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Legal Conditions For CDROMs from Vector Systems Limited Logo: Mathematical Vector


(Our conditions are not designed to hurt you, merely to protect us. )

Our CDROMs contain software from a myriad of sources, impossible to list. You must comply with the conditions for each software component you choose to use. We provide no exemption, cover, licence, extra permission, or recommendation etc.

Licences, Copyrights Etc

The base of our CDROMs is FreeBSD, you must comply with its BSD licence.

Other major software components include FSF (License here), X-Consortium & XFree86 (licence here). You must also comply with their conditions if you use their software, which you almost undoubtedly will.

The CDROMs also contain hundreds to thousands of other software items. You must comply with the myriad Readmes, licences, etc, appropriate to each component you choose to use. Choose from over 10796 packages ( on FreeBSD-5.3 @ Jan 2005 ) some of which may be on our CDROMs, indexed here ).


All liability is disclaimed inc. direct, indirect, consequential & other, etc.

Generic FreeBSD CDROMs are not mastered by VSL or it's consultants, & VSL for itself & its consultants disclaims all & every liability.

For special CDROMs mastered by VSL from 3rd party components, (EG FreeBSD, X, FSF, Apache, Mozilla, KDE etc) VSL for itself & its consultants disclaims all & every liability for all 3rd party components.

No recommendation of use is given, sold, or implied. Decide yourself if the software is appropriate for your use.

VSL disclaim liability on its own components. The CDROMs are merely data containers for transfering code, but do Not transfer a license for use. If you want VSL to assess your requirements & license its software for use in your context, you must pay VSL a consultancy fee in addition to the data media / CDROM cost.


No patent licensing included.
  • VSL merely provide the CDROMs as a data container; which bits you choose to use is your concern, not ours.
  • If the law in your legal jurisdiction requires software patent licensing, you must determine that, & you must purchase, & licence whatever you determine appropriate from whoever you determine appropriate.
  • ( Many consider software patents to be immoral & damaging to progress in society & business, being an impediment to distribution of free public domain software. There are active campaigns to get damaging software patent law changed, & to rein in an aggressive European Patent Office that sells software patents to obstruct the public. )

Fitness For Purpose

We make no recommendation of use. Decide yourself if the CDROMs & software are usable or appropriate for your purposes. If you want a professional opinion, hire a computer consultant to advise you if the software is appropriate for your purpose, &/or to customise to your needs.


English Law applies. Venue: Tunbridge Wells.

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