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Pancake Recipes

Joy Stacey's Basic short recipe for 3 - 4 pancakes @ 25 Feb 2014: 4 ounces plain flour, pinch salt, 2 medium or large eggs, 7 fluid ounces milk, 3 fluid ounces water. Phillip added: Interesting. I think I use one egg

Julian's longer recipe for beginners

Mix half a pint of milk with 1 or 2 eggs. Continue fast mixing while slowly adding 4 oz (1 oz. ~= 28.75 gram) of pre sifted flour (make sure it's not self raising flour (common in Germany)), (mix vigorously to ensure no lumps), add a pinch of salt. Pour into a pre greased hot frying pan. WHAT TEMP SETTING ? To achieve an even thin consistency, turn after a minute or so, by tossing pan in the air, (wimps can use a spatchula ;-) ), (don't worry if it sticks, the first 1 or 2 often do).

Sprinkle fresh squeezed lemon juice & white granulated sugar on plate, slide pancake to plate, roll pancake, add more Lemon & Sugar, serve hot immediately.

Some English have been known to use butter & jam instead (not reccomended). French have similar recipes for Crepes (thinner) & Gallettes (dark buck wheat flour maybe ) with vast range of optional additives such as Grand Marnier, cheese, apple, sausage, etc. Scots pancakes are one third diameter, thicker, served cold with butter (at least for ths Englisman).

1 Pound = 16 solid Ounces = 460 grams (for flour). 1 Imperial Pint = 20 fluid Ounces = 567 milli-litre. (for milk), NB USA gallon is 16/20th of an Imperial Gallon, (presumably someone got ounces per pint wrong, about the time the Mayflower sailed).

Ratios: 283 ml milk : 115 gram flour : 1 Egg : 1 pinch salt : 4 pancakes : 1 full person

Disclaimer: I Julian more often uses a soldering iron & hot glue gun than a frying pan, but I've cooked this recipe & survived :-)

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