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This is

International Computer Systems Engineering Consultancy

  • Established in Britain 1986. Main customers focused in Europe & America, Operational bases include Munich & Aachen Germany , & Kent UK etc.
  • Consultants with decades of Computer Consultancy with Unix, Internet & Systems Engineering etc, for
    Britain (British Flag (Union Jack)) Germany, ( German Flag)Austria, French Flag France, Switzerland, Italy etc.
  • Support for English speaking companies integrating into European countries & languages
  • Support for German speaking companies, also for customising to world markets.
  • Some support for French etc.
  • German , Canadian, American etc clients.
  • British, American, German etc consultants.

Lead Consultant For Enquiries:
Julian Stacey(BSc. Hons. Computers & Cybernetics)

Products & Services at

Company Profile - Paper For Printing

Not current, just a brief flavour of some areas,
(First created back when customers needed paper, way back pre web - Yes we & some of our our consultants are really experienced, programing & designing hardware long before the web or Internet, & still also interested in embedded, stand alone, real time, hardware control etc, way beyond web work); but it's not profitable to polish company profiles & CVs,
So tell us what you need & we'll tell you if we can do it, or recommend someone else. :
Bilingual versions of single page printed handouts.

Independent computer system design & development consultants

  • Web, Internet Server systems, Firewalls, X-Windows, Unix(*), C Programming, & Systems Engineering. (*) `Unix' Means any form of *IX type system such as, (but not limited to) FreeBSD , NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux (2nd URL) , HP-UX, Solaris, Ultrix, Posix etc.
  • Custom design, & cost effective inclusion of public or proprietary packages where appropriate. ( Inc. based on FreeBSD with its ported packages, tens of thousands, & FSF packages, etc.
  • Software Drivers,
  • Materials science, Physics, Scientific analysis, Java, Fortran
  • Web page design, Graphic Design, server configuration & support
  • We develop on Unix servers, & can where required design servers to interact with Microsoft workstations. We do not develop to run direct on Microsoft workstations.
  • We're systems engineers, programmers, administrators, & hardware designers etc, the technical consultants you need to get machines, equipment & networks to really work. We are heavily technical, & not financiers, business consultants, or entrepreneurs.
  • Call/ Email Us / Ruf uns an ! ... What can we do for you ? / Was brauchen Sie ? smiley face icon

World Wide Consultancy Support

We can offer remote consultancy via Internet, & can travel to some client sites too, but if you really need a geographically local Unix (FreeBSD Consultant, try here: FreeBSD Commercial Consultants Geographic Index

Our staffing includes some from BSD Professionals In Europe (.com) & BSD Professionals In Europe (.eu), amongst others.

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