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Julian H. Stacey - Standard Replies

Please Do Not Mail Me ! - Do Not Wait For A Reply !
Save us both time - My Standard Replies Here

Standard Replies

  • Automatically sorted in header "Subject:" order.
  • In Simple Ascii Email Format.
  1. Alert: A virus on your computer harvested my address.
  2. Alert: Fix your spam filter that bounces to faked addresses !
  3. Alert: Phishing, Attempted Bank Net Fraud. Please report them to police.
  4. Alert: Registrar, Terminate domain ___ please.
  5. Alert: Your spam filter faulty, bouncing subscription, unsubscribed.
  6. Alert: Your web dead. Offer of web hosting fallback.
  7. Info: CDROM Media Error Report.
  8. Info: Editor, Which One On Unix ?
  9. Info: How Not To Compete For Work In Germany. CV/Resume Order etc.
  10. Info: How to display Headers of your mail
  11. Info: How to pay a British company from Germany
  12. Info: Introduce yourself as an event organiser.
  13. Info: Linux certificates usually red herrings.
  14. Info: Metric Prefixes.
  15. Info: Named / Bind / Name Resolver config FAQ.
  16. Info: Nuisance phone calls - Null messages on an Answerphone ?
  17. Info: Ski Form Acknowledgement.
  18. Info: Subscribe to Berklix.Org lists. eg Saturday Beer Gardeners etc.
  19. Info: UPS Batteries Internal Resistance
  20. Info: Web Site Wanted
  21. ISP, Black Hole Listed, Refusal to trace & block a spammer customer.
  22. ISP, Include English In Your Standard Reply
  23. ISP, Please Report Your Customer To Police
  24. ISP, harbours more spammers
  25. ISP, Spam With Full Headers appended.
  26. ISP, Your Spammer customer criminally endangers your business.
  27. No Automatic Replies Allowed To Mail List or List Owner.
  28. No Charsets, ie no national alphabets eg German with Umlauts
  29. No Chinese Charset="gb2312", Rejected.
  30. No Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
  31. No Flash - It Cripples Your Web Site.
  32. No Flash To Me
  33. No Forums @ Google Used Here
  34. No Forwarding by me. Subscribe your sender address.
  35. No Free BSD Support, Buy Support for BSD, Unix, Linux, Internet etc.
  36. No Free Linux Help, Buy Support for BSD, Unix, Linux, Internet etc.
  37. No Free Time To Help, Esp. For Subscription Changes. DIY
  38. No German ! I am an English customer ! Delete German postal address.
  39. No German From Me - Or Not Enough ? - Why Don't I Speak More ?
  40. No German From You Unless It's Your Native Language, I'm English.
  41. No German language at our beer garden events.
  42. No German Subscription, I did Not subscribe In German.
  43. No Glitz On Web Site
  44. No Greetings Cards From Web Sites Seen Here
  45. No I did NOT spam you
  46. No Mail Formats
  47. No Mail In HTML, It Dumps You With Spam.
  48. No Mail In Microsoft Formats, Mail Rejected Unread.
  49. No Mail Via HTTP Web Pages, Mail Rejected.
  50. No Microsoft Used Or Wanted.
  51. No Moaners To Organisers
  52. No RBL Server
  53. No Subscription Requests To Me/Us, Use The Free Robot !
  54. No Tickets In Advance Distribution For Wine Fests !
  55. No USA local times. Use Global Time GMT=UTC
  56. No Verbose Footer, Terms Rejected.
  57. No Virus Warnings To Me.
  58. Re: For Google+ users: BSD community

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