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Global Population Bloat
The Root Problem Of All

This is:

Global over population is the cause of most of the Earth's current & future woes!

If you already realised that, Here's Further Reading

If you did not yet realise that, Consider:

  • Global Warming

    • It's NOT just some problem to be solved by nations bickering about how much CO2 pollution they each produce. It wont' be solved just by carbon credits (which may have some use, but may also be rather like fiddling while Rome burns). Not only should we be reducing pollution by being more efficient with industry & transport, we should also address the root cause: too many people on the planet.
    • Feeding too many people strains the planet's land, water & air.
  • Land

    • Minerals

      • Desertification can occur from land over use (think USA dust bowl in 30s & Russian cotton production around Aral sea). Some wars have started over mineral etc assets. There's a growing shortage of minerals such as phosphates for growing crops for food, or crops to make ethanol for fuel)
      • Phosphates, the flip side: too much algae bloom in rivers come from too much phosphate run off.
      • China's into Africa too now, not just the West that exploits Africa, & China won't be the last. China's control of rare earths worries those observing the boom in manufacture of smart phones & PCs etc.
      • Noticed the jostling for polar mining rights ?. Too many consumers back home.
      • The disputes about shale oil & gas in the antarctic: Too many people.
      • Fracking in S.E. England: Too many people, too much energy needed.
      • China's now trying to call the China See its own & exclude it neighbours, to secure resources. Risk of Next mini war
      • Diamonds & Gold: If population wasn't booming, we wouldn't need so many new diamonds & gold, gold produced by washed out soil, separated by Mercury, poisoning rivers. Less population growth= less pollution.
    • Fuel

      • The Middle East: so many tension there exacerbated by Western addiction to scarce fuel oil (among other causes).
      • Political strains: Russia found it easier to steal Ukrainian Crimea in 2014 because Europe, especially Germany, was addicted to Russian gas.
      • Fuels such as (black) coal are running out, or being burned too fast producing too much pollution, again, not just 'cos we might be using wrong fuels, but cos we have too many human consumers. (OK, better insulation might reduce that)
      • Atomic power: Still No country on earth has designated an end dump for their radioactive waste. If we had less population we would produce less waste.
  • Water

    • Fresh Water

      • Water shortage: eg Aral see half gone, Dead sea in Israel is shrinking. Water wars have long been predicted. A question of when not if, if population keep growing.
      • Water pollution: In the West, the female contraceptive pill, via urine, even after cleaning, finds itself in rivers & back in fresh water supply, & some of the chemicals end up causing some males some breast growth apparently.
      • The annual water shortage & hose pipe ban in S.E. England that we virtually had when I was a kid: Too many people!
      • The increased ferocity hurricanes in USA: Global warming from too many people consuming too much energy: (USA bites its own tail there!)
    • Sea Fishing

      • Over fishing - leading to some fishermen in West Africa turning to piracy.
      • Commercial fish farms in Scotland: Pollution complaints that wouldn't occur from wild salmon fishing, but that wouldn't produce enough fish.
      • The British - Icelandic cod war (which Britain was too embarrassed as a major power to actually win, so Britain lost against tiny Iceland!) - That too was over population of humans depleting resources, triggering a dispute.
    • Floods

      • River floods in the great rivers of central Europe occurred because of increasingly erratic weather most blame on global warming (thus from global population) + removal of flood plains by river dikes moved nearer the river to obtain more land for local growing populations.
      • Bangladesh: Regular floods: too many people & rising seas, from global warming from too many people globally.
      • UK, SE England: Those who built the flooded housing estates on known flood plains in South East England did it because growing population had consumed land elsewhere.
    • Air

      • Logging in Brazil, depleting the Amazon rain forest, a major source of oxygen (we all like Breathing oxygen smiley face icon
      • Heavy pollution in Beijing, & much of Asia: China & Asian countries polluting & burning vegetation.
      • Fuel such as brown coal / lignite stinks in the air & scars the land. Look in Germany.
      • Smog in London or LA, USA : too many people !
      • The alternate car registration number plates (odd & even days) they had in Greece 20 or more years back ? Too many people !
      • The grey pollution cloud I've seen over Munich from a mountain in the Alps: Too many people - Munich is till growing. So is London. So are many places.
      • If you'd heard global warming was all down to methane from the back end of cows, ask who eats the cheese & beef ? Why do we have so many cows ?!
    • Animals

      • Animal growth hormones. To support dense populations, I'm told anti biotics are routinely fed to livestock as a preventative, That meat gets eaten by the humans. I think it shows in Bavaria where the diet is too pig heavy.
      • Excess ticks (that can carry Lime's disease) in Bavaria, cos apparently they over winter on deer, & 3 times as many wild deer as there should be, cos fed by hunters in winter, when the weaker should die off. Again, if less human population, & less hunters feeding the deer it would be somewhat safer to walk in country with less ticks.
      • Bird Flue: Remember that panic ? Obviously because of low chinese standards, mixing animals & humans too close, but why ? too many people ! not enough land.
      • Disease Control: Doctors seem to be increasingly worried about obscure deadly diseases that could go global increasingly fast, cos there's both more of us, & a higher percentage of us fly far & wide, & so many more of our goods are air freighted too.
        Some of those diseases are believed to stem from increasing human population pushing us further into jungles to consume "bush meat" etc.
        Presumably the best for disease control is less population + the global internet of minds brought fast to analysis, with less goods & people transiting by air, & more goods freighted by ship & train giving medics scientists & governments more time to detect & analyse & inspect / cordon / control.
    • Other Resources

