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CTMs for FreeBSD

This is
( &
& )

Pointed to by FreeBSD man ctm

by Julian Stacey

"A.4.1. Introduction
As of December 2020, FreeBSD uses git as the primary version control system for storing all of FreeBSD's source code and documentation. Changes from the git repo on the stable/11, stable/12 and related releng branches are exported to the subversion repository. This export will continue through the life of these branches. From July 2012 to March 2021, FreeBSD used Subversion as the only version control system for storing all of FreeBSD's Ports Collection. As of April 2021, FreeBSD uses git as the only version control system for storing all of FreeBSD's Ports Collection.

Corrections Pending Integration @ 2019-09-14:

  • Although CTM's etymology from first authour was "Cvs Tree Mirror" that now misleads, per my "Code Through Mail" might best summarise it at 2018-12
  • CTM is now a means of delivering tree updates (Similar result to to rdist6 & rsync & mirror, though those rely on different functionality: end to end live pull using ports some firewalls etc may block, whereas CTM just pushes with SMTP, unlikely blocked)
  • Most trees we deliver with CTM are src-* releases, + 1 ports, + 1 SVN, but surely CTM could just as readily deliver a GIT tree as an SVN, as its already done for CVS too ?
  • Admittedly if freebsd moves to GIT, we'd need to tweak the server scripts to do GIT export instead of svn export.
  • My "Why Use CTM for Delivery Instead of SVN ?" may also misleading, accidentaly reinforcing the wrong impression that CTM is just an alterantive to SVN. Its not. I'll fix it.

Stop Press / Latest

  • 2021-07-30 Status Date Of Last Delta Status
    Scripts & mail list in place for all
    src-4/src-4.2355.gz Nov 15 2014
    src-5/src-5.0862.gz Nov 15 2014
    src-6/src-6.1661.gz Nov 12 2015
    src-7/src-7.1772.gz Jul 1 2020
    src-8/src-8.1980.gz Jul 1 2020
    src-9/src-9.1930.gz Aug 11 2020
    src-10/src-10.2188.gz Dec 17 2020
    src-11/src-11.1937.gz Jul 28 08:11 Still being exported from git to svn
    src-12/src-12.1205.gz Jul 30 08:09 Still being exported from git to svn
    src-13/   The CTM scripts & mail list in place, but I recall never exported from git to svn
    src-cur/src-cur.14812.gz Dec 20 2020 No longer being exported from git to svn ?
    ports-cur/ports-cur.13927.gz Mar 31 16:34 No longer being exported from git to svn ?
    svn-cur/svn-cur.09751.xz Jul 30 08:05
  • 2021-03: "After March 2021, subversion use is only for legacy branches (stable/11 and stable/12)."
    Note ctm generation is depedent on extracting suning SVN, none of us have had time to convert extraction to git, if you have time to convert our scripts from svn to git, please discuss on mail list ctm-users@freebsd .org
  • Discussion Mail Lists Carry Latest Info
  • 2020-12-20 post to ctm-users@freebsd .org
    Warning of interuption to CTM update service: are about to abandon use of SVN, & move to Git.
    Apparently FreeBSD ports will continue to use Svn for some while. extracts FreeBSD sources using SVN, before using CTM to send updates for source trees src-4 src-5 src-6 src-7 src-8 src-9 src-10 src-11 src-12 src-13 src-cur ports-cur svn-cur
    This is
    Containg an extract copied from master in
    There is no point copying from it as paths will change before it goes live 
    It is a work in progress toward later automatic ctm delta generation.
    Author: jhs @ berklix . com
    Enquiries to list
    To view directory:
  • NEW ADDITIONAL SERVICE: At 2019-08-16 04:00+0200
  • 2019 August Outage, Status At 2019-08-16 04:00+0200 : On all fixed now as far as we know except ctm-src-cur still delayed by moderation, & many others not checked if moderated.
    • The delta generator host died.
    • Generation moved to (which already had ftp archives).
    • Last backup of generator build scripts was old,
    • Generator build scripts were re-updated,
    • Generator trees built &
    • Deltas generation started.
    • Briefly deltas were received on lists ,
    • When ctm-src-12 generation started, it sent with From: owner-ctm-src-12[-fast] , which was confusingly similar to mailman standard alias ctm-src-12[-fast]-owner@ , so for ctm-src-12 it was changed to From: freebsd-ctm-bld@berklix
    • Then although was mailing deltas (other than ctm-src-12) to lists on, after a bit, nothing further appeared on lists
    • Guessed that mail header From: address did not match what lists allowed.
    • Guessed something had happened the end;
    • The CTMownermail values in the Mail List Config Files that generate the From: for the other lists, had not changed, so those non ctm-src-12 lists should have continued working;
    • Learnt how to specify the From: field,
    • The question was: what address had been previously used ? Various guesses failed experimenting with old addresses including elements cauchy, library, etc. .
    • Gave up guessing, subscribed a new From address freebsd-ctm-bld@berklix to all ctm lists.
    • Guessed it would be by default moderated.
    • Asked postmaster@freebsd to un-moderate that address on all ctm lists. Some or most were unmoderated but at least one was not, as this was seen for
      • Created on UTC: Aug 12 14:08 src-cur.14144.gz
      • Outgoing tap to jhs-test@:
        • Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 14:08:02 GMT
        • From: freebsd-ctm-bld@berklix
        • To: ctm-ctm-src-cur@mailman.berklix
        • Subject: ctm-mail src-cur.14144.gz 1/1
      • Moderated:
        • Subject: Your message to ctm-ctm-src-cur awaits moderator approval
        • From: ctm-ctm-src-cur-owner@freebsd
        • Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 14:08:24 +0000
        • To: freebsd-ctm-bld@berklix
        • Your mail to 'ctm-ctm-src-cur' with the subject ctm-mail src-cur.14144.gz 1/1
        • Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
      • Received from list on jhs@ host UTC: Aug 12 14:10 src-cur.14144.gz
    • ctm-svn-cur: the tap on mail outgoing showed it ignoring the directive set CTMownermail freebsd-ctm-bld@berklix in copy here: so rejects those
      Another script was fixed .
    • Unchecked: A test was run on all lists, to ensure all have been unmoderated (as some of the old lists rarely carry traffic, so cannot be observed, but might someday receive a delta we want passed).
      Content was produced by this
      foreach i ( `cat tests_lists.txt` )
      echo "To: $i" >
      cat tests_body.txt >>
      sendmail -i -t <
      echo Done $i
      sleep 3
      None of those test have arrived back from any lists, so we don't know if all lists have been un-moderated.
    • 2019-09-23 Removed tap to jhs-test@ from ctm-src-cur & ctm-src-cur-fast

