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eBooks for eReaders :
.epub for Tolino etc &
.azw3 for Kindle &
? for InkPad 3

This is

by Julian Stacey

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  • Epub is a container, just a renamed zip, containing multiple HTML files and optional graphical files. So to force Tolino to show in an index a different name for eg an epub2 or 3

Conversion Tools

  • runs on Freebsd
  • does a fairly good job, but it produces lots of .png files which contain the text - which will kill scalable text & line folding. & HTML browser on tolino is awful.

Problems viewing similar .epub simultaneously to compare formats:

  • Calibre can display epub (GJ & LK have, JHS failed)
  • The Tolino viewer is too `clever' : it extracts book & author name, but doesn't show path name to select by, so at first, only way was to delete all but one, & reboot Tolino, until I learnt how to edit an EPUB
  • Not tried an epub plug-in on firefox on BSD, nervous of plug-ins there.

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