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Humax - Export of Files > 4G by Julian H. Stacey

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How To Export Files > 3G from internal disc to an external disc or stick

This section contains the analysis & URLs as the topic keeps arising, so I've documented it. I've been too busy to do an actual data transfer yet & don't personaly have a Humax to test it on, but I know 4 people who do have Humax's.



  • While in theory Humax could be running something else eg FreeBSD or some other BSD etc, & could support FAT32 & Ext2 &/or Ext3& BSD & just not mention BSD (or Solaris or whatever else), chances of that are remote & near irrelevant.
    ( FreeBSD has had support for Ext2 since FreeBSD 2.2, Ref man 5 ext2fs ).
  • It is most likely to be running Linux inside the Humax.
  • Chances are one could remove disc, connect to a Linux PC, & Linux would happily access it ...
    Except ... PC BIOS logical (not physical) Geometry problems (common to all of Microsoft, Linux, all BSDs (eg FreeBSD) etc)

So One Needs To

If You Will Export Videos From One Humax To Play On Another Humax

You will need to export triplets of files per programme/ film whatever, not just the big .ts file. If you are just exporting to some other player, some devices (eg dreambox I recall) & some player tools (some of maybe mplayer vlc zine etc ? (to be checked later) do not need a triplet of files, & just one big .ts is sufficient.

The corollary of NTFS access from BSD etc

(As eg Iomega streamer supports NTFS media but not Ext2/Ext3)
(Microsoft users can skip this indented section, as NTFS is a proprietary FS native to Microsoft):

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