To Do:

Why Use CTM for Delivery Instead of SVN ?

  • ( CTM can also deliver you an SVN tree, so you can still use SVN locally.)
  • If you have a slow net connection aka limited bandwidth, or intermittent connectivity eg rarely reliably in one place long enough to complete an SVN update of whole trees. Or expensive data rates eg mobile tariffs.
  • If your corporate/ institutional firewall blocks you, but allows mail.
  • The patches are compressed, saving time & data transfer charges.
  • Imagine you'r travelling/ on holiday, you don't fancy paying heavy data charges tethering via your mobile phone, so stroll into a coffee shop with WLAN, or visit somewhere with an incomprehensible maybe foreign language documented fire walled WLAN, or if lucky encounter a town centre open WLAN (there's a few in central Munich), but you have nowhere to sit, no power socket, & you want it all downloaded as fast as possible, not blocked on unknown ports, no thinking on the hoof required, combined with mail pick up you know won't be blocked: CTM has it all rolled up ready for you. You don't even have to stand with no seat, consuming battery, applying all the deltas. CTM deltas can be applied later where you do have a seat & power supply.
  • Imagine you'r in an airport departure lounge, with WLAN, but may be called any time. So you just want those deltas downloaded Fast. You can apply them later, perhaps even on the plane/ train/ hotel with no net.
  • A unique reproducible trees with eg /usr/svn/.ctm_status, additional to the .svn status
  • Pre extracted trees for all versions of src & ports as well as SVN tree available via CTM delivery, so you can do local SVN searches, exports etc.
  • Suggestion: You may want to subscribe a different mail address for CTM delta reception, so you can first specify eg fetchmail fetches your human mail.)
  • Errors or Omissions ? Mail page author and/ or list

What Is CTM ?

Functions Of ,

  • Started by providing Deltas with public ftp access, (When decided to cease to host the master deltas sent from the generator site.
    (& thus we also lost all out mirror sites).
  • A set of CTM Generator Build Scripts & trees, ready to generate deltas were copied in case anything failed at Missouri build site.
  • ctm-src-12 mail list created on
  • 2019, The missouri master host died & production moved to

Traffic Load

  • Please do not overload There are no mirrors. If you want to offer a public mirror, please do, please contact contact host master or ctm-users@.
  • Please avoid heavy traffic during work days & business hours in Germany (winter time zone +01:00, summer +02:00). Time now At 2019-08 it's a lightly loaded host, but that may change, & I dont want to annoy the host.
  • There is no point regularly ftp'ing latest deltas from here, as a purpose of CTM is to provide Push technology, so you should be receiving distribution updates by ctm-* mail lists. If you want to regular fetch (which is Pull technology, not push) then you should not be using CTM, but be using SVN or Rsync direct form a mirror, nor from
    Just use ftp archives if you fail to receive a delta via ctm_rmail.


Full List of Delta Mail Lists & FTP Archives on &

Sites & People


Errors, Omissions, URLs dead, missing, or wrong ? Credits missing ? Please mail page author and/ or list

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