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Internet Access Providers - Munich, Bavaria, Germany

A few Web Page Providers Worldwide (by Julian Stacey )

Semi Obsolete page, to be striped, (first text then dead URLs, then the rest).

Info in German Sprechen Sie Deutsch ?
Falls ja, es existieren mehrere deutsch sprachige Webseiten von anderen Autoren mit aktuelleren Hinweisen.
Can't read German ?
If you _Can_ read German you should read those other people's pages as they're more likely up to date.

Else continue with my out of date English page,

OR read in English about German Telecoms providers operating in Berlin www . settle - in - berlin . com / internet - in - germany - providers / (very slow to open 2016-11-16) sent me: by author 2016-11-16.

How to set up your own domain. Public Browsing In Munich.

( IAP= Internet Access Provider, ISP= Internet Service Provider, POP = Point Of Presence )


BSD Travelling Laptops

Satellite DSL

Basically, your key strokes go out on any old slow modem, (& any old rotten telecom line's good enough for that), the high speed data comes in at 768 k Bit/Sec over a satellite dish.

DSL In Munich For Personal Use

Note FreeBSD supports DSL by using "man pppoed"

Index Access Providers - Munich - Commercial

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