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(by Julian H. Stacey )

Of Particular Personal Interest:

UK Electronic / Computer Mail Order Sources

Electronics & Computing - Alphabetic

Yellow Pages (Free)

Index of firms/suppliers, like phone Yellow Pages.

Price Agents / Comparators

Some offer matrices of models & functional specification, which saves masses of time trying to compile one's own comparison.
They sometimes charge a percentage of difference between your price & theirs, that or adverts, or paid links ?

Munich Companies

Some companies that have a significant employee base in Munich area are marked "Big_In_Munich". Index of Hardware shops in Munich (several were in Schiller Str, now all gone from Schiller Str itself, but some still nearby ). ( My nickname for Schiller from decades back was "Sex & Electronics Strasse" An observation shared by eg: www . monacomedia . de / muenchenwiki / index . php / Computerstrich )

Ex Schiller Str

  • Klaus A. E. Balzer, Implerstrasse 14, 80336 M\xfcnchen. Ex {Holzinger & Strixner or Hartnagel}
  • @ 2016-04-01 Schwan- Thaler- Str 21a
  • @ 2013-06-05: Grünwalder Weg 30, 82041 Oberhaching, Deutschland
  • Mir Elektronik - long gone
  • Truderinger Str. 240, 81825
  • , Schiller Str 18 Back Courtyard
  • Neuhauser Straße 39 & Schwanthaler Straße 115
  • [Radio?] RIM - long gone
  • schwanthaler - computer . de Schwan- Thaler- Str 21 (previously Litec)
  • Seemuller is still in schiller ! But I recall not same legal entity I bought my first printer from around 1986. I recall they went bankrupt , & some new co trades under same new. The shop also shrank, lost window space, & 2017-12 theres some mobile phone shop in front to walk through before access to seperate lockable computer shop.
  • Not in Munich any more @ 2017-07-18
  • Shadows Notebook Service, Thalkirchner Str. 14

Other Companies

Electronics & Computing - Other


Travel Agents

Banks & Finance:

Professional Bulletin Board Services

Where you advertise when you want to buy a load of some product.

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