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CAUTION: Scam Fees: Con Men At Work. There's inumerable sites where one can freely download free software; but con men too could set up sites where they hide download fee, & send you a bill later.

A German court ruled against deception ( see here), but there's a world of national laws & languages out there. Plenty of scope for other cons in in other places & languages etc. Take care. PS If you, an innocent do get caught by such a scam, some ideas (though IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer):

  • As well as consumer rights bodies, & normal national legal defence re hidden charges
  • There's possibly another way to hit back: See if what you'r downloading is licensed for the site to distribute. It could be eg with things like OpenOffice or Mozilla Firefox that maybe the licence only allows distributors to make a reasonable charge, & not an unreasonably high charge, so you may also be able to come to an arrangement to represent the software consortium that issued the software free, to counter sue the distributor for breach of licence & damages. German law also seems to allow people to sue on 3rd party's behalf, without 3rd party even knowing, till they collect, far as I can figure (that law too got abused by at least one dodgey lawyer who ended up doing time (2 years as I recall); Maybe other countries have similar scenarios.
  • If you'r eg a German caught by a scam .de web site, run by eg a foreign ie English Ltd company (perhaps owned by Germans?). Don't despair, don't think just because its quite easy to open an English small company ... that does Not mean you have no recourse: A director whose firm is "wrongfully trading" or behaves criminally can be banned for 2 to 15 years , see UK companies house who also have pages in French & German). Artikel Nr. Opendownload muss Inkasso-Schaden ersetzen Donnerstag Januar 28th 2010, 7:31 pm Gericht_41166255.html,- opendownload-abzocke-urteil-_arid,1627683_regid,2_puid,2_pageid,4288.html

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