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Currency Exchange Rates

This is

Purpose: Various Berklix pages quote prices & rates of other peoples products & services in various currencies, so rather than pages quoting old rates, they link here & you can look up current rates.

Some banks etc in UK inc. ` big four' in high street.

Barclays Wiki whois >
Co-Op Wiki
firstdirect Wiki Division of HSBC
Halifax Wiki Halifax long ago bought Leeds Provincial Building Society LPBS
Halifax merged to HBOS; HBOS to Bank of Scotland; HBOS & Bank of Scotland to LLoyds.
HSBC Wiki HSBC (Honk Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp) bought Midland Bank
Lloyds Wiki bought Halifax etc
Metro Wiki A new bank competing against ` big four'.
Nat West Wiki
Santander Wiki Alliance & Leicester bought Post Office Savings Bank; Santander bought Alliance & Leicester

www . moneysavingexpert . com / banking / compare - best - bank - accounts

I & others in UK & Germany have seen enough rip offs, bank self satisfaction, avarice, computer incompetence, & top bankers bloated salaries, For eloquence in Anglo Saxon, join us over a beer ;-).

If a banker looks worried when asked about computer security, or admits ignorance & directs you to more info, don't be deterred, that may be honesty showing through. If he/she can & will talk tech, that may deserve respect & some trust; If he/she just exudes normal posh bland confidence & platitudes from a suit, assume they are more ignorant than you !

Samples 2017-01-05 & 2017-02-08 & 2017-02-16 of Cash Exchange Rates At Munich Banks, GBP to EUR

  • Mid rate.
    Old History Rates
    1.16849 = 1/0.85589,
    2017-02-07: 0.8562744425 1.1678498742
    2017-02-08: 0.8539857662 1.1709797044
    2017-02-16: 0.8546287176 1.1700987568
  • German Banks all quote rates of what of a foreign currency is worth one Euro. So its easier to go expecting numbers like 0.85589, not 1.16849. All need passport
  • Stadt Sparkasse, between Marien- Platz & Isartor, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 08:45-16:00; Thurs 08:45-18:00 great impressive interior worth seeing. Max per day is 2,500 EUR. so max GBP 2,215 for 2,497.18 EUR Implies rate is 1.1273 EUR/GBP. She said its actually
    2017-XX-XX: 0.8870; 1/x = 1.1273957 EUR/GBP. They deduct a flat fee of 5 EUR regardless of amount, if no account. Need a passport (for checking re terrorism rather than money laundering or tax).
    2017-02-16: 0.881 & 5 EU fee for non customers, Max Value 2.5K EU inc charge: Best Bank
  • Hypo Vereins Bank (UniCredit) 1 block outside Isartor Rumford Str, Needs a customer account. No fee. GBP 2,500 would buy 2,850 EUR, implies rate:
    2017-01-05: 0.87719298 (from 1.14 EUR/GBP)
    2017-02-16: 0.883
  • Deutsche Bank, Cellar, Marienplatz (prime tourist trap)
    Max 2K Euro/ day. GBP 1,700 buy 1,910 Euro implies rate:
    1.1235294 EUR/GBP
    2017-02-07: Max 2,500 EU + 5.50 EU charge for non customers.
    2017-02-07: 0.895
    2017-02-16: 0.8837 : Falsely quoted 0.88 & he confirmed verbally after shown in writing + he said add 5.5 EU fee, However after going round other banks, & returning thinking best, was near worst bank rate ! Cos they deceive by only quoting Two Digits, His female colleague on after lunch break did the same thing, quoted 2 digits from some box on computer screen I couldn't see, & blamed me for not noting the exact Euro amount I would get for X thou Sterling. (She failed to realise customers might only decide amount to trade after hearing rate). "Customer always wrong" attitude from the infamous "peanuts" bank ;-) Deceptive Bad Rate Declined.
  • Targo Bank (Wiki), 22 Tal, 09:00-13:00 + 14:00 - 18:00 , No PM on Wednesday.
    2017-02-16: 0.8847, 2.5 K Max
  • Santander: Need to have an account with Santander Germany. An account with Santander UK is no use.
    2017-02-07: 0.9284
  • Reisebank, Main Rail Station = Haupt bahn hof
    2017-02-16: 0.95288. 10 EU fee. No upper limit, willing to have change 3K GBP, would have given 3,158.35: 3000/3.148.35 = 0.95288 = Really Bad rate ! - But probably open extended hours for travellers.

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