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River Isar In Flood, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Europe North Of The Alps.

Copyright 2005 & 2013 Julian H. Stacey, Munich

This is

Where it flow To ? :
  • (Isar ... is Germany's second most important tributary of the Danube after the Inn. to Black Sea)
  • Isar flows NE from Munich to join Donau=Danube at Deggendorf (Germany),
  • Donau=Danube flows SE to Passau (Germany)
  • Inn flows NE to Passau (Germany)
  • Ilz flows S to Passau (Germany)
  • Passau (Germany) severely flooded in 2013 & earlier.
  • Donau=Danube flows on SE into Austria through Linz ,
  • South West through Vienna=Wien (Austria),
  • East to Bratislava, Slovakia
  • North East of of Budapest
  • South along Border between Moldova & Rumania
  • Delta Enters Black Sea South of Odesa (Ukraine),
  • Black Sea exits South West through Istanbul to Sea of Marmara,
  • SE Past Gallipoli, into the Aegean & Med.,
  • `West' past Gibraltar to Atlantic. (West is in quotes, as I've seen a documentary suggesting Africa & Europe were once joined there, till land collapsed & Med got flooded, so maybe aggregate water flow is actually East if Med evaporates more.

2013 Notes

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Commentary to pictures

This occurred half a year after hottest summer ever in West Australia. - Global warming maybe ?

2013-06-02 Sunday

We went to check the river level, which was up on the flood plane.
Going beyond, over to East bank, we discovered in Albani-Str some cellars had been flooded, & noticed what was smoke or steam in middle of road, out of about 4 sequential man-holes in the road, (not unknown in winter, but temp this cold summer's day was maybe 10C).
We presume water had got in underground ducts of high pressure steam ducts of the district heating system. On the way back, from the final manhole we heard what sounded like lots of continuous small underground explosions, 1 every few seconds, as though maybe was ingresing on hot metal & exploding to steam. We decided not to hang around smiley face icon (Later AZ seemed to quote SWM as saying no danger from that.)

Scalding Danger! Verbrühungsgefahr = & Scalding Danger
Car was having hot water poured on its rubber wheels. How hot ? Don't know ! Heated from water leak into district heating system.

2013-06-03 Monday Approx 13:30

Water Levels
Water level at Reichen- Bach- Bruecke (Fraunhofer Str) was fluctuating around 3.50/3.55 BUT they had foolishly screwed the gauge into wall next to protruding wall that causes an eddy current with & constant reverse flow & lower level + fluctuations. If one looks perhaps 4 meters downstream, to where water is running smooth, & projects line along concrete left = South = back up stream, then the level was 3.60.

The next bridge upstream (Wittels- Bacher- Bruecke) at Balde- Platz * Kapuziner- Str (after walking there, E, S, W, via 2 bridges & East bank) had a level of 3.80, ie a difference of 20 cm. ! (Maybe something upstream changed in that time.)

Are they supposed to be cross calibrated to each other & published numbers of the or just stuck in at random offsets ?

Heating temperatures

A sign in Palm- Str (West of Isar) where heating net is being extended South East into Arndt- Str), says [that?] part of the system runs at 140 Celsius (pressurised obviously) that's a new net segment they're adding. Older bits (eg perhaps in Albani-Str ?) might operate at higher temp &/or pressure ? To research: SWM

2013-06-04 Tuesday
~17:00 Level at Reichen- Bach- Bruecke (Fraunhofer Str) 3.20 (fluctuating to .05 or .1 less because of back flow & eddies)
~17:30 (by bike) Level at Wittels- Bacher- Bruecke 3.25
Whey these are similar, when yesterday Wittels- Bacher was approx. 0.20 higher, I don't know.

General Notes

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