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How The Card Is Made

This page is:
By Julian H. Stacey

Text & Typesetting

The source text is edited in Unix/ BSD vi using my WYSIWYG extensions to ghostview/gv, editing in format Groff on FreeBSD (entirely free public domain sourced programs, Using my make macros.
No Microsoft or other proprietary software used)

Physical Production

Made from 80 gram/ square metre paper, folded once & cut to size, then heat sealed into plastic, hot lamination pouches, used 2 (so far) alternate pouches:

Aluminium cooking foil cut to same size as half paper length, & placed in the middle of the folded paper, to reduce NFC RFID.

The metal foil in sealed plastic pouch is much slimmer (0.26 mm) than a credit card (0.8 mm), so fits well in same wallet slot as an NFC enabled credit card (metal foil on outer side of wallet of course.

2017-06-27: first production size batch with aluminium foil Some foils are thicker than others, I measured my aluminium: Standard kitchen cooking foil, 0.0166 mm thick ( I folded a strip to 64 thickness. Became 1.06 mm thick ) Brand name: Maker Alu Folie, Exclusively for Plus, By/Gyartja: ProHa GmbH, 71265 Renningen, Bar Code 4 008535 245343, 30m x 30cm

Aluminium foil layer to hinder NFC RFID

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