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Donau/Danube @ Wien/Vienna 2013 06 04

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  • The Danube runs in two channels here, with the Danube Island in between, so what you see in any one photo is only one channel or the other.
  • Route of photographer: U6 to Handelskai, then upstream, (NW? ) over to the Donau- insel (and a bit beyond), back down on the island and bridge to Handelskai.
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  • Everything is superficially calm, but I have never seen the Danube run so fast. It is normally quite sedate but there is real force in it at the moment. The bridge piers are almost like speedboat prows, as the water is up to the top of the broad part. What you see above water is only the last, smaller part. 549 is taken on the Island , looking over the main channel and shows the water level marker by the edge of the path, where the water is lapping over into the grass. There is not much of the scale left.
  • The boats are stationary.

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