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R-DNS Records: Why You Need Them

Why Your Internet Numeric Addresses Should Have matching R-DNS Records

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If you do not:
  • You are breaking internet standards.
  • Mail to recipient domains often requires you have an R-DNS, else recipient server may reject you as a spammer or fraudster.

The point is, the internet is insecure, it'd hard enough to check things, so do Your bit to make sure the numeric IP addresses of your company/organisation all each have a matching R-DNS that points back to your matching domain IP name. Do not leave your numeric addresses without an R-DNS, looking suspiciously like a spam or fraud domain.

Example Removed.

Reason it was removed is some may become partially obsolete within hours or days, & names or numbers may point partially at the innocent, & those of us who Know what we're looking ofralready know, & the general public I'm afraid are too cluless & wont have the nackground, tools or enthusiasm to work throught complex example[s]. + It wastaking too much of my time to write it, & would take more time later to maintain).

If anyone has a URL to point to a good educational site, I'd welcome it.

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