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By Julian H. Stacey - who is an organisers for some Munich clubs & groups

Some Options to meet & Munich info:

(Expanded from a mail to visitors to Munich:)


If staying at camp site on river It has a bus service. I have car or bike to get there.

There's small beer gardens nearby to North (direction centre), & bigger beer gardens a longer walk South along river, one at base of hill, another up hill & along to a Jazz BG, & another over the rail bridge.

My index of Beer Gardens Mail me for Name & Password

If your budget extends to Indian food, there's a nice restaurant a block from us.

On Wednesday's I sometimes join ex toytowngermany_dot_com " / forum / topic / 953-munich-curry-night / (& there's another English speaking curry group )

The Viktualien Markt Beer Garden is crowded with tourists but central, a block from town hall with gargoyles, & carousel figures in clock tower celebrating end of the plague etc.

Bavaria Park Beer Garden ( is a block from the giant tents built for Oktoberfest. A fascinating transport museum nearby (not documented on

I can drive to the mountains for Schloss NeuSchwanstein. If visitors are fit to do a mountain hike, I'd be up for it, & also have a friend who lives in Garmisch- Partenkirchen who hikes.

I don't drink any alcohol when I drive a car. Bavaria has much better 0 % alcohol lager than awful metallic tasting 0 % liquids sold in Britain (Kaliber, Becks etc) .

Lakes Starnberg & Ammersee are a suburban train ride away. - Herrsching on Ammersee has free beach volley ball. Ascheim has paid volleyball, multiple in & 1 out) & also has wake boarding (packed out in summer, no chance at weekends). Other lakes South for hikes using eg BOB

There's rental bikes & scooters all over Munich

Munich has a big wheel now (yawn, don't all big cities ?) & a tall viewing tower & swimming pool & small beer garden at top of hill up at Olympia Park. (& a baroque swimming pool & sauna in middle of town by river)

Public transport for some of above & rail tram bus etc:

There's firm[s] do Segway tours of Munich

Munich clubs & info:

Tourist office

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We & friends are keen Non Smokers, don't want to meet smokers.

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