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Elta Model 8883 DVD Player - Lethal design defect

Non fatal electrocution from Elta MPEG-4 Player 8883 (DVD Player)

MPEG=4 player for TV ( On opening player, & considering what was wrong, a combination of all of: Maybe the Scart socket was grounding the dvd player, & when that pulled out while power cable was still plugged in to socket behind the player, while I was pulling the player out of the tv stand ... 230 V nominal into my hand. Any one of these would have saved me:
  • If PSU gad not been deliberately grounded to chassis
  • Chassis covered in plastic
  • 3 core cable & plug
  • Polarised socket like Britain or France, unlike Germany & Italy
  • Newer flat with earth trip, or get owner to fit earth trip in wall in fuse box.
    (Apparently flats a few years after mine all started having earth trips built in). Flat was built new & first rented in Oct. 1985. Neighbouring flat with same landlord, & several changes of tenant since 1985 (thus intermittent vacant access), also has no earth trip in wall.
  • Screw a socket on outside of back of TV stand & unplug all equipment before moving.
Pictures (sorry, pictures out of focus): Detail from PCB of PSU: Elta CO-DPB118; 2004-1-1 MW GW108
Net search on Elta 8883:
    looks inside like a AMSTRAD 3016dx.
  • Didn't answer my mail, Suspected out of business years back. Looked again 2023-03-07: unlinked as a domain squatter.
  • A similar named but different firm who don't sell electronics, but simple appliances like coffee grinders.

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