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GEA Logo Forums ? No Left half of British Union Jack flag + Right half of German Flag

No need of forums here, enough elsewhere:


  • Toy Town has some English language forum pages. (& many of the younger element of GEA or ex GEA (& some not so young) use those.

  • Lots of active forums in Munich if one reads German.
  • There's pedestrian puff pieces on forums on another site, promoted by pensioners trying to seize control of the GEA camouflaging their power grab with censored mail & propaganda about `reform'.
  • Enough choice, & forums only work while you have net access, whereas events mail lists & static web pages you can store & browse off line, on a train etc, so take your pick:
  • There's also list gea-members@berklix if you want to announce something in a rush, & don't have time for an organiser to announce on gea-announce@berklix

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Static Web Pages of Events: This Month, Yearly, Weekly, Skiing, Walking, News & Events Mail Lists

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