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Meeting Software For Video Conferences

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For PC (MS/ Linux/BSD) programs, Smart Phone & Tablet (Android & MacOS) Apps, & FreeBSD etc Servers

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eg: Beer Gardeners & Chilli Curry & Faraday etc Virtual Stammtisch Participants

We use Jitsi Meet: How to set it up - Where to check if yours works. - Common Notes

  • Introduction

    • Join Our free Virtual Stammtisches even if you are: Long distance in South Africa, Sweden, or Singapore, Pollen allergic in Garmisch; In Corona quarantine, Or just stuck at home.
    • Any smart phone or PC will do. Any of Android, MacOS, Microsoft, Linux, BSD. No SIM card needed. No registration for you, your computer, or app. No NSA or GCHQ it's a European server. Non commercial.
    • Shortly before event organiser will private mail all who booked with the web address of the live session. Not earlier, for security. You will be able to move around conversation sized sub groups as normal.
    • No Smoking Non Smokers Only on some Berklix Social Event Lists marked, eg BG & Chilli etc)
      • Though smokers wouldn't affect virtual events as such; Corona confinement & Virtual sessions will end, & normality will resume, smokers are not permitted on Non-Smoker mail lists (that announce virtual meetings), as it would degrade lists we previously worked to purge of smokers, lists the membership wants to remain clean for when we later resume announcing non smoking events after the Corona shutdown.
      • Disagree ? Go Search elsewhere! Other sites have humans funded by adverts or fees. Our volunteers all unpaid, no time to be wasted.
    • Do a solo test session before the Stammtisch, to check if your device(s) work & are configured OK, or if you need a download.
    • Questions? Ask on appropriate list after first joining the list via one of
    • Book your seat when you decide, & organiser will confirm it. Don't book too late!
  • Equipment you need:

    • Smart phones & tablets shouldn't be really old: You need a camera same side as the screen.
    • PCs should have sound & camera configured
    • We tested with smart phones, tablets, Android & Mac, PCs with Microsoft & Linux, FreeBSD & will try more.
    • Make sure you've turned off data via expensive SIM card, & turn on your WLAN (WiFi) connection.
    • Pre-charge your device or plug in, it's heavy on batteries.
    • Some tablets have CPU processors that do not support the Jitsi Meet app. (you may have already noticed if your device doesn't support some other apps too). You can find your device name on Android under: Settings > General > About Device. Then if you want Search Web for what CPU your device has.
    • PC & Android - Jitsi Meet clients and phone apps connect and work well, Chromium or Chrome browser also works. At 2020-04-10 Firefox is blocked on server of meet . ffmuc . net
      (Firefox (on all OS's I think) recently (March/April 2020) had a sound problem, it was reported on a FreeBSD list)
  • Where To Connect

    • The URL (web ref.) containing combined names of the server & room
      • is not here on the web, so the world & gate crashers don't flood the server or room).
      • Might be announced to the Berklix mail list,
      • but as some of our mail lists have 200 hundred people, & we normally expect 10 to max 20, the mail list posting may (just like a normal physical meet) just invite you to sign up with the organiser (`moderator' of the room) of the room
      • The organiser (`moderator') may then private mail just signed up participants the web ref. they need.
      • We may use room names such as xyz1, xyz2, xyz3, where the 1 will be the one you should join first, then you can migrate to side groups if too many chatting in main room
      • Where we announce an event in advance by mail as to be in Room XYZ,, if all participants migrate from main room to quieter sub rooms, then the main room XYZ would close automatically when last participant leaves the main room, & latecomers would have no idea where to go, so either &/ or both:
        • Sub rooms should be created with predictable names XYZ1, XYZ2, or
        • The event organise should run a 2nd device keeping room XYZ open, & watching for latecomers.
      • Sign ups give the organiser a head count, useful, as these are not chaired moderated rooms, where 20 might acoustically fit, but informal free conversations where more than 5 or 6 breaks down into noise, & people migrate to side rooms.
      • A password may be mailed out to signed participants, just shortly before appointed room start time, when organiser creates the room. (The organiser cannot mail it you earlier, as [some of/ the] free technology & service providers do not support room pre-reservation, just room creation)
  • Admin

  • Now do a solo test run, Here's how to connect with Jitsi Meet:
  • Notes Common To Users Of All Apps & Browsers
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Notes Common To Users Of All Apps & Browsers

  • Clean camera lens, turn volume up, connect microphone smiley icon
  • Drop Outs & Poor quality: To avoid drop outs or jittering frozen video: Turn off spare Apps, Task, Processes running on your device. Turn off auto update of apps. & bulky map data etc. Turn off other devices sharing the same router that may also present a load on your router. Stand nearer the router, or use a cable data link between device & router (a USB cable may not automatically suffice, it may only do power, you may have to configure your device to also use the cable for data, plus configure the router & perhaps firewall to allow data on that USB.
  • Battery: Pre charge it to full, or leave plugged in to mains, or have a spare USB cabled battery. Camera & microphone & sound output & processing can eat battery, you will notice back of smart phone gets hot fast. Stammtisch sessions can be longer than expected, draining battery.
  • Chrome & Chromium Naming

    Chrome is Google's product.
    Chromium is the open source browser
    PS Naming differentiation seems partly scrambled on FreeBSD:
    • pkg info -a | grep chrom # chromium-81.0.4044.122_1 Google web browser based on WebKit
    • chrome running reports: About Chromium Chromium Version 81.0.4044.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    • which chromium # Command not found.
    • file /usr/local/bin/chrome /usr/local/share/chromium/chrome
    • /usr/local/bin/chrome: POSIX shell ...
    • /usr/local/share/chromium/chrome: ELF 64-bit ...
    • / usr / ports / www / chromium / pkg-plist installs bin/chrome
  • Etiquette

    • Remove kids, pets, noisey machines & human non participants from your room, or remove yourself _& your microphone to us us_ from their room, close the door. You were invited to join us, they were not invited: Same attendance criteria as for physical meetings of whichever virtual group you attend.
    • Do not turn on your TV radio or music, else you disrupt the group & must leave.
    • Mute your microphone while you do not want to talk for a while, & while you have extraneous noise eg open door to TV, radio, music, clattering kitchen , kids, dogs, machines. - You wouldn't bring those nuisances to our physical events (or would be ejected), so do not burden us with them.
    • Give your normal first name to your screen icon. Same as you would over a real table, Same as you signed up with to organiser. Don't be lazy & omit. Don't be a smart Alec with fake moniker like Zombie123, You wouldn't do that in a physical room. Don't make life hard for friends.
    • Suggested: Place camera on a pile of books at eye height, to avoid the classic bad angle from camera on table: that you've seen on TV interviews: All viewers look up the nose of interviewee, or just their forehead each time they lean back - not our best views, we normally view each other at eye height, not table height ;-)
    • Remember on a tablet in landscape mode, the camera is off to one side, place tablet a bit to the side to allow for that, face the camera on the edge, your eyes can drift a bit more to the middle of the screen.
    • If you don't want people to see your background, don't turn the camera off, hang a towel or flag or poster picture etc on wall behind your head. It is a video session, not a phone call, we are virtualising a real meeting of whichever group you are in & you would not attend the real meeting with a blank bag over your head.

    • Extra For Berklix People
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