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Kindle - an eReader

by Julian Stacey

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Model Name & Number etc
  • Received: 2014-12-09
    Model Name From Box: Kindle Paperwhite
    Model Number From Device Back: At base, in extremely faint grey minute script: The Model No, even my big desk bolted illuminated magnifying glass, with a 2nd mag glass & lots of extra light, failed to read. So I took a pic with Android & zoomed in,
    The Model No is DP75SDI
    Earlier it seemed it could have been any of
    • DP75SDI : 77 results on & lots of search hits eg The model should be: DP75SDI
    • DP75SD1 : No result on
    • DP755D1 : No result on
    • DP755DI : No result on
    • DP756D1 : No result on
    • DP756DI : No result on
    Final digit is more of a vertical bar | not really an I or a 1.
    5.25V Max 0.5A
    The setting menu does not show any model number. Kindle : Device Support /
    Kindle : Identify Your Kindle E-Reader
    Has Amazon written on back, so it seems to be:
    Kindle Paperwhite 2 (2013) as confirmed by Serial prefix 9017
    • Kindle Paperwhite
    • Released in 2013
    • 6th Kindle eReader
    • Amazon logo on the back
    • Built-in adjustable light
    • Touch screen
    • No physical button on front of device
    • Black case
    Presumably Not:
    • Kindle Paperwhite (Previous Generation)
    • Released in 2012
    • 5th Kindle eReader Generation
    • Kindle logo on back
    • Built-in adjustable light
    • Touch screen
    • No physical button on front of device
    • Black case
Refs: Settings:
  • Wi-Fi MAC Address: noted off line
  • Serial Number: noted off line
  • Net Capability: Wi-Fi (only saw 2.5Ghz WLAN, not 5Ghz WLAN)
  • Firmware: Kindle: It auto updated when given WLAN password
    • Date Examined: & Version Number [& When released]
    • 2014-12-09 : (2440520001) [ - ] The one in the box will have been on a sales shelf a while
    • 2014-12-09 : 5.6.1 Web Offered
    • 2020-08-23 : 5.12.2 (3569620025) [ Oct 2019 ]
  • 211 grams
  • Adjustable brightness, on a software setting.
  • Browser: It does have one, I see no button to call it, but click to go to Kindle bookstore, then in the small box push back space & type a different URL.
  • No extra memory slot, unlike tolino

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