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Batteries - Button Cells & 12V etc

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Button Cells - Equivalents List

The small & fat Button Cells are nominally 1.5V Alkaline
Usually bought as an assortment on a common cardboard blister back.
364 LR621 AG1 13mAh
392 LR41 AG3 ?
377 LR626 AG4 ?
393 LR754 AG5 ?
389 LR54 AG10 ?
386 LR43 AG12 ?
357 LR44 AG13 ?
LR44 is a fatter 5.37 mm version of an LR43 x.xx mm My measuring callipers use LR44 The slimmer larger diameter cells, eg CR1620 for mens watches & PC main boards are Lithium, 3.0 Volts.
Probably chemically more dangerous to humans, & cost a lot more,
usually bought individually.
Tip on battery numbering eg :
  • CR1225 : 3V Lithium, 12 is 12 mm diameter, & the 25 is 2.5 mm height.
  • 1654 is 16mm diameter and 5.4mm thick.
  • 14500 is 14mm diameter and 50mm long.
  • 18650 is 18mm diameter and 65mm long.

12 Volt Batteries

  • My FAQ: UPS Batteries Internal Resistance
  • Wikipedia reckons one should not exceed 14.4 V else it will gas, so I measured my (standard commercially bought car domestic use) chargers:
    • Charger: Bosch Battmax (black plastic case)
      220V 160W. 2 Switches: 6/12V & High/Low
      Switched to Low: 14.7 V, Switched to High: 16.1 V.
    • Charger: Belmar Startrite (Orange painted steel).
      Only 1 Switch 6/12V.
      16.5 V
    • Charger: Old UK (ras@) not yet measured.
    • Comparative voltages of both chargers above, alternately charging same battery (nominal 12V 17Ah, but probably I've now put a nasty cheap under rated Chinese battery in there now) of my black car jump start kit, in same fairly well charged state (after allowing 10/20 secs for battery voltage to climb & settle).
  • Caution liquid acid batteries are cheaper than Gel batteries. Liquid give higher starting current when helping jump start a car battery, but I prefer gel in a portable jump start kit.
  • Some Vendors

  • Washed out & resuscitated a car battery (with goggles!)
  • 12v_car_lead_acid/

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