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Laser Distance Meter + Spirit Level Product Name: Titan

This was scanned & published 'cos I own one, & last time I needed to use it, the manual was not with it, so I searched the web, found numerous vendors, but could not find a manual, not even on the claimed manufacturer site, so they have abandoned customers. Maybe they're not really manufacturer. & just imported it from eg China & badged it so don't have the original data that produced the manual ? Seen that phenomena often enough.

So I scanned & webbed PDF manual, so users like me won't be stranded. I scanned it with xsane not at my normal 300dpi for normal size text, but at 600dpi as there's lots of small print & graphic detail, so one may may want to zoom expand.

I tried gray scale but for front+ back cover that produced a .tiff of 3,276,244 compared with just 112.744 bytes for gray scale

I kept the manual.tiff.gz I will later prune trailing white space (which is in pdf but not tiff) & seperate out single pages in tiff & re-process to PDF.

Page 21: Pythagorean theorem I guess this is to apply the theorem, to calculate a length of wall one can see but not approach & touch.
There might be 3 different modes ?

  • perpendicular to end of diagonal
  • end of one diagonal to end of other diagonal
  • between diagonals
An OCR extract of text, uncorrected. Of course as the first can page starts wuth the last page of the paper booklet, that chunk is out of order.

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