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Stop Press 8th July 2016: Mail Disruption

Stop Press 8th July 2016:
Mail Disruption By
Bad Mail Providers

Between 16 Jun 2016 & Fri, 1 Jul 2016, Bad Mail Providers rejected list mail from servers including berklix

Bad Mail Providers
  • Some other domains might also be served by these bad providers.
  • Bad Providers adopt stupidly simple spam detector rules, such as "Individual mail we'll pass, but list mail to more than eg 6 recipients may be spam so we block unless we can force list operators (like Berklix) to accept our half baked SPF & simlar non standard rules."
  • Test list mail from berklix to your address
    • Dont send test mails as broadcast to main lists, that annoys many other subscribers!
    • Subscribe to list zz-test via majordomo.
      Unfortunately, as there's usually very few addresses subscribed at any one time to zz-test (only people currently testing), you may not trigger & detect your bad provider's daft bulk spam detect rules by mailing to zz-test. Maybe later Berklix will permanently subscribe a number of null addresses to zz-test@ to get round that idiot detector rule of Bad Providers.
Some Good Mail Provider:,
Of course, there is a world of other good domains also not listed smiley

Subscribers Of Berklix Lists, Your Help Requested

Please phone or mail forward this to your Berklix friends on Bad Mail Providers, & tell them if they haven't received Berklix list mail with event announcement(s) etc recently, they're still welcome to join us. They were not removed from Berklix lists. It's that their Bad Mail Provider has deliberately rejecting list mail, including from Berklix, flooding Berklix with Reject messages.

Subscribers With Bad Mail Providers

  • Do not trust your mail provider, it deliberately blocked mail, may still be doing so, or may resume later.
  • Complain to your mail provider.
  • Plan to Dump your mail provider.
  • Ask friends which mail provider they use & why, there's lots of Good Mail Providers, many free, & also some paid with phone line etc.) any not listed above as Bad Mail Providers should be OK.
  • Get a 2nd mail provider.
    • Notice the Bad Mail Providers seem to be Microsoft owned, &/or USA based ?
    • Some Bad Mail Providers have been trouble before, trying to cut staff by forcing their mail admin work (especially for such as list mail) back on senders & attempting to co-erce the Internet to half baked non standards.
    • Better subscribe via a Good Mail Provider, perhaps owned, managed, run & regulated in Europe, though most non MS owned, non USA major providers, anywhere else in the world are probably also OK.
  • Subscribe your Good Mail Provider address.
  • Unsubscribe your Bad Mail Provider address.
  • Use majordomo:
  • If You Remain Subscribed Via Your Bad Mail Provider, Berklix May Forcibly Unsubscribe You Without Notice, to protect list owners from reject noise from Bad Mail Providers.
  • If your provider is not listed above, your provider is Good Mail Provider, Berklix has seen no error report, no need to ask Berklix if you are OK.

Berklix Warned About Bad Mail Providers In 2010:
Berklix Will Dump All Yahoo & Hotmail Mail Addresses.

TECHNICAL (non technical people should skip this):

The Bad Mail Providers were trying to force List Servers to change header From: & Sender: fields etc (& some wanted DMARC & / or other things

Early July, it seems some Bad Mail Providers may be backing off again, bounce errors are reducing; Probably some will try again, as some have tried before for SPF, it's still worth dumping Bad Mail Providers for Good Mail Provider.

Berklix models its headers on FreeBSD.Org (&/or other independent internet developers).
Berklix is not co-erced by large American owned Bad Mail Providers or Microsoft inspired (non!) "standards" lobbies etc:
There have been articles before criticising MS backed ideas such as SPF; Search for " SPF considered Harmful" (Here's one at random).

Berklix does not waste time unpaid, pandering to requirements of Bad Mail Provider that often have also evaded responsibility, failing to provide postmaster@ & abuse@ addresses).

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