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By Julian H. Stacey

World Wide: AnyBrowser.Org VI powered
Pages written in my own time, I aim to make maximally accessible to all, by using a simple portable HTML subset that should run on all browsers. avoiding problematic feature in many newer HTML extensions. (However customers are welcome to more complex stuff for their sites.)

Just Simple Text & Pictures.

I avoid features that make web access annoying, problematic, browser dependent, slow, troublesome, operating systems dependent, inefficient, etc. I try to put captions behind images to help blind people with tactile line image displayers etc. I try to break long lines within <PRE> sections, else browsers impose horizontal scrolling, a pain on all browsers, & extra pain on mobile phone browsers. I have lots of browsers pre-built, and clickable via ~/.fvwm/config ready to test with, & more build-able in reserve with FreeBSD/ports/www/, I don't just assume Firefox or (worse) MS-IE.

None Of This:

  • Animated graphics, Pop ups (as in adverts, actually I have No adverts), No Flashing/Blinking.
  • chrome/chromium browser not required: privacy issues.
  • Assumptions of & forcing screen pixel dimensions & density, (as seen from moron web designers that try to force their usually corporate junk to look exactly the same on any browser in the world, & assert their idiocy looks corporate professional, when it's really just stealing the browser's right to rescale for local human factors eg eye sight & screen size etc.
  • Background graphics, just blurs text.
  • Click-able maps (maybe you don't have a mouse & are in text mode, or even a blind user using a line display adaptor).
  • Cookies, What secrets are they up to ?
  • Counters & Trace Loggers (EG triggered on gifs etc).,
  • Forced font sizes styles &,
  • Forced colours,
  • Checks that you have 32K+ colours in your palette, when you mostly need no more than in use already.
  • Dark blue or red fonts on black backgrounds,
  • Frames, (some older browsers don't support)
  • Language Extensions: Java, Php, etc,
  • Plug Ins: Shockwave etc,
  • Plug Ins: Flash :
    • Dependent on commercial binaries without source, not available on all CPU architectures & OSs;
    • no sources means a security risk as can't be checked: What might they be runing on your machine ?
    • Useless to the blind, even with tactile output devices.
  • Proprietary formats EG Micro$oft's excremental .doc & .exe.

If You Want Entertainment, Flash, & Glitz on your pages

  • yes I'll do it on your pages. Customer is King ;-)
  • If you'r looking for glitz on My pages: Go to a disco or cinema instead ;-)
  • If you want to pay me , I or associates can & have applied various advanced web features to customer pages, that's your choice if you are paying.
  • Blinkered authors styling themselves web page Designers often have fun with lots of new features, & like to present themselves as valuable with new tricks; But they don't often either realise or advise commissioning web page owners:
  • Overloading un-necessary features can result in obstructing browsing for people with older or different hardware, eyes, or/ & software, & increasing the risk of breakage.
  • Costs of testing on a wide range of browsers should be factored in.
  • Many self styled "Web Designers" often mostly test localy, with one browser type, fed at high speed by local servers, & don't see the failing dependencies, & off-puting delay seen when serving a mess of superfluous graphics via slower connections to remote browsers.
  • The percentage of self styled "Web Designers" who make a hash of things without even realising it, remains too high.
  • If you want me to stress test & identify your web's inadvertent breaking dependencies, my professional services are available.

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