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Munich Stammtisch of Michael Faraday Institution e.V. Munich

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This is by Julian Stacey

Mail list you can join:

  • mailman . berklix . org / mailman / listinfo / faraday Electrical & Electronic Engineers. Discussion, not announcements. Not moderated. Faraday, Munich, Germany & adjacent.
  • Please also directly personaly ask Athol B. to add you to Munich MFI Stammtisch list.
    (If you dont know how to contact him, join the above list & ask there, many Munich Faraday STammtisch people are also on that list, including Athol)

During Corona 2020 Join Virtual Faraday/MFI Stammtisches using Jitsi

Same 19:00 1st Friday in month start (except 1st May, a holiday, so 8th May. Munich convenor Athol Announces to his mail list (ask Author for Athol's address if you want). Same open end, Pour your own beer, order a take away (or cook own), No waiting for waiter for another beer, Never a short measure ;-) Proposal here received support & & developied by private mail, expect a good number. You can also discuss on faraday@ list

Prepare for Virtual Meetings here.

Pictures from Flugwerft Schleissheim 2014-06-29

  • Stammtisch (monthly informal meeting for meal &/or drinks & chat), typically about 8 to 20 people.
  • Reservation name:
    • Table used to be reserved & announced under surname of person phoning to book.
    • Now booked & announced consistently under name "Faraday"
      (Easier for visitors to to remember, (as organisers for weekly Beer Gardeners indoor venue bookings discovered long ago, it works well, (waiters happily take bookings in a stammtisch name, sometimes also request caller name or number, sometime not.)).
  • Venue was moving around in early 2013, seeking somewhere quieter than a noisey beer hall, Venue enquiries/ comments to announcer/conveners: ex { Alistair Gill &/or Paul Cullen, now (2016-07) Athol Berry mfi_-_stammtisch_@@ cablemail . de. (delete the _)
    (Author will add (URL)s of contact info here if permission is offered)
  • Calendar:
  • Faraday group was founded in Munich in 1991, 200 years after the birth of Faraday. Associated with the British IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE 2006 merged to IET = Institution of Engineering and Technology).
  • Faraday &/or IET also have a presence in some other German cities.

Email list(s)

  • Join or Leave Mail List or Other Lists For Faraday [Munich] members (electrical & electronic engineers etc), & similar others, so we can alert each other direct on engineering issues, events, opportunities etc, particularly urgent things that won't wait till next Stammtisch or for central committee humans to read approve & relay. List Not Moderated. Language: English. List is server hosted, automatically, with fallback server. Free of adverts. No data harvesting (unlike commercial list providers).
    For a list with official Faraday/IET moderated announcements, eg of Stammtisch venue etc, contact Munich convener
  • If committee &/or stammtisch convener wants proper server driven list[s], this list faraday@ could be split & renamed in 2 or 3 if wanted, eg:
    • faraday-announce@ : low bandwidth, writable only by those authorised in a list of addresses provided by committee &/or convener of Munich Stammtisch.
      (Lists pcs@ & vcfe@ are analogous 3rd party lists on .)
    • faraday-discuss@ open unmoderated, anyone on list could write to it.
    • faraday-germany@ a 3rd list later, (if people might want a germany wide, not munich local list, & also not controlled via IET HQ).

