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Vintage Computer Fest Europa

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by Julian Stacey

VCFE has a Flea Market / Valuable Old Junk Section ;-)

Probably most of us have heaps of old junk Ehrm valuable stuff ;-) We'd like to sell buy & trade. My surplus hardware is listed here,
I'd happily cross links to any other VCFE person's spare hardware list.

Some Previous Dates of VCFE in Munich Germany:

  • 2014-05-03, Saturday I exhibited the Network Scanjet 5.
  • There was a VCFE in 2011 - I wasn't in the country.
  • There was a VCFE each previous year, I've lost track which years I exhibited & which not
  • 30.April/01. Mai 2005 dont know if I was there, plenty of others there.
  • 2004 May Sat & Sun 1 & 2 ( I was only there on Sun 2nd)
  • 2003 May 3 & 4
  • 2002 Apr 27 & 28
  • 2001 Apr. 28 & 29
  • 2000 Apr. 29 & 30 VCFE 1.0


2004, I exhibited a scanner converted to BSD

It's a 486 cpu inside, so pretty old, quite whether it meets the vintage 10+ year rule I didn't have time to find out. But it was a BSD implementation, & I traditionally run a BSD stand there, & the "new & better software in old hardware" theme was interesting, & made a change from the Symmetric & PC532 picture of stand

2004, All My Pictures: 26 Megs worth, have been copied to, & will be used by them &/or maybe Hans to help contribute to an official collection they will compile & release later .. so Ive taken my 26M off line.

These are just my raw pictures, uploaded the day after, I took them in a rush, abandoning my exhibition stand to do them, & I fumbled some camera settings toward thje end, mis-framed, got a few pictures between 2 stands etc.

To make the clickable icon page, I ran a tool called cthumb, one of tens of thousands of free packages ported packages available on FreeBSD.

I've not bothered to label the photos, as the whole lot will be deleted when { "Helmut Jungkunz" &/or Gaby etc merge with other people's to make a cohesive indexed whole.

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 I exhibited these

Symmetric 375 & PC532

Commentary to 2000

Perhaps the most interesting part was after the official fest had finished: helping a VAX 750 down a flight of stairs, a valve computer return to someone's front room, & discovering a cellar full of room size computers, Univacs or Honeywells or some such, with scatterings of PDP-11s & paper punches & disc packs etc.


Friends & technical associates from within other groups such as BIM , MECC, BG, Faraday, SAGE etc, are particularly encouraged to come along too, not just to see the old equipment, but also to attend some of the talks, which have been highly interesting, previously including the First Microprocessor (no not an Intel, that was just first chip set for commercial use; first microprocessor was for the F1-11 swing wing fighter!) & first Commodore Virus development & others.

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