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TV Mute Devices & Switchers

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Nov. 2016 I was looking for a box to sense a phone line, & automatically mute the TV of an old person who fumbles with, loses & general fails to use TV remote to mite it when someone calls on phone, driving caller mad (the more so if caller must speak a foreign language & listen to both quiet old human & loud TV shouting in foreign). I thought there must be a big market for such devices, so documented the case for devices & technologies that already exist.
  • Detecting a call:
  • Modems (I have a shoe box full here), come cheap & ready built with power supply & plugs, certified legal to connect to phone wall socket (unlike self made).
  • Modems detect & report incoming calls via Hayes_command_set
  • Phone wall socket to a free standing android would be harder, via external usb to serial converter to modem perhaps, or USB external modem.
  • Purchasable Devices & Free Apps etc to mute tv when phone rings.

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