Hesselohe Jazz Beer Garden by Cycle Ride or S-Bahn.

This Page:

The Beer Garden is listed at http:// bg/ places/ #waldwirtschaft (which needs a password, which is in footer of each posting from list bg@, which mail list you can join here)


Arrangements are similar most years, though times vary, & weather can change plans.
Latest year's announcements immediately below.
Further Details Usually Applicable Most Years.

Join various mail lists for later announcements & updates, changes, & other events for various groups eg Beer Gardeners,   Cyclists, Walkers,   Skiers etc.


Hi &,
    (Ref. & )

Wednesday 1st. May we will do our traditional bike ride to the Wald-
Wirtschaft jazz beer garden. Non cyclists are welcome to join us
direct at beer garden.  Feel free to copy this to friends.

You can bring own food for outside or buy there.  They also have
(apart from B.G. grilled food etc), some German white wine a green
bottle circular with a vertical axis, & frisbee shaped pancakes
(names forgotten, geometry wins ;-) etc.

If it's seriously cold there is an inside with hot food & coffee etc.
If there's Jazz outside it will be "Old Timers Jazz Band, Prag".

Bikes Meet: 13:00 at the ship's screw (= propeller) (Schiffs- Schraube)
        on Ludwigs- Bruecke & Museums- Insel, North (downstream)
        of Deutsches Museum.
Distance:   About 10 Kilometres.  It is a not a fast bike ride BUT
        we will not wait for people that are very slow,
        so make sure you and bike are in reasonable condition !

    Georg- Kalb- Str 3, 82049 Gross- Hesselohe

Public Transport  ( Print a map from )
  S-Bahn Line 7 (Brown).  Assuming coming from central Munich:
  Direction Wolfratshausen; alight at Gross- Hesselohe Isar- Tal- Bahnhof;
  turn left (= East = sun on right shoulder);  pass restaurant; E.S.E.
  (East South East = sun on right), cross Kreuz- Eck- Str; 4 blocks
  down Kastanien- Allee: crossing Karwendel- Str & Wall- Berg Str
  & Pullacher Str; to junction with Georg- Kalb- Str.; turn right
  (= South = sun in eyes); At T junction (with Promenanden- Weg on
  right & G.K. behind & G.K. left) turn left (= East=sun on right
  shoulder); end of the road is the beer garden.
  Trains depart Haupt- Bahn- Hof & arrive Gross- Hesselohe Isar- Tal- Bahnhof:
    13:13 - 13:30, 13:33 - 13:50, 13:53 - 14:10     
  A volunteer to co-ordinate walkers would be welcome.

Bad Weather ? Play it by ear:

  Julian Terrestial ... 
  Julian Mobile ... (No SMS answered, &
                 I do Not answer cycling, nor stop to answer)
  Paul   Terrestrial ...
  Paul   Mobile ...

PS The end of week Beer Garden will be FRIDAY 3rd, not Saturday 4th as:
    - A free firework on the Wiesen, we hope to view adjacent & after.
    - A big football match will be televised Saturday, which will bloat
      many venues.
Details will be posted later to
Correct nautical English is Ship's Screw, like German Schiffs- Schraub only non nautical English speakers call it propeller.

