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By Julian H. Stacey

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Ideas To Avoid Corona & other Viruses

This page hastily assembled in 2020-03, pointed to from all Berklix pages with this logo in the margin or footer:
Corona Virus: Stay Home - Bleib Daheim

Yes it needs editing. Some stuff now common consensus & to be deleted.
Newer stuff mostly at end



  • SARS-CoV-2, the name of the virus that causes the disease Covid-19. Some studies on other corona viruses, including Sars and Mers, found they can survive on metal, glass and plastic for as long as nine days, unless they are properly disinfected. Some can even hang around for up to 28 days in low temperatures.
  • Tell colleagues who struggle in to work: "Don't infect all of us! Go Home!"
  • Tell coughers &/or yourself in shops : "Best shop when not crowded!"
  • Minimise peak contagion:
  • Remind careless healthy adults: they too will have no hospital for normal accidents & emergencies, if already overflowing with young & old with Corona.
  • Cough & Sneeze In To Crook Of Elbow, Not On Hand or handkerchief.
  • (If using hand or handkerchief, high speed photography shows sneeze air born droplets blasting through between fingers & cloth. Better to squeeze fingers together, & make a 45 degree deflector blast wall to divert germs downward ? (Like airport plane parks have 45 degree blast walls pointing blast pressure up, to test jet engines).
  • Stop Shaking Hands !!

    • Un-necessary, (the habit started from showing opponents we have no weapon (knife, sword) in hand). The 2,000 year old Roman greeting is better, say "Salvate!" (en . wiktionary . org / wiki / salvate somewhat similar to modern Bavarian/Austrian "Servus" en . wiktionary . org / w / index . php ? title = servus & rdfrom=Servus# German) & present right hand vertical, palm forward, arm folded at elbow (Not arm raised at shoulder Nazi style, Not palm slapping American black youth style). (Germans shake even more than Brits BTW).
    • (PS Most Westerners use right hand to clean anus with paper after excreting, & same right hand to shake & eat with. Arabs use left hand for cleaning, & right to eat. Most people are right handed & may use right hands more on public transport grips etc. Where have all those right hands been ? ;-) Reduce hand shaking !
    • Finally German Chancellor Merkel also said stop shaking hands 2020-03-18.
    • (* A large medical company in Munich has long planned to rent an office block in Munich with only cold water in the toilet wash rooms! Stupid!)
  • Don't Touch Face When Out

    • We all touch our own faces a lot unconsciously. Wait till hands are washed with Warm(*) water with soap.
    • If you must, use back of hand, not palms your grip doors & transport handles & food packets with.
    • Maybe touch your face with the back of your right hand, if you must. & use left knuckles for lift buttons ?
  • Spray Pumps

    • Some carry small disinfectant/alcohol rub sprays in bag, (like in hospital & care home corridors).
    • I have a small self pump spray, bought with antiseptic for wounds, long empty, used for years with isopropyl alcohol for spray cleaning electronics.
    • Old empty small perfume bottles should work if filled with alcohol. ? Old expired throat sprays could also be Not discarded, but washed out & used as hand alcohol sprays.

    Which Alcohol?

