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Notes On Web References To Previous Page

Replicated Servers

This address works even if one of the multiple server boxes physically dies.

Individual Server Addresses

These are provided in case one of the hosts is still responding to domain traffic, but may temporarily not be running a web server.

Other addresses

Numerous other addresses will work too, but many are obsolete, so not quoted.

"~" = Tilde Character

  • The "~" Key is pronounced "Tilde".
  • It tells a web server to look to the right for the name of a user's home login web directory, rather than look in the server's top common space.
  • People with German keyboards usually find no "~" key, as it's been replaced by some German umlaut.
  • Many non computer people have a problem with the missing Tilde key on German keyboards, so I provide a short cut that avoids need of the Tilde for my "~jhs/" web directory.
  • Web servers also allow people with no Tilde available to type keyboard sequence "%7E" into the URL (web reference), in place of each missing "~" character. (You can also use this hexadecimal representation for other Ascii characters missing from your keyboard).
  • I quote full URLs with Tilde in place, as they are official, & will still work, even if the short cut without the Tilde might possibly one day temporarily break, EG during server reconfiguration
  • You need the Tilde character for all other individual users' web directories on these web servers.
  • How to convince your keyboard driver to generate a Tilde, while running in German layout, is your affair, not mine, & dependent on your knowledge of how your operating system drives your keyboard.Read your manuals, or ask your software vendor, not me. (If you are running Microsoft based stuff, note I don't run any Microsoft based software, & wouldn't even if they paid me (& the thought of me paying them for their nasty product would be farcical !) The software I run is better: Infinitely cheaper & less virus prone. You are welcome to a free legal copy.

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