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Public Browsing In Munich, inc. Free WLAN

By Julian H. Stacey ... Index of Other Texts.

  • Small cafe on South East corner of Sendlinger Tor, next to tram tracks. "Internet Cafe Centrum", Sendlinger Tor Platz 5, 80336, Tel +49 175 9075462 (Mobile number!) Prices @ 2006.12: Card says 6 Euro/hr including a drink. Bill for half hour said Cappuccino 2.2 + Internet 0.75. about screens upstairs. Open 10:00-01:00.
  • Mcdonald's Bodensee-str (announced on Munich 89 FM Radio Tues 22 Sept 1998
  • Internet Cafe, Nymphenburgerstr, browser only, no shell, or ftp or email except inside netscape, floppy on request (if you can find an employee). is/was a knowledgeable user (HTML Author).
  • Internet Pizza & such, on the bend of Altheimer Eck, West of Marienplatz, I think they have a not cheap charge for net access, small, fairly crowded, most probably allows smokers (Ugh!)) I think long since closed.
  • Arbeitsamt, Kapuziner-str or so I heard. WLAN or screens ?
  • +49.89.25543988 20 paces from back exit of Hof- Brau- haus. Does Bike Tours.
  • Central Public Library at Am Gasteig will be closed from 23.12.02 to 31.01.03 so that the computer system can be extended with a link to Internet. Dead web ref: (From Jacqui M.).
  • More ? Must be other places too ... let me know & I'll list them.

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