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Disclaimer of Julian H. Stacey

Terms Of Use, Legalities etc.

Consultancy Services, Disclaimer & Copyright

Professional Internet, Systems Engineering, Unix & C consultancy etc

  • Short & Long term.
  • English & German & some French
  • Planning & Development & Admin & Porting & Support & Rescue etc.
  • Consultancy @ Hourly rate & Fixed Price & Pre-pay per minute Phone Support.
  • Work @ Munich & Aachen Germany, & Tunbridge Wells England, & Remote Site, via Phone & Internet & roaming laptop.
Phone or Email to discuss requirements & possibilities.

Liability Disclaimer For Web Pages
(Boring stuff for legal obsessives!)

Concerning data in & under directories containing Julian H. Stacey's home page, & organisation pages maintained by JHS etc,


  • English

    • I make no recommendation for or against, & disclaim liability for people, companies, organisations, pages & ideas etc referenced.
    • I disclaim liability for local copies of information provided by others, the local copy is merely for convenience.
    • If information is misleading, wrong, obsolete, incomplete, offensive, etc please inform me. I make no particular effort to maintain information, what was once true may well no longer be etc, & vice versa.
    • Web server sites & associates are not liable for information provided or referenced within my web directory structures.
    • I disclaim all liability for any wrong translations. I'm a computer person not a language professional.
    • I disclaim all liability for information not being available if servers crash, configurations break, power failure, or other human or machine error
    • I disclaim any & all other possible & conceivable responsibilities !
    • I disclaim all recommendation for all URLs, and sites I point to, even other parts of my own sites. The pointers are merely there because the remote content may or may not have once seemed or assumed to perhaps have had some relevance when text was written or link was added.
    • I & we am/are not responsible for the content of external sites.
    • I & we am/are are not responsible for the content or reliability of web sites to which I/we link, nor should listing be taken as endorsement of any kind. I/We cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and I/we have no control over the availability of linked pages.
    • Some jurisdictions assert no contract exists until money changes hands: No one has ever paid me for writing my web pages. You are entitled to no more than what you paid: Nothing. I disclaim any responsibility to create or maintain accurate information (though I welcome factual corrections to edit in when & if I have time).
    • If there's anything of dubious or contended copyright etc, please inform me & I'll delete it.
    • English law applies. Venue: Tunbridge Wells, Britain
  • German Summary / Deutsch Kurz- Fassung

    • Hiermit distanzieren {Ich/Wir/Uns} ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller gelinkten Seiten auf den Webseiten dieses Domains & Servers usw.
    • {Ich/Wir Kollegen & meine firmen & vereinen usw) } hat keinerlei Einfluß auf die Gestaltung und die Inhalte externer Webseiten, auf die {Ich/Wir} evtl. in unseren Seiten mittels Links oder Banner usw verweisen. Für die Inhalte externer Webseiten sind daher ausschließlich deren Anbieter verantwortlich.
    • Englisches Recht is gueltig, nicht Deutsches. English law applies, not German.
    • Lesen die Reste in English. Read the rest in English.
  • French/ Francais

    La loi d'Angleterre se reguler, ne pas de la France. Lesez vous l'Anglais.

Why Disclaimers ?

  • Some law courts in some countries come up with objectionable rulings, that URL pointers need to be disclaimed, else are considered to recommend remote content as agreed with by the pointer.
  • Farcical, as
    • Local pointers have no control of changing remote content,
    • Remote domains expire & or are sold to other new owners sometimes with completely different content.
    • Many web authors have no time to thoroughly check remote content; not viable to maintain or regularly check large numbers whether paid, or unpaid.
      (I for instance have 38,000 URL links under a subset of web pages, albeit a good proportion of hrefs are internal).
    • Readers are lucky that private authors bother to add click-able URLs, without which the web would not exist or work as it does. Such rulings degrade the internet, on which an increasing percentage of advanced nations growth is based.
    • Readers should use a search engine instead/ as well, &/or pay for access to a public library, or pay some commercial publisher if they want paid reliability & researched & checked recommendations.
  • Laws, lawyers, daft court rulings, & the so called "policaly correct" now scare & burden people on the Internet to waste time space & bandwidth formulating, transmitting, & reading boring disclaimers to avoid foolishness &, the litigious.

Money For Links

  • None of my web pages have links anyone has paid me or my company or my associates money (or even beer etc) for.
  • Here's what I saw on someone else's page:
    Disclosure: If you purchase from a company that I have linked to (like Amazon) then I may be compensated with an affiliate marketing payment.
  • Doubtless a lot more web page authors should be more honest, & declare their cookies & pay per redirect etc arrangements.

Copyright Of Web Pages

  • Copyright Julian H. Stacey, Munich 1995, '96, '97, '98, '99, 2000, 2001 & 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18.
    Applies to all pages that bear a URL pointer to this statement, (typically: most pages accessed from below a ~jhs/ URL)
  • I will likely grant any copy request free of charge, but I do not formally grant the information to the public domain. In particular, I would be unhappy about people misusing my resume for other than the intended purpose (encouraging job offers smiley face icon ), I would of course object to my data being twisted out of context, or misrepresented etc.
  • Other than that I'm not trying to withhold anything, clearly the information is there to be accessed.
  • If in doubt, contact me.

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