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How The Card Is Made

Text & Typesetting

The text of the card is written in Groff on FreeBSD (entrely public domain sourced programs off course, No MS used) using my make macros etc

Physical production

As written 2014_04_27
From Peter L. http :// lists . gnupg . org / pipermail / gnupg - users / 2015 - April / 053496 . html
The Post I replied To:
Thanks for the hints, guys. But I'm very happy with my current leather wallet, and the bag I keep the wallet in is almost full. So I'm more looking for something really compact around the card, like a sleeve. getDigital has one: [1]. I just can't judge how sturdy it is; the sleeve I have seen in real life looked like it was quite a hassle to remove your card from because it looked really flimsy.
PS: getDigital has a lot of cool geeky stuff!
[1] https:// www . getdigital . eu / RFID - Schutzhuelle . html (the 5 euro cover)
My Reply: http:// lists . gnupg . org / pipermail / gnupg - users / 2015 - April / 053501 . html
I make my own RF blockers, though un-tested yet :
For maybe 10 years my business cards have been made from 80 gram/ square metre paper, folded once & cut to size, then heat sealed into plastic, hot lamination pouches, using 2 alternate products:

Years back I realised I could cut some aluminium cooking foil to same size as the paper, & seal that as an RF / microwave test tool, then an RFC card arrived, & I inserted the metal foil `card' behind the NFC credit card, on the outside of the wallet.

The metal foil in sealed plastic puch is a much slimmer (0.26 mm) than a credit card (0.8 mm), so fits well in same wallet slot as an NFC enabled credit card (metal foil on outer side of wallet of course.

As cards are stacked offset in a wallet I assume it make sense to decide where on the credit card the NFC chip is, for max overlap of the foil.

I made a larger foldable excapsulated foil pouch for my brother's wallet, (he had NFC cards before I did). I can't remember what thickness plastic I used + 2 for British passports (some kind of chip).

I haven't tested them yet, just use them :-) I recently got an NFC app to convert my Android phone into an NFC reader on USB coupled to a PC, so I will test it some time, but :

If aluminium cooking foil is too thin, some are thicker than others, & I have some thin copper sheet too, but I doubt it will need that.

I've long been planning to insert aluminium foil in the new version of my business cards, which BTW look like this http :// berklix . com /~ jhs / cv /# card

I guess computer clubs could create similar cards, with foil blockers. I bought my hot laminator long ago, it does up to A4 size, since then prices for laminators have crashed, & credit card sized ones even cheaper, probably most on this list can with local friends club together & buy/ share a laminator, & make ther own blockers, but we need to check how effective they are :-)

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix C Sys Eng Consultant Munich

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