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English Books & Libraries in Munich Germany

One of Other Texts by Julian H. Stacey

2013: Oxfam in Fraunhofer- str has a small selection of English books

Munich main city library

Has an English section. So do various of the sub libraries.

Beer Gardeners on Fridays.

We occasionally bring books to give away same night. Some of Alistair's books have moved that way. (As it's a moving venue, no cupboard for them to go in).


A pub in Schwabing ( Twisted Bavarian, now closed ) used to have a free English lending library, the philosophy was what you'd normal spend on book purchase/ borrowing, you should instead spend on food & drink at their bar :-) If you'r interested in the concept, seek out Dori Dutton.

Prisoners Support Group

Volunteers collect books & magazines for social workers to take on prison visits. Some can read English better than German, even if not their native language. Their web at 14.02.2007 being worked on & empty, should be back up in a month or so. Until then this from an organiser:
We collect English language books, either at church on Sunday's or directly to me .... delivered to Stadelheim a few at a time twice a month with magazines ... One of the pastors and/or one of the social workers then distributes them directly to the English speaking prisoners, and I get the impression they are passed around amongst the guys.
Click to email an organiser (& edit out the _ERASE_ bit).

CD Libraries

I read here that Garching Stadt- Bucherei has a CD lending library, come to think of it, I think many do.

Commercial book shops .

In Schelling Str: Anglia (the deliberately disorganised one) had its premises taken over by Wordsworth Warning: daft cramped web with own vertical scroll bar @ 2013-11-09 - ghost of Anglia got to them ? ) Maybe Hugendubel @ Marienplatz too ?
International Presse by rail tracks in Haupt- Bahn- Hof has day old high priced newspapers, & magazines etc.

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