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Julian H. Stacey

  • Munich, Germany = Muenchen, Deutschland.
  • Qualifications: University Degree, BSc Hons Computers & Cybernetics, 1980.
  • Resume: Projects:
  • Specialisation: Unix (since 1978) (Pref. BSD or Linux), C, X-Windows, FSF/GNU tools, firewalls, systems engineering, hardware interfacing, real time/ embedded, custom design & porting. No { Emacs, Cobol, Microsoft }; BSD consultants list maintainer; Free Software Presentations: .
  • Net Consulting: Remote via DSL + On site in Munich area. + Multiple fixed IP servers on net.
  • Rate: Euros per hour. Dependent on job & work load + local market & remote exchange rate.
  • Free Personal sources:
  • Free GCC-1.40: For Symmetric Computer Systems Model 375 (native cc is broken).
  • Languages: I am English. Ich verstehe Deutsch. Je comprend Francais, (lentment!). Use Hoch Deutsch, not Bayerisch, Spell slowly & clearly, Use single digits (no inverted digit pairs).
  • Contact: First please state approx. amount of days/ months you want to purchase professional consultancy; Else please note I am Not a free help desk, post your questions to a newsgroup or mail list or forum, for those with more time, knowledge, & inclination.
  • Updated: 2008-04-04

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