Further Details Usually Applicable Most Years

  • Once cyclists have left meeting point, if weather then turns nasty, we press on regardless.
  • Where We Sit & Drink:
    • If thunderstorm, Inside with hot coffee or soup !
    • If weather poor, so not crowded, & if music not too loud, between the restaurant and the band stand.
    • If sunny & crowded, near far end, more space. We don't want last tables next to kids & their play area beyond, leave that to parents. We need a set of tables far enough away from band we can move about, & chat to our associate groups, not be cramped rubbing backs with crammed in strangers.
  • Cycle Times & Speeds & Routes:
    • It's maybe (or should be) 30/ 40 mins cycle, yes we could do it faster, but there's always something slowing us, often our group too slow, sometimes some lost out of sight, sometimes a busy cycle path, sometimes idiots on their left = our right, oncoming on collision course, (frequent at beginning of each good weather cycle year!).
    • Owners of 3 gear clunkers (city rad) should realise they will need to pedal Fast, if they go at their usual slow speed, they will probably lose us. We don't race, but we don't wait for the idle slow either.
    •   ROUTE: Going there, we usually optimise toute to maximise tarmac & avoid gravel. Heading South, we Keep to the East bank, At Thalkirchner Brucke (just after Flaucher) we cross right West (Bikes on own segment of wood between pedestrians & cars. These days we no longer follow the river & go up the Steep hill, Instead we go up the new tarmac of Isar- Tal- Bahn- Weg, so:
      Safest is on the other side of the river and canal to turn right = North ! into Am Isarkanal immediately right again + East then South into the path that passes under the road. Then at path T junction, left and straight on to the old railway path. We go past the almost unrecognisable arc of train engine sheds, that face on to where the train engine turntable used to be (Julian saw the track radiating in toward turn table, but tracks gone now). You can still just from building outline if you know what to look for, , & can also see on a satellite map picture.

      Ex railway line route runs past golf courses up parallel to Heilmann str. When the tarmac over what was the train track comes to an end, turn left and down onto Grosshesselhoher Str. As the road bends right turn left into Hoellerer Berg, before you go down the hill, veer right on to the path to the right which runs almost parallel with the road but not down hill. Then a U-turn under the (new operational) railway line and next left a narrow path and straight on (with the tennis courts on the right) to the beer garden.

Return Cycle Trip.
  • We do not cycle back together.
  • Return departure time & speed is for each an individual decision.
  • Assume you will be left to find your own way back. Just reverse the route you came, go downstream instead of up, & you'll get back to Munich.
  • Occasionally we might do a bit together, if we know we go roughly the same way & others aren't too slow.
  • Occasionally people claim they can't find their way back: Answers
    • You should have remembered the way you came.
    • You should have printed or bought a map & compass or GPS or modern phone with GPS.
    • Walk (or ride) your bike to S Bahn, getting off & asking directions like any other pedestrian, & take train home.
    • We won't go back at slow speed, (always been a hopeless 3 gear clunker of a bike so far, with matching slow cyclist, bad enough waiting one way, not both ways ;-)
  • On return, beware 30 metres after the North exit from Beer Garden, there is a road right (= East) it is a Steep hill down to river (with bend left (=North) impossibly sharp at speed): Do not go down right,
    Instead go ahead & gently Up a few metres. If you will go down right, best walk it, do not ride down; brakes can & have failed, could be lethal.
  • Julian goes North, usually alone, fast, maybe via river route[s] or inland main road tarmac.
  • Paul may go West on tarmac, or North first.
  • Some others occasionally go East
  • Rarely do any return South, (& if so they will have first joined us in Beer Garden.
  • Car Park: Yes there is one. Usually it's full if good weather. It's not free. They probably have alkoholfrei bier, Check their menu.
  • Drunks: No thanks, not with us.
  • If you accidentally drink too much, walk to S Bahn & pick up your vehicle another day !.
  • Being drunk on a bike or in a car is bad news, for reasons inc.: gravitational, kinetic, legal, moral, (even though legal limits are different for bikes & cars, they do exist for bikes too).
  • Mobile: I (Julian) don't answer it while cycling, I don't stop to answer calls, & I don't type SMSs - ever. Feel free to SMS me, I will read it when convenient, IF I notice it. I won't answer by SMS or phone call. Feel free to Phone my Mobile again, I use No answering service, so it won't cost you money, just phone again if you must).

Some Previous Years' Organisers

  • 2012 Bike Announced to bg@ by Paul.
  • 2011 Bike Announced to bg@ by Paul.
  • 2010 Walk announced to gea-announce@ by Birgit.
  • 2010 Bike announced to gea-announce@ by Paul.
  • 2009 Bike announced to gea-announce@ by Julian.
  • 2009 Walk announced to gea-announce@ for Alexandria by Julian.
  • 2005: Much the same as 2004
  • 2004 Bike announced by Julian

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