    • Section needs rewrite German chemist (Apotheke) told me alcohols should be 70% (& thats metric not the Gay Lussac scale the Brits & American's use for Spirit, where eg whisky is about 70% GL but only about 40% by volume. I have various vodka gin etc that are probably better than nothing. Barbeque fire starter is presumably alcohol.
    • I mentioned to chemist I was saving old medicine bottles,
    • (cos I'd seen a TV prog. where a rep. of chemist retailers said currently they weren't allowed to mix various own medicines, had to buy it in from manufacturers, but could mix own if allowed, but then there would be a shortage of bottles,
    • She said no point saving bottles, problem was they (she) had no alcohol.
    • Any alcohol over 70% would do for Hygiene (Hand) Sprays.
    • I mentioned I had a bit of isopropyl left, I use for electronics cleaning en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Isopropyl_alcohol doesn't say on label how much water but I remember I bought the purer sort, cos last time with lower % alcohol I got white deposits, not wanted on contacts), no chance of more alcohol just now from chemists in munich.) Try on eg amazon
    • I asked her (chemist in charge) what about eg Meths, ie Methyl alcohol, maybe that could be used as hygiene sprays, & mixed with some soap solution maybe ? Yes I know Meths = Methyl alcohol is poisonous to drink, (only Ethyl alcohol for drink) thats why meths is stained purple to put off tramps, (& fails to deter). But easy to buy in camping shops for primus stoves.
    • She was surprised by the question, she didn't mind chatting, but got no answer, I left her thinking.
    • Research since:
    • Propylene glycol. It's effective as an antimicrobial and antiviral and safe on humans. It's even approved as a food and drug additive. It's one of the main ingredients in many vaping liquids. Not toxic
    • Methylene glycol also toxic as is methanol.
    • Ethylene glycol is generally the main ingredient in antifreeze
    • Klax Brenn Spiritus www . chemica . de is labelled as 1:2 (presume. 1 of it to 2 of water) down to -15 C for windscreen anti freeze other listed uses include camping fire, cleaning
    • Smirnoff Vodka bottle here 50% Vodka's generally 40% can go to 95%, (they're lethal must drink alternate gulps of water, else you choke & die, said a documentary way back)
    • Bacardi Rum is 40% by vol. (70% UK proof on Gay Lussac scale, see Wiki.)
    • Stroh Rum (Austrian comes in 60 & 80 bevbox . de / rum / brauner- rum / 395 / original - stroh - 80 - inlaender - rum - 0 - 5l "Alkoholgehalt: 80% vol." The 80 is used over burning sugar sticks dropping in to hot red wine to make Feuer Stangen Bohle. ... but the Rum itself is doubtless sticky, lots of sugar description says "Overproof Rum ... Taste: fruity,sweet"
    • Ouzo 37.5%
    • Tequila 40%
    • Whiskey 40 (normal) to 68 (see Wiki. above)
    • Even those big 1 & 5 litre blue car screen wash have some alcohols in them.
    • The radiator anti freeze has alcohols too.
    • Probably some worse than others, Some sticky, cause skin irritation if not washed off with water, cancerous possibly ? I don't know Some Bcc'd & some on list will know more.


