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Conrad Cyclocomputer King Nova BC-780

by Julian H. Stacey

picture with ruler & coin for scale
2 Euro coin for scale
I couldnt find a manual for this on web, I asked Conrad im Tal who (@2012.08) also dont have info as too old, So here's a scan of my paper manual in German

There should have been, somewhere on Earth, a manual in English, as the config first offers mile/h, then km/hr as alternate, & all acronyms like SPD for speed, etc, are all English acronyms, not German.
Please email me if you have an English manual (paper or PDF, whatever).
Double pages right size, ready to print & fold & staple
Pages ordered for screen, but theyve grown & gone fuzzy (see explanation in Makefile

Ascii text from OCR (Optical Character Recognition) with tesseract -l deu doc.tiff doc then manually re-ordered (Cos scanned as printed, but sheets designed to be folded into booklet).

Wheel & Tyre Geometry:

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