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Julian H. Stacey's Tree Of Program Sources

  • This directory contains both whole programs, & patches to fix/ enhance other programs.
  • ../src.tgz A 1.7 Meg compressed Unix Tar archive of all files in all sub directories in this src/ directory. See comments in Makefile
  • Some of my patches have long been commited into FreeBSD, (sometimes just for newer releases, so sometimes Ive retained older patches) (so some patches I have removed from Index below). Some patches are still waiting to be commited, Some I have not yet submitted to FreeBSD. To see the FreeBSD.Org Send-pr database of some of my patches try here:
Things that have not been absorbed/contributed elsewhere. Code is here to make it available to others, & to myself when I'm travelling, I need to delete some, & import other stuff. Some is old, & built in ways Unix programmers will not like: some comes from a start point of trying to write replacement Unix tools that could run on an i8086 laptop under MSDOS 3, with 2 floppies & a ram disc but no hard drive. Some is OK, & runs under FreeBSD ! Manuals are in nroff format, best down loaded & formatted under FreeBSD (Unix), not read on line. I have dos .exe's for some, but not on the web.
  • odds/c/unix4dos/ : Unix like Tools For Dos (any ported by jhs to BSD have been removed from this directory, I think. )
  • fortran/ Fortran demos.
  • mips/ MIPS patches.
  • sco/ Santa Cruz Organisation - Unix patches for xxgdb-1.12.sco.diff
  • github/

PC532 - World's most publicly documented computer ?

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