History/ Purpose Of This Page

  • This page has an (URL) much longer stable in time than the official migrating (URL)s smiley face icon Thus kept as a central node to point to from from various berklix pages, & to point onward from, to latest official Faraday   (URL).
  • When Author first created this page years back, Faraday/Munich had no web presence ( On the Faraday blue leaflet available at the AGM in 2001 there was still no web site mentioned).
    Nothing Author could point at from various berklix pages eg Hence this page got created.
  • Then for years there were broken pages:
    • January 2002, via Tristram, Author heard Bernadette's son's web pages had finally gone on line, as official, @ 2013-04-23 all sub pages fail.
    • Broken 2004.06.12, 2006.10.19 & 2009.01.17 : Totally inaccessible unless Shockwave installed. (Not all operating systems have shock wave, not all people trust foreign binaries, especially Microsoft virus compatible. Some only trust & run source code one can examine & compile locally. )
    • 2006.05 The MFI/IET Germany web-site has been modified a little to accommodate the amalgamation of the IEE and the IIE to form the IET (The Institution of Engineering & Technology). As before, the web-site can be found at However the web-site is now also accessible at the following two new addresses: ( @ 2013-04-23 all sub pages fail.) & ( @ 2013-04-23 all sub pages fail.)
  • 2006-10-19: announced by Alan Teale, Still works at 2015-11-12
  • 2009-01: referred to in Newsletter from Derek Mullinger. ( @ 2013-04-23 dead (URL).)
  • 2012-10 with dissent between UK HQ & members in Germany on budgeting for events, no reason to suppose the full (URL) would be long term stable.
  • 2013-04-22 (URL) dead. - QED !
  • 2013-04-22: Yet another new (URL) found:
    with a blocked link to "Michael Faraday Institution e.V. Spring Event in Ulm / Neu-Ulm"

Sundry Links

  • Largest SOlar Power Station In The World: Ouarzazate, Morocco
  • As usual at Stammtisch quite a lot of interest in other subjects beyond common engineering, eg At 2017, a lot of interest in Brexit & numerous Faraday Stammtisch members are also seen at Brexit Stammtisch venues
  • Evening technical lectures of various Munich Groups. - Purpose to cross promote the tech. talks of various groups.
  • UK British Computer Society
  • USA Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. @ 2015-11-12, they have a German section, no mention of a Munich section, last meeting was in Ulm Tuesday, 13. October 2015, Lecture in German about Automotive Antennas, Message from IEEE Germany Chair Prod. Dr. Jens Haubrock (Newsletter 0-2015) also in German !
  • DE Verein Deutscher Ingenieur
    Munich Branch
  • Für die Anerkennung aus lndischer Hochschulgrade ist das Kultusminister des Bundeslandes, in dem der Hauptwohnsitz liegt, zuständig. Eine übersicht aus lndischer Hochschulgrade bietet das Informationssystem zur Anerkennung aus lndischer Abschlüsse ANABIN an.

Stammtisch - An Old Location

Here's a simple line drawing (sure a `real' map would be nicer, but most maps are copyright) of where the Stammtisch used to be (at Paulaner Brauhaus) (moved away in 2013 'cos too noisy).
  • Paulaner. Kapuziner-str

Qualification Translation Question (To Be Moved Elsewhere Later)

Thorsten Steentjes on SAGE.De mail list asked in 2004:
Englischsprachige Bezeichnung deutscher Berufsabschluesse: "Staatlich gepruefter technischer Assistent fuer Informatik" ?
Author replied:
There may well be no colloquially correct name for an equivalent certification. Such certification as such, may well not even exist ! Even when similar qualifications exist, they rarely map exactly. The more someone asserts A exactly equals B, the more the asserter should be distrusted ;-) Sometimes one is safer just translating literally as "German state certified ...."
  • Germany's keener on bits of paper than Anglo Saxons are. I'm English, when I left for Muenchen in 1985, I don't recall the word Informatics even existed (yes I know that's tempting fate, someone may dig up an obscure reference :-) Wasn't common though, might be now, or not :-) There's lots of other bits of paper in Germany, we (fortunately) don't have in England too, (eg
    • Ehe- Unbedenklichkeits- Bescheinigungen
    • Gewerbe-Schein
    • Anwohner- Melde- Amts- Schein usw
    • Regelmaessig Schornstein/Kammer- Putz/Inspektions Bestaetigungschein or whatever it's called here ;-)
    • Identitaets Ausweiss - We don't even have ID cards - thank god - yet - though UK politicians keep pushing (we just have passports).
    No obstruction by industry in the UK, having a Gewerbe-Schein demanded of you before purchase, instead you just get told by wholesale outlets the pragmatic message "Our minimum order quantity/ value is ...." ...: Different countries, different systems, so similar certifications may not exist.
Derek M. added: I suggest the form "German state-certified Technical Assistant for Informatics" is probably the best one can do, and it is quite clear.
URL = Uniform Resource Locator , eg : Web &/ or other net services eg FTP etc) reference examples &

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