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Julian H. Stacey's Tree Of Program Sources

  • This directory contains both whole programs, & patches to fix/ enhance other programs.
  • ../src.tgz A 1.9 Meg compressed Unix Tar archive of all files in all sub directories in this src/ directory. Convenient for furnishing jails. Built by Makefile
  • Some of my patches have long ago been commited into FreeBSD, (usually just for newer releases, so often I've retained older patches) Some patches are still waiting to be commited, Some I have not submitted to FreeBSD, too busy. To see the FreeBSD.Org Send-pr database of some of my patches try here:
    Originator 2011-08-03 2017-09-20
    Stacey Not tried 106
    Julian Stacey 31 0
    Julian H. Stacey 28 0
    jhs @ 1 5
    jhs @ 26 106
    jhs @ 20 36
Things that have not been absorbed/contributed elsewhere. Code is here to make it available to others, & to myself when I'm travelling, I need to delete some, & import other stuff. Some is old, & built in ways Unix programmers will not like: some comes from a start point of trying to write replacement Unix tools that could run on an i8086 laptop under MSDOS 3, with 2 floppies & a ram disc but no hard drive. Some is OK, & runs under FreeBSD ! Manuals are in nroff format, best down loaded & formatted under FreeBSD (Unix), not read on line. I have dos .exe's for some, but not on the web.
  • odds/c/unix4dos/ : Unix like Tools For Dos (any ported by jhs to BSD have been removed from this directory, I think. )
  • fortran/ Fortran demos.
  • mips/ MIPS patches.
  • sco/ Santa Cruz Organisation - Unix patches for xxgdb-1.12.sco.diff
  • github

PC532 - World's most publicly documented computer ?

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