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Fax numbers are dedicated, available, & pre-allocated on PBX Private Branch Exchange (English) = LCO Local Call Office (American) = TK-Anlage (German). Enquire if needed. Numbers are not listed here as:
  • My fax equipment is now usually OFF, until somone asks me to turn it on.
  • It's rarely needed, leaving it off reduces peak fuse power rating & UPS load, & energy consumption & reduce heat in office on warm days.
  • Fax is a bit old fashioned:
    • Low resolution (96 (vertical) x 192 (horizontal) dots per inch (low resolution default), 192 x 192 in high res. "Fine"); Compare with laser printer minimums of 300 x 300 (& 600 x 600)
    • If it fails in mid run, then it restarts from beginning, with a big roll or stack of paper.
    • Can be abused by spammers: paper waste, noise & line tied up for minutes.
    • My fax number is not here, to avoid more spammers harvesting it with web crawler robots. Though fax spamming is illegal in Germany, it's not from some other countries, & sometimes Germans (& others) [also] fax spam from abroad.
    • Thermo paper fades, rolls are tedious to cut & scan (& USA & UK foolscap 12" too long for DIN A4).
    • Sheet wide printer ribbon is expensive & a security risk.
    • Yes, Fax modems exist, & I have some, & the software, (in fact I created port/comms/hylafax/ for Hylafax on FreeBSD 16 May 1995, but fax is not so common now.
  • Consider scanning or generating your .tiff format image, enclosing it in a MIME enclosure, & sending it by email
  • If I need to turn a fax on for business, just tell me, & I'll tell you the fax number.
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