    • Small medicine bottles: perhaps Keep empties ! In Germany/ EU law prevents chemists mixing their own, but they could easily if allowed, but then they'd be short of bottles. I leave my labels on (I don't soak them off) to make it easier for anyone re-processing/ refilling to see what old contents were, to ease decision on what internal washing is needed.
    • Public Transport: Don't Touch Hand Grip Buttons Rails etc more than possible. Wear gloves. Elbow lift buttons. Reduce Bus & railway usage. Use private transport (car, bike, foot, buggy, skate board, electro scooter). Open windows on busses to dilute stuffy air.
    • Supermarket trolley:
    • Wear gloves. Take the one with hand grip exposed to most ultra violet & cold longest outside in car park. Not the one still warm. Or hold somewhere else than usual on the frame. Give people in queue ahead a good extra distance.
    • Keep back from Cashier, don't breathe on them.
    • Consider wearing gloves
    • Pay by plastic card, saves cashiers handling money. (BTW this author dislikes using plastic cards, especially those without PIN number, however this is an emergency, needs must.)
    • Shopping:
    • How many handled your shopped item on shelf before you got it home ? Consider wash or clean (with soap or alcohol spray) surfaces of shop products brought home before you stick them in the fridge or on the shelf ?
    • Air Quality:
    • Ask office personnel & trade unions etc what percentage of office air, the air con recycles how often, compared to other buildings ? (Author used to work in a particularly low percentage office South of Munich where lots more employees regularly fell sick than in other buildings.)
    • Cross width of pavement/ path/ road out of air path of coughers in front. (Author also crosses away from polluting smokers)
    • Tell doctors: you & all patients should visit doctor by timed appointment. Not first all share your germs in crowded waiting rooms.
    • Avoid crowded stuffy places. Force a window open. Better Be cold than Catch a cold or worse.
    • Space:
    • Face masks apparently are not much good. But sitting near a splutterer eg over a meal tempts fate too much. WHO recommends keeping a metre back from people. A supermarket trolley in a queue keeps more space than a basket.
    • Social:
    • Avoid young kids & their parents. Kids are clueless super conductors. Avoid people who've just flown back from suspect locations in last weeks. Encourage business travellers to work from home more, self quarantining.
    • Reduce stuffy restaurant & pub visits. Select less crowded venues & times. Meet people more outside on terraces at warmer mid day, less inside warm fuggy pubs on cold evenings. Take tin foil. Tell waiters to open some windows or turn on extractors, else you will leave Now with food in tin foil.
    • Exercise:
    • If walking in park is allowed: Keep off the paths ! Keep on the grass ! Paths are where everyone else's virus polluted air is. If you have a mountain bike: Keep off the paths, nows the time to prove it's not just a city bike. Don't do extreme exercises or high risk, the hospitals won't have room for extra emergency repairs.
    • I Caught A Bug ! - What Is It ? "I hope you haven`t got the Corona virus!"
    • - A dearth of media info on symptoms how to be sure.
    • - Apparently most who get COVID19 will only exhibit mild symptoms if any.
    • - So how many wont even know they ever had it, just another bug ?
    • - Only people who in some way get checked, eg:
      • Professional athletes &
      • The severely ill ie mostly young & old
      • Those travelling from contaminated sources who trigger an airport or ship thermometer level & subsequent compulsory check.
      • Those with non severe symptoms, who have full health insurance that covers all test costs, who understand their health insurance, & are certain no annual no claims bonus will be lost by a test.
    • So we will only ever know some small subset of those COVID19 infects, unless there's a mega pandemic when most infections can be assumed COVID19. (Couple of days after I wrote the above, Chief UK Scientist said about 13th march or so: could be up to 10,000 undetected cases in UK.)
    • Free tests www . mdr . de / nachrichten / panorama / coronavirus - test - kostenuebernahme - 100 .html
    • Munich a drive in testing place on Theresienwiese:
    • geospatialworld . net / blogs / satellite - imagery - of - covid - 19 - testing - facilities - munichgermany/
    • Other info:
    • thelocal . de / 20200306 / coronavirus - how - where - and - when - to - get - tested - or - self - quarantine - in - germany
    • And more:
    • pnp . de / nachrichten / bayern / Wie - der - Corona - Test - funktioniert - wer - ihn - durchfuehrt - und - bezahlt - 3634876 .html
    • A friend wrote:
    • My friend said he phoned his doctor and based on where he'd been and his symptoms was sent the testing kit in the post, directly. He then just had to follow the instructions and send off. Nothing paid.
    • New test for CV19 coming, 15 minutes... assaygenie . com / covid - 19 - rapid - poc - test/
    • Reported here: itv . com / news / 2020 - 03 - 25 / coronavirus - home - testing - kits - expected - in - uk - retailers - within - days/
    • Masks:
    • ljk@: Heard a doctor on the radio saying that most masks were more of a risk than no mask. Because most masks are just one or more layers of material, they can let moisture through. The wearer's breath will also condense in the material. People get their hands contaminated from surfaces, then touch the mask, the moisture is drawn through, with the virus in it and gets into the user's airway.
    • Smokers: at much higher risk of dying from CV19... thelancet . com / journals / lanres / article / PIIS2213 - 2600 ( 20 ) 30117 - X / fulltext
    • independent . co . uk / news / health / coronavirus - news - live - uk - cases - update - deaths - symptoms - test - nhs - a9426591 .html biopanda . co . uk / php / products / rapid / infectious_diseases / covid19 . php
    • alphabiolabs . co . uk / workplace - testing - services / coronavirus - testing - kit/

    A Comparison of Germany Versus Korea @ 2020-03-27

    Country   TID IDSY   D CPM   DPM
    Germany 36508 4954 198 524.4 3.2
    Korea    9241  104 131 180.2 2.6 
    • TID: total # infections detected
    • IDSY: infections detected since yesterday
    • D: deaths

      Brexit: Best delay the Brexit deadline, as:

    • Corona brings global recession, central banks strain.
    • UK & EU economies will be further hit by rushed bodged Brexit negotiation.
    • Corona has already quarantined chief negotiators (UK: David Frost & EU: Michel Barnier) & UK PM Boris Johnson & Germany's Angela Merkel) etc.
    • Crippled economies can afford less help for citizens.


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