      • Every kid is a mouth to feed, that will later want all it can get, eg lots of water for flush toilets, food (which if meat is far more inefficient to produce than vegetarian, clothes (look how much water cotton needs (see Aral see above) a bike, a fridge, a car, plane tickets, heating, air conditioning, distant commuting needing more fuel, fresh fruit & flowers & lobsters air freighted, etc.
      • Unlimited plastic bags to carry our shopping home in - once, before discarding! (Personally I reuse those bags, 'cos they're made from Oil, & one day my car will need the last of that oil ;-) Or maybe I'll need th Oil to make plastic computer keyboards Or to make the netting to bail the hay to feed the cows in winter to make cheese ? Seems a bad idea to burn oil !
      • When we die they put us in a nice coffin, better quality furniture perhaps than many of us had while alive - & then they cremate it days later in a gas fired oven ? So they don't need that wood as fuel! I'd rather be tossed in a cardboard box, money or wood saved & everyone who attends the funeral gets to draw a raffle ticket to win some nice wooden furniture, or a gift token to a wooden furniture shop. Don't deforest the planet pointlessly.
    • Next time you hear of a problem, consider if the root cause isn't really excess global population.

    People Must Stop Breeding So Much!

    • Sure [practising ;-)] breeding more population is natural & popular smiley face icon
    • Aim for 1.9 kids per couple & we'll gradually save the planet. 2.1 will stabilise, & 2.2+ will kill the planet eventually.
    • Those People Who Push For More Population Make Themselves Enemies Of The Earth.
    • They need to be embarrassed, shamed or forced financially &/or politically etc to stop damaging the earth & its existing population.
    • Who Are They Who Selfishly Seek To Bloat The Planet ?

      • The Catholic Church: Against contraception! Their sinfully selfish policy of breeding maximal church worshippers = church income payers (eg babies born in Germany get religion registered, & later Germany deducts extra church tax on income & pays it to churches automatically ! not even voluntary payment as in UK). The Catholic church is sick, damaging the earth, so should be denied all state benefits, & all charity benefits. Spend the money saved on wasted tax breaks to Catholic church, instead to promote public contraception in own country & other poor countries.
      • + Individuals in the West who want lots of babies, whether for religious conviction, personal pleasure, or deep seated biological urge, are selfish polluters; more people should have the courage to tell them they are selfish polluters.
        (OK in some countries lots of kids die young, so more replacements are needed, but not in the West). Parents in the West who breed 4 offspring should be made to feel ashamed of themselves ! It's not their private choice, even if they can afford it. The planet is over populated & they are Greedy Polluters.
      • + Some industrialists want growth (of industry, & thus consumers & workers etc) at any price (to the earth), (& no price to them), cos' they don't care about finite resource consumption, (except that it will put up raw material prices, so they & competitors will raise prices & profits pro rata).
      • + Shareholder investors of some of those industrialists need to Think.
      • + Politicians: Some are stupid, chasing growth without thinking. Selfish short term or myopic: Wanting bigger towns, more & grandiose facilities, paid for by more taxes.
        Historically some have deliberately bloated their population:
        • Germany wanted more babies bred to base Hitler's future Reich on. Germany has done various invasions to get more Lebens-raum - for more population.
        • The sides in the Northern Ireland decades back were worrying that one side was outbreeding the other. Some politicians suggested their side should maybe breed more to keep up.
        • Same worry with the Arabs & Jews in Israel/Palestine, one side is claimed to be breeding faster.
      • No need to invade neighbouring states &/or land grab from other ethnic groups assets if your population is Not breeding like rabbits. Stress & friction increase when populations are expanding to increase competition for resources.
      • Some leaders in business &/or politics don't care 'cos they & their offspring will be at the top of the financial heap, no shortage of resources for them, & the more growth they cause, the richer & more powerful they'll be, but the poorer the planet will be.
      • Politicians behave like idiots, not taking a lead, but pandering to votes, typically giving no tax break or hand out for first child, & more for 2nd etc. To save the planet we should give Less money (tax breaks, subsidy etc) per subsequent kid[s], & move some of that money from 2nd & 3rd etc kid to 1st kid, to discourage those humans who breed like rabbits.
      • Politicians should face reality & seek solutions to the biggest problem of the world: over population. Maybe they should consider novel solutions like mandating that all alcohol vendors must also offer contraceptives for sale. (As one often leads to the other). Maybe they should be subsidising condom & other contraceptive sale &/or give away. In many countries many things are subsidised, why not contraceptives too ?!
    • Pensions administrators know: Their whole schemes are based on more young joining to pay the few older, that only works with continuous growth. As growth slows, & as people die slower, & some retire earlier, the pyramid inverts & becomes untenable. We can't have growth forever, but that rate of slowing & reversal is going to have to be managed very carefully else it may trigger a financial disaster.
    • If something is missing or factually wrong, or you want to debate it, tell me when we meet, I don't want to debate it by email, as I spend too much time at the screen.


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