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Walking Boot - Spikes/ Crampons/ Grödeln

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This page is to avoid confusion about under boot fixings for our walks. eg It gets confusing when a German mountain hike organiser announces to an English & German readership eg "Walk Needs Grödeln" & English people thinking "I wonder if that means Crampons ?"
Click either of the previous words & you'll see what Wikipedia .de or .org shows.
I'd appreciate more photos, names in English & German, & descriptions/ clarifications.

  • __ Click for larger
    Name In English:Heel spikes
    Name In German:
    Description: straps clip round front of leg/foot junction. (Purchased by jhs@ in Sendlinger Str, Munich, Germany; ie Alps an hour's drive away)

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    Name In English:
    Name In German:
    Description: Rubber loop stretches round the whole boot. (Purchased by jhs@ in Southern England; Ie no mountains nearby, more use for walking on flat city pavements, the protruding metal is Not sharp, not for serious walks in country, just a better than nothing thing !.)

  • Name In English:Crampon
    Name In German: Grödel (Singular ?) Grödeln
    Description: Things that have massive several cm spikes in front of toe, & under foot, eg for climbing up frozen water falls. (Not for walks round Munich flat land, but useful for winter mountain hikes.
  • English: Crampons - Wikipedia
  • German Grödeln - Wikipedia
  • Description + pictures (USA) USA caltech, good article on types.
  • A few Munich Sports Shops @ 2013_02

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