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BSc. Hons.
Computers &
Computer Consultant
Unix, C, Web, Systems Engineering,
British in Munich & Aachen Germany.
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Computer Consultant
Unix, C, Internet, Systems Engineering
Munich & Aachen Germany & Tunbridge Wells England

Photo from 1998 - Deliberately not updated.
Faces deliberately not updated!
BSD + Gnu + Penguin + Android + Spanner + Money
Unix, BSD, Gnu, Linux, Android, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, SCO, etc.
C, Internet, real time, embedded, etc.
Decades of experience, freelancers for hire.
Our office &/or yours ? Open plan ruins concentration, increases errors & illness).
Scanner Icon of a Berklix CDROM.
Automatic multi sheet feed Scanner with BSD inside, &
BSD - Customised Self Boot CDROMs & USB sticks
BSD   Money
BSD Professionals In Europe
BSD Global Consultants Index

Free Software
BSD   Free
C Sources - Free (with over 32,517 @ 2020-08-24 packages).
0% MS
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Free packages & emulators.
No ePatents No Patents,
Just Copyrights

1998 Face
Faces deliberately not updated!
Ski trips, sample photo from January 2001, Mayrhofen / Finkenberg
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Blogs inc. Brexit,
For Sale & Wanted.
Allergic to Tobacco Smoke No Smoke
Make your own corona visor, Photo from 2020
Faces deliberately not updated!

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  Munich BSD Daemon spanner
BIM Berkeley In Munich - BSD Unix users.
MECC Munich Electronic & Computer Contractors
SFD Software Freedom Day

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Munich Left half of British flag + Right half of German Flag
Beer Gardeners
(inside in winter)
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+ Water Sports etc.
Ski Trips, Photo from Jan 2003, Mayrhofen Finkenberg

Zap Putin

Arm Ukraine, Zap Putin Russian Translation

Brexit Stolen Votes

Brexit stolen votes
The UK's suicidal trade deal with the EU of 1st Jan 2021, ignored services, disrupts trade, was predicted to hit GDP & has later also hit by Corona, & Russia's invasion of Ukraine, & all 3 fed inflation, strikes & shortages, eg in NHS.

2020-02-01: UK Union Jack Flags inverted on Brexit Day

Brexit Referendum: 3,700,000 stolen votes globally inc. 750,000 in EU. Fraud, fines & lies. 2 PMs lied it was democratic. 2.8 Million then under 18 had no vote, less prospects now, & 1.8 million old leavers died by 2019-11-23. Boris illegally suspended Parliament - Discuss - Email An MP
Union Jack Inverted

UK Government

Stole 750,000 votes from British in Europe; & Unlawfully suspended parliament. .
Venal cronies, liars & whipped cur MPs proped up Boris.
Email your Member Of Parliament
Petitions To Parliament
UK government leaders stole 750,000 votes from British living in the EU before the Brexit referendum; Lied on Brexit & NHS funding; Ignored illegal campaign funding & personalised Brexit web ads; Bungled Brexit negotiations; Scared & encouraged Brits abroad to take foreign nationality; Sacked 21 MPs dumping experienced ministers, replaced with sycophant bunglers; Paid million for ferries from a take- away food company; Pushed No deal Brexit to speculate against the Pound for personal profit; Delayed the Russia Report; to avoid review of Russian promotion of Brexit; Illegally Suspended Parliament;   Protected Cummings.

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