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Sometime Julian H. Stacey is planning to export these in .epub format, initial experiment toward that started in 2020, see berklix . com / ~jhs / tolino / #epub. The science paper will be done last (or more likely never), because of the complexities of format & layout.

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AAL Paperbacks

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"TIME GUN" by Geoff Harries.

ISBN: 3-933523

"A STRANGE FOOTPRINT" by Geoff Harries.

ISBN 3-933523-30-4

"NO ENEMY" by Geoff Harries.

ISBN 3-933523-30-5

"ALIEN" by Geoff Harries.

ISBN 3-933525-30-6

"SLAK" by Geoff Harries.

Short Stories by Geoff Harries.

Complete short stories, free for download. Is light a wave or stream of particles ?

Controversial new theory (science paper Not a novel).

The Author

Geoff Harries Geoff Harries was an aero-space engineer who after service in the RAF lived many years in Canada, the USA, France and then Germany. Living in Munich he wrote for a devoted circle of fans among the expatriate scientists, engineers and students who could identify with his competent cool hero.
The cover shows a detail from a painting by Fe'lix Philippoteaux.

Shop Purchase

In Munich "Time