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Batteries - Button Cells & 12V & Lion etc

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Button Cells - Equivalents List

The small & fat Button Cells are nominally 1.5V Alkaline
Usually bought as an assortment on a common cardboard blister back.
Silver oxide and alkaline cells
AG[0-9]+ LR[0-9]+ [0-9]+ Capacity Width mm Height mm Usage
AG1 LR621 364 13 mAh 6.75 2.13
AG3 LR41 & LR736 392 7.82 3.47
AG4 LR626 377 6.71 2.52 Ladies watches
AG5 LR754 393 ? ?
AG10 LR54 & LR1131 389 11.40 3.20
AG12 LR43 386 ? ?
AG13 LR44 357 ? ?
?? ?? 395 ? ? Unusual man's watch
LR44 is a fatter 5.37 mm version of an LR43 x.xx mm My measuring callipers use LR44 The slimmer larger diameter cells, eg CR1620 for mens watches & PC main boards are Lithium, 3.0 Volts.
Probably chemically more dangerous to humans, & cost a lot more,
more usually bought individually, but late 2020 Conrad.DE had assortment packs.
Battery Numbering CR 3V Lithium
CR[0-9]+ Width Height Usage
CR1225 12 mm 2.5 mm R's Tyre Guage
CR14500 14 mm 50 mm
CR1620 16 mm 2.0 mm Watch Men's RFC44
CR1654 16 mm 5.4 mm
CR18650 18 mm 65 mm
CR2025 20 mm 2.5 mm
CR2032 20 mm 3.2 mm

12 Volt Batteries

  • My FAQ: UPS Batteries Internal Resistance
  • Wikipedia reckons one should not exceed 14.4 V else it will gas, so I measured my (standard commercially bought car domestic use) chargers:
    • Charger: Bosch Battmax (black plastic case)
      220V 160W. 2 Switches: 6/12V & High/Low
      Switched to Low: 14.7 V, Switched to High: 16.1 V.
    • Charger: Belmar Startrite (Orange painted steel).
      Only 1 Switch 6/12V.
      16.5 V
    • Charger: Old UK (ras@) not yet measured.
    • Comparative voltages of both chargers above, alternately charging same battery (nominal 12V 17Ah, but probably I've now put a nasty cheap under rated Chinese battery in there now) of my black car jump start kit, in same fairly well charged state (after allowing 10/20 secs for battery voltage to climb & settle).
  • Caution liquid acid batteries are cheaper than Gel batteries. Liquid give higher starting current when helping jump start a car battery, but I prefer gel in a portable jump start kit.
  • Some Vendors

  • Washed out & resuscitated a car battery (with goggles!)
  • 12v_car_lead_acid/

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