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Subaru Car Manual & Air Bag

Legacy II (ie 2) Station Wagon (BG) [BGC/510] 1998
BG is a {[Station] Wagon (American) = Estate (British) = Kombi (German) }
BD is a {Sedan (American) = Saloon (British),
(Legacy "Trend" just added a few optional frills). }

by Julian H. Stacey

DEUTSCH via translate . google . com -



Caution: Some Local Links Fail As Data not yet exported
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For my local editing & viewing, use (Mouse copy the above into browser URL window, as the clickable href=does not work.)

Which PDF Manual ?

My Intro

My car (Subaru Legacy 1998) air bag warning light was iffy, then came on solid. Subaru Dealers had failed to fix several times { Retired first dealer seemed to improve it, but he wasn'' happy it would last, & he didn''t say how he''d fixed it (trade secret or more likely foreign language limitations) (I noted at 2019-10 that the cable reel (informally: Clock Spring) seal is broken). 2nd dealer had no time on 1 or 2 services, then mechanic admitted he did not like doing electrics}. ( Pages=4442 : liberty_1998_2003.pdf Page=3599 of calls this "Roll connector" )

My Battery

I disconnected battery, left it to stand, touched brake pedals in case any electrolytics anywhere in car might be storing charge.
Subaru dealers tell me Subarus do not have a supplementary 2nd battery, unlike some other manufacturers eg BMW!-- Nigel warned me of BMW

My Static

My half nylon / similar shirts & non leather footwear can give static shocks eg with a friend in garage today. ... Wonder if bags blow on real current or just voltage ? - so I grounded myself to wheel chassis before removing bag.

Name SRS & Takata

"SRS Airbag" just means "Supplementary Restraint System", ie they expect safety belt to have held your body back in a crash before the bag explodes in your face . SRS is not a trade name (as I had falsely assumed it was), so seeing "SRS" does not mean you don''t have a Takata air bag, Takata are bad news:

How To Videos

There are Lots of How To videos on, eg Most for different newer models I do not have, with sundry different tips, inc. eg:
  • Steering Wheel:
    • Torque the wheel to 38 or 49 foot pounds (Different video)
      [ My torque wrench took the steering wheel off, when set to 38 ft lb (=5.25 Kg m) & I think it felt as if wheel was probably on with less than 38] .
      Manual (I purchased { specified: 34 +- 5 N-m, (3.5 +- 0.5 kg-m, 25.3 +-3.6 ft-lb) (& also showed a normal washer & lock washer (I did not find on axle) ) ) }.
    • Wheel nut: 17 mm. Don''t completely take off wheel nut, until after you''ve vigorously wiggled & wobbled it loose (to avoid it flying back in your face while wrestling it)
      [ Mine had 2 screwed holes for a wheel extractor tool, which I didn''t need. I''d add: I had a Crook-Lock (an anti theft Steering wheel lock bar, that locks to wheel) to aid leverage, then (I didn''t use that, & while using torque wrench nut suddenly came use, & hand slammed into the lock bar; obvious lesson from the out of practice mechanic ;-) : remove what you do not need. ]
  • Don''t look at air bag with a meter, to avoid triggering an explosion.
    [ If I must, (I would stand sideways, & use a 20,000 ohm / volt meter with 3 low current button cells (voltage to check), not a less sensitive DVM that could push lots more current using its 9V block battery or couple of chunky AA batteries. ) ]
  • "Every forum I have checked refers to either these mythical resistor plugs, or 3.3 ohm 0.25w resistors"
  • "Some 3.3 ohm resistors ( get more than you need ) "
  • My Bag is a MOMO
  • forum . miata . net / vb / archive / index . php / t - 83980 . html
    • I had installed the Momo and just used a 2W 3.0 Ohm resistor
    • As is posted elsewhere, use a 3-ohm resistor in place of the airbag. The local RS did not have one, so I soldered three 10-ohm in parallel (3.3 ohms). No blinkage.
    • 3 ohm resistor miata . net / garage / momo / momowheel . htm
  • www . amazon . com / MOMO - Steering - Wheel - Airbag - Resistor / dp / B009PA5HIG # customerReviews has "Stephen Rawlins
    1.0 out of 5 stars Useless - doesn''t fit or work
    March 8, 2013
    Verified Purchase
    We upgrade a lot of late model sports cars with racing steering wheels, primarily Momos in both fixed and quick release. We have been looking for a elegant way to turn off the Airbag light on the dashboard.
    This device is not it. Don''t waste your time or money. We eventually used a 2.2K Ohm resistor (0.30 cents) and it worked like a champ.
    10 people found this helpful
    The 2.2k Ohm resistor worked for us on 1997-2013 Corvettes
    Stephen, quick ? I tried the 2.2k Ohms with the resistor supplied by Momo and light is still flashing on my 250z any suggestions?
    " What size resister are you using Answer: 4 Ohms TL · September 1, 2018
  • One can make a dummy for an air bag (for insertion into a plug while retrofitting a non air bag wheel to a car with air bag circuitry) with a 3.3 ohm resistor ! Seen on:
    [ I wouldn''t want to lose an air bag from a car, but I wanted to test if warning light does not illuminate with a resistor dummy, so I made a dummy with 3 x 10 ohm 1/4 watt resistors in parallel. Note if that dummy were exposed to 12V, that would be 12/3.3 = 4 amps ! Too much power just to sense continuity to one of the air bags. ]
  • Air bag Connectors are tricky, with release sliders on yellow clips.
    [ My connector between cable reel & car was very problematic. On the back of my cable reel, I had to carefully use side cutters on socket of black disc container, to expose the white nylon plug to pull it out. (Some kind of ratchet I could not release, despite pushing a blunt clipped cable tie as spacer down the hole of the socket on the cable reel chassis). ]
  • Videos all show air bags with 2 x 2 pole sockets: 2 yellow wires for air bag, + 2 black wires for horn.

Refs: References: (alphabetic)

Reconstructing Manuals - Which ? + Sorting & merging a myriad of tiny PDFs

Manuals Whole

workshop - manuals . com / subaruownersmanual . pdf
Owners (=Users/ Drivers) Manual, Not a workshop / service Manual, Pages=379

Whole Workshop Manuals - Large PDF

  Pages=2461 : jhsm.pdf, Singular Large Pdf from jhs
A Combined Repair Merge of myriad purchased mini .pdf in .zips
Chapters in table below

  Pages=2436 : usdm.pdf Singular Large PDF from &
Downloaded 2024-03-26, Written 2019-12-06, probably for USA model

Pages=4442 : liberty_1998_2003.pdf Singular Large PDF - Australian Liberty

Sample of sets of page number alignments between Manuals

Building of my own merge of chapters

  Pages=2461 : jhsm.pdf My Own Singular Large Pdf - A Combined Merge of myriad purchased mini .pdf in .zips
Done by me, combining my ebayliverpool & emanualonline

Produced from script below:

cd service_manual ;
gs -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=\
jhsm.pdf \
diagnostics_section/foreword/all.pdf \
engine_section/emission_control_system_and_vacuum_fitting/all.pdf \
engine_section/on-car_services/all.pdf \
engine_section/engine__open-bracket_sohc_close-bracket_/all.pdf \
engine_section/engine__open-bracket_dohc_close-bracket_/all.pdf \
engine_section/engine_lubrication_system/all.pdf \
engine_section/engine_cooling_system/all.pdf \
diagnostics_section/engine_cooling_system/all.pdf \
diagnostics_section/on-board_diagnostics_ii_system/all.pdf \
engine_section/foreword/all.pdf \
engine_section/fuel_injection_system/all.pdf \
engine_section/fuel_system/all.pdf \
engine_section/exhaust_system/all.pdf \
engine_section/clutch/all.pdf \
engine_section/engine_and_transmission_mounting_system/all.pdf \
transmission_and_differential_section/manual_transmission_and_differential/all.pdf \
diagnostics_section/automatic_transmission_and_differential/all.pdf \
transmission_and_differential_section/automatic_transmission_and_differential/all.pdf \
transmission_and_differential_section/transmission_control_system/all.pdf \
transmission_and_differential_section/awd_system/all.pdf \
mechanical_components_section/suspension/all.pdf \
mechanical_components_section/wheels_and_axles/all.pdf \
mechanical_components_section/steering_system/all.pdf \
diagnostics_section/brakes/all.pdf \
mechanical_components_section/brakes/all.pdf \
mechanical_components_section/pedal_system_and_control_cables/all.pdf \
mechanical_components_section/heater_and_ventilator/all.pdf \
mechanical_components_section/air_conditioning_system/all.pdf \
body_section/body_and_exterior/all.pdf \
body_section/doors_and_windows/all.pdf \
body_section/seats,_seat_belts,_and_interior/all.pdf \
body_section/instrument_panel/all.pdf \
body_section/supplemental_restraint_system/all.pdf \
diagnostics_section/supplemental_restraint_system/all.pdf \
electrical_section/engine_electrical_system/all.pdf \
electrical_section/body_electrical_system/all.pdf \
diagnostics_section/body_electrical_system__open-bracket_cruise_control_close-bracket_/all.pdf \
diagnostics_section/body_electrical_system__open-bracket_electrical_parts_close-bracket_/all.pdf \
wiring_diagram/foreword/all.pdf \
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Manual: Downloaded, Pages Merged To Chapters & Indexed

  • OBD Adapter: 2024-01 I I purchased an adapter cable

    GEAMDY OBD2 Adapterkabel, OBD2 Verlängerungskabel On-Board-Diagnose Stecker, 3-Poliges Bis 16-Poliges OBD2-Adapteranschluss-Diagnosekabel, Für Diagnosescannerkabel But can not find a connector to plug in to.
    Pics: whole cable & plug
    Look same as ebay 3 Pin to 16 Pin OBD2 Adapter Connector Diagnostic Cable For Fiat Alfa Lancia
    & cabling confirmed by meter as the same:
    16 PINS 3 PINS Crocodile Clip Funktion From Wikipedia
    5 2 Black Ground (Used by Subaru)
    7 3   K-Line (Used by Subaru)
    15 1   L-line (Not used by Subaru)
    16   Red 12 Volt (Used by Subaru)
    Socket looking in open end, cable further away from eye.
    /----+ +----\
    | . . . | . |
    | 3 | 2 . 1 |
    | . . V . . |
  • OBD2 Adding to a 1998 Subaru

    "Subaru OBD2 Pin-out" By Busaru
    youtube . com / watch ? v=17Yvm4WBMBk
    Frame Grab: subaru_obd2_addition.png
    Pin-No Comment
    04 Ground
    05 Ground
    07 ECM Pin 93
    08 ATCU
    12 ECM Pin 91
    13 ECM Pin 92
    16 12 V
    Pins, Colour Written Description of Audio by BUSARU
    4 & 5 "black with a red stripe and silver tracer"
    I See: 4 Black with very dark red (ie I see brown) stripe & silver thin band
    I See: 5 black with silver band
    7 orange with white stripe & silver tracer (ie thin band) goes to computer ECM Pin 93
    8 solid red with silver tracer (band) to Automatic Transmission (ATCU) - cut & insulated = not needed for a VW swap
    12 light green with red stripe & silver tracer (band), goes to ECM Pin 91
    13 light green with white stripe and silver tracer (band) ECM Pin 92
    16 solid red with 2 silver tracers (bands) 12V, straight to battery, or rewire via ignition to avoid battery drain.
    +Mart Brandjes In North America OBD2 was standard in 1995 for Subarus.

    Bóbr Bobrowski 1 year ago
    in Europe some cars from 98 have OBD style socket with subaru protocol all after 00 have same thing and after 02 its full OBD support present

    Marc Instone 3 years ago
    Is pin 7 what they call the K-Line ?

    +Marc I believe that''s right. To be honest, I''m not really sure what it means, just haven''t researched it.

    BUSARU 1 year ago
    +Bóbr Bobrowski Sorry mate, I should have mentioned that in the video - 98 Legacy.

    jhs@:He lists where pin numbers on OBD socket go to, but Not to another older diagnostic socket on a Subaru, but to a Subaru ECM/ECU/Computer. (ECU = Engine Control Unit) (for some VW project).

  • OBD2 Connector (where in car), 2-7_[T2A3],
    Also known as 1 of 2 Data Link Connectors

    OBD2 From Wikipedia & Subaru Manual:
    {Section=2-7_[T3B2]; Footer=45; Page=331 of Pages=2461 jhsm.pdf; Page 44 of Pages=546 all.pdf}.

    Wikipedia or Subaru Pin Number and Description Subaru Usage for comparison
    Wikipedia _1 Manufacturer discretion Blank
    Wikipedia _2 Bus positive Line Blank
    Wikipedia _3 Manufacturer discretion Blank
    Wikipedia _4 Chassis ground Ground
    Wikipedia _5 Signal ground Blank
    Wikipedia _6 CAN high Blank
    Wikipedia _7 K-Line (ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4) K-Line of ISO 9141 CARB
    Wikipedia _8 Manufacturer discretion Blank
    Wikipedia _9 Manufacturer discretion Blank
    Wikipedia 10 Bus negative Line Blank
    Wikipedia 11 Manufacturer discretion Select Monitor clock
    Wikipedia 12 Manufacturer discretion Select Monitor signal (Subaru Select Monitor to ECM)*
    Wikipedia 13 Manufacturer discretion Select Monitor signal (ECM to Subaru Select Monitor)*
    Wikipedia 14 CAN low Blank
    Wikipedia 15 L-line Blank
    Wikipedia 16 Battery voltage (+12 Volt for type A connector) (+24 Volt for type B connector) Power supply

    Wikipedia Shows pins 1-8 as being on wider side.
    Wikipedia \.. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 ../ Female Socket Seen from front.
    Wikipedia ..\ 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 /.. Female Socket Seen from front.

    Subaru Shows pins 1-8 as being on narrower side,
    Subaru ../ 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 \.. As shown in manual.
    Subaru /.. 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ..\ As shown in manual.

    Subaru \.. 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 09 ../ Rotated axialy around cable.
    Subaru ..\ 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 /.. Rotated axialy around cable.

    Subaru _1 power supply
    Subaru _2 blank
    Subaru _3 blank
    Subaru _4 Subaru Select Monitor signal (ECM to Subaru Select Monitor)*
    * : Circuit only for Subaru Select Monitor
    Subaru _5 Subaru Select Monitor signal (Subaru Select Monitor to ECM )*
    * : Circuit only for Subaru Select Monitor
    Subaru _6 Subaru Select Monitor clock*
    * : Circuit only for Subaru Select Monitor
    Subaru _7 Blank
    Subaru _8 Blank
    Subaru _9 Blank
    Subaru 10 K-Line of ISO 9141 CARB
    Subaru 11 Blank
    Subaru 12 Ground
    Subaru 13 Ground
    Subaru 14 Blank
    Subaru 15 Blank
    Subaru 16 Blank
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    OBD2 Pin-out Comparison Wikipedia To Subaru

    Assume subaru_2-7_[T3B2]_p44, Footer=45 numbered the pins wrongly in their doc subaru_2-7_[T3B2]_p44, Footer=45 (perhaps using their normal company method?) but assume & hope Subaru got pin placement right, that would match other devices functionality:
    Wikipedia Subaru Function
    _1 16 Blank
    _2 15 Blank
    _3 14 Blank
    _4 13 Ground
    _5 12 Ground
    _6 11 Blank
    _7 10 K-Line of ISO 9141 CARB
    _8 _9 Blank
    _9 _8 Blank
    10 _7 Blank
    11 _6 Subaru Select Monitor clock*
    12 _5 Subaru Select Monitor signal (Subaru Select Monitor to ECM)*
    13 _4 Subaru Select Monitor signal (ECM to Subaru Select Monitor)*
    14 _3 Blank
    15 _2 Blank
    16 _1 Power supply
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    OBD2 Conflict Of Pin-Out Numbering

    Subaru pin numbering conflicts with industry standards, eg all of These Subaru manuals all have same pin-out numbering (all with pins 1-8 on narrow side, thus all wrong IMO, as all inconsistent with wikipedia that has pins 1-8 on wide side of connector).
    Subaru manuals:: It is important to realise how Subaru pin numbering is screwed up, for when looking at Subaru circuit diagrams, & pin-outs of their other connectors, to figure how to connect wires from an industry standard OBD2 socket to a Subaru connector.
  • youtube . com / watch ? v=zgrifWm3G6k

    How to read Pre-99 Subaru Engine Error Codes

    Join the 2 black plugs, turn on ignition (don''t start engine)
    "Check Engine" flashes (if a previous vendor has not crippled it).
    Count number of flashes
    If the CEL flashes regularly ie more than 6 long flashes, then there are no stored codes.
    Reset ECU by disconnecting battery overnight.
  • Title: "How to check fault codes on Subaru Legacy forester, Impreza or outback WITHOUT scanner"
    I presume this will only work on newer cars that have a matrix display for driven distance, whereas I have an old rotating mehanical display.
    Ignition on; Head lights on, Push trip 4 times; Lights off; Push trip 4 times;, Lights on; Push trip 4 times;
  • "Subaru''s GENIUS Way to Check (and erase) ABS Codes" by Luke
    Ignition off; Insert a wire in Pin 6; Ignition On; Starts & Ends with 11;
    [He had 2 fault codes to clear.] To Clear: Leave Ignition on; Remove pin 6,; 3 times within 12 secs, hold in for at least .2 of a second; Pin 6 Back in & leave. Ignition off & on; Should now just show 11; Remove pin & insulate.
    I tried this 2024-04-05 it didnt work, I still have my same error codeswhen I earth pin 1

    This DIY video applies to all 1993-2001 Subaru Impreza models, however, Subaru used this diagnostic approach for many other models over the years, so this video actually has a much broader application across the entire platform.

  • "Older Subaru Legacy Tips, Green and black connectors"

    youtube . com / watch ? v=3y55wdRsa3Q By Justin in Seattle on a 1992 Subaru Legacy
    Light brown (became yellow by my later car) plug:
    is oldest Subaru plug for diagnostic scanner.
    Called: Select Monitor One.
    Looks like 4 slots in a row, + 1 small hole in middle . But I think its actually 9 pins. Was normal up to 1995, still present in some models after
    2 green Connectors to join together:
    Called D (Dealer) Check Connector.
    2 contacts at right angles
    turns all solenoids on. (I tried it, on & off maybe each second)
    Listen for solenoid clicks & fans whirring.
    2 black Connectors
    2 Connectors (I think
    for error codes "U Check")
    Singular black connector:
    7 pin, used with ground wires, to set a condition to get more error codes
  • youtube . com / watch ? v=g1K7PqhmDW8
    the singular black connector:
    hold it toward you like a 'U'
    top left of U is pin 1, top right is 2,
    don''t use bottom 4 contacts,
    there are 2 loose pins for shorting
    depending on model both black, or black & white.
    • pin 1 if earthed (with ignition on): initiates error display
    • pin 2 if earthed as well as 1 (with ignition on): clears error memory.
    • long blink indicates decades of error codes 10,20 etc,
    • short blink is digits 0,1,2
    • long slow blinks continuously means no more errors
    • Error codes: vehix411 . com diverts to karmanauto . com
      karmanauto . com / ? s=subaru & post_type=product  crash codes
    • airbag control system codes or also known as airbag trouble codes
    • for subaru wrx sti 02, 03, 04, 05
    • will probably work for most subaru year 2000 and 2005.
    • 11 airbag harness driver circuit is open, short, or short to ground
    • 12 airbag harness passenger circuit open, short, short to ground
    • 15 airbag module harness driver is short to power supply
    • 16 airbag harness circuit passenger short to power supply
    • 21 airbag control module is faulty
    • 22 front airbag module and seat belt pretensioner l / r inflated
    • 23 Connectors not connected properly to airbag control module
    • 24 airbag control module is faulty
    • 25 airbag control module is faulty
    • 31 front sub sensor harness r side
    • 32 front sub sensor harness l side
    • 41 side airbag harness r side is faulty
    • 42 side airbag harness l side is faulty
    • 45 side airbag harness r side is shorted to power supply
    • 46 side airbag harness l side is shorted to power supply
    • 51 side airbag sensor r side is faulty
    • 52 side airbag sensor l side is faulty
    • 53 side airbag sensor r side is faulty
    • 54 side airbag sensor l side is faulty
    • 55 side airbag module is inflated
    • 61 seat belt pretensioner r side circuit open, short, short to ground
    • 62 seat belt pretensioner l side circuit open, short, short to ground
    • 65 seat belt pretensioner r side circuit open, short, short to ground
    • 66 seat belt pretensioner l side circuit open, short, short to ground
    • (If a seat belt is removed, fake it out with a 3 ohm .25 watt (eg 3 x 10 ohm in parallel)).
    First note if it stays on > 7 sec, or comes back on after 30 sec.
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A list under the dashboard during dis-assembly,

From 5-4 [W1A0], Footer=5, Page=2030 of: Pages=2436 : usdm.pdf (1) 15P/Gray (2) 22P/Brown (3) 22P/White (4) 20P/Blue (5) 22P/Black (6) 4P/Sky blue (7) 1P/Black (8) 1P/Black

There are Two Alternate Data Link Connectors

Check Connector [ - 'U' Connector ]

  • WARNING: Different parts of manual seem to refer to different connectors as "Check Connector", for now I point them all here, but it needs to be split later.
  • Colour: Black
  • Function: Connect both for flash codes for engine error codes
  • Some versions of car (inc. mine) have U shape with more pins.
  • Number: B79
  • Location: behind right seam of knee panel.
  • Pin-out: 6 in a row
    | X . X . X . X . X . X |
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"Diagnosis Connector" (6 Pin Black B82)
(Name from 5-5_[T4A1]) &
6-3 [D6D1], Footer=29, Page 2309 of Pages=2436 : usdm.pdf
Name: "Diagnosis Connector" (6 Pin Black B82)
Name 'U' from Videos

  • Number: B82 3F
  • Colour: Black (on my car)
  • Location
  • Pin-out
    +---+ . . . +---+
    | 1 | . . . | 2 |
    | . +-------+ . |
    | 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 |
  • Function:
    • First put a wire into pin 1, to get output blink codes. Under the dashboard is dark & cramped, I I lay with head on foot well floor, backside on vehicle rim legs outside vehicle. I needed to mentally rotate connector, as it''s an oblong stretched U format (not a square or round pin connector). & mine appeared with pins 1 & 2 apparently down, not up :
      • Blink on for 1.2 secs is decades, eg: 10,20,30
      • Blink on for 0.3 secs is units, eg: 1,2,3
      • Steady on & off with each 0.6 secs = all OK, no error.
    • Note the error (or all errors, may be more than one). To clear the error log: Put 2nd wire in pin 2 while blinking for minimum 3 secs.
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Subaru OBD1 Scanner

youtube . com / watch ? v=nBAhKVh29qk
Video Title: "Subaru OBD1 Scanner - The B10 scan tool"
- The B10 scan tool Selector Monitor Connector is a mid brown (the software on screen says "Yellow 9-pin Subaru Select Monitor port", my screen shows dark yellow), one can make a cable with a subaru stereo plug to parallel port of a PC. Software running shows on his screen as:
For 1998-1994 North American
Subaru Legacy Models .
Vikash Hoel
www . surrealmirage . com / vrg3/
Yellow 9-pin Subaru 1.2...3.4
Select Monitor port
Copyright (c) 2004-2012 Vikash Ravi Coel.
This program is free software and comes with absolutely no warranty.
The video has a picture of a translucent nylon plug (ie male pins) that would fit the yellow socket in my car.
He says same sort as used on Subaru stereo.
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Diagnosis Connector: Yellow 9 Pin - Same as above I think

Looks like may be same plug as would fit socket pictured on front page of adapter cable on "Select Monitor - Instruction Manual - Technical Trainiing" SSM Intro Booklet0001.PDF from
9 pin connector, yellow
Picture of a yellow 9 pin "Diagnosis Connector" from surrealmirage . com / vrg3 / b10scan/ Titled "B10 Scan Tool", Where they call it a Diagnosis Connector,
But my manual calls a different plug a Diagnostic Connector (6 Pin Black B82)
(but I have pictures of that yellow plug in my car, (a green plug seems adjacent in photo, though depth of perspective unknown) though my car is a next generation Legacy 2)
"B10 Scan Tool
This is a very simple scan tool to read some parameters in real-time from the ECU on 1990-1994 North American Subaru Legacy models using x86-based computers.
Connecting to the car
Diagnosis connector
Select Monitor connector Under the driver side dash there is a yellow 9-pin diagnosis connector intended to interface with the Subaru Select Monitor."
+-------+ . +-------+
| 1 . 2 | . | 3 . 4 |
| . . . +---+ . . . |
| 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 |
2 Green/White = Transmit
3 Light Green/Red = Receive
9 Black/Red = Ground

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My connector photos

Check Dealer Connector

  • Number: B75 + B76
  • Colour: Green
  • Location:
  • Pin-out:2 x 2 Pin
  • Function: Turns on all solenoids
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Mode Actuator

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SSM Connector 2-7_[T2A3]

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Test Mode Connector

Footer=134 Page=34 of 56

wiring_diagram / wiring_diagram / all.pdf
(25) Check Connector < Ref to 6-3_[D7B4] >
under wheel, behind right seam.
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Pages=4442 : liberty_1998_2003.pdf Page=440 of Footer=EN(H4SO)-29

{=== (This whole indented section is for a newer car than mine, ENGINE (DIAGNOSTICS)
# Before raising the vehicle, ensure parking brakes are applied. ...
6) Connect test mode connector (A) at the lower portion of instrument panel (on the driver''s side), to the side of the center console box. (Diag N-00711 shows 2 single core spade connectors)
After the memory has been cleared, the ISC must be initialized. To do this, turn the ignition switch to the ON position. Wait 3 seconds before starting the engine
Click Body section
Click airbag diagnostic
Footer=AB-2, Page=3586 of Pages=4442 : liberty_1998_2003.pdf "perform the clear memory mode. < Ref. to AB-22, Clear Memory Mode. >"
Page=3604 of 4442, Footer=AB20 shows Diagnosis Connector with
+-------+ . . . +---+
| 1 . 2 | . . . | 3 |
| . . . +-------+ . |
| 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 |
The pretensioner system has a backup power source. The pretensioner might deploy if you do not wait for 20 seconds or more before starting. ... Do not use a circuit tester to check resistance of the pretensioner ===}
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Unknown Connector

  • Number: ?
  • Colour: Light Brown
  • Location:
  • Pin-out: 5 pins in a row
    | X . X . X . X . X |
  • Function:
  • Note: Up to 1995+.

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  My error codes

11, 22, 12
(a garage on a quick check thought they saw 12, 21, 22 )
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  My Log & next moves

  • Done:
    • My Case:
      • I''ve taken off: air bag, steering wheel, & cable reel (the circular disc containing thin flexible ribbon cable that American youtube videos call a "Clock Spring").
      • My car is older than cars in most videos,
      • My car has just 2 (yellow) wires on the back of the air bag (though I have a horn too).
      • 3 other wires out of the cable reel all go to a 2nd white nylon plug with just 1 pin : which connects to steering wheel chassis, (bottom most nearest edge of wheel)
      • The chassis of air bag is on 4 nylon posts/ locaters, presumably insulated from chassis of wheel except when the horn = airbag chassis is pushed, when presumably it touches wheel chassis.
      • When the system is powered up with dummy resistor instead of an air bag, the air bag is still on.
      • There is about 9V between both terminals of the dummy resistor & wheel chassis.
      • I can''t see one of the resistor terminals being more positive than the other.
      • I took lots of photos, some relevant subset could go online later.
      • My car has no standard shape OBD Connector, though there is one (maybe 6 pin) plug hangs loose near steering.
    • I tried the pin 1 & 2 method: Didnt work
    • I tried the pin 6 in & out method: Didnt work
    • The pin 1 does show error codes, so that proves at least 1 test wire works.
    • Remove lower facsia to get access to connectors
  • To Do xx
    • Book Mark: Page 1333 of Pages=2436 : usdm.pdf
    • Check both wires work.
    • Does manual show them as earthed ?
    • check if both are grounded.
    • Chase why the air display lights & cig socket dont work, is it a dodgey earth ?
    • Wobble all connectors on yellow circuits
    • Install K-Line [to ECU ?] & use ODB2
    • cd ~/public_html/txt/airbag; vi manual/tree/subarulegacy_1998/1998/service_manual/diagnostics_section/supplemental_restraint_system/all.txt
      Check connector (AB6) connected to airbag con-
      Also check connectors, terminals, wiring harness
    • cd ~/public_html/txt/airbag; vi manual/tree/subarulegacy_1998/1998/service_manual/diagnostics_section/supplemental_restraint_system/all.txt
    • Clone


  • The manual lists not one but lots of [alternate?] faults for each error code
  • The manual is written for dummies, for each err code it just lists: if some test with debug cable do this else that.
  • The manual makes constant reference to using debug cables I don''t have though It does list wiring of debug cables, so I might be able to identify plugs, buy some & wire my own debug cables
  • I can not clear any of the I presume historic faults, till I fix the extant fault, wherever, so it''s hard to narrow it down.
  • PS: Doubler 'Y' Cables also exist, such as "OBD2 1 to 2 Connector Socket Car Flat Line Extension Cable Diagnostic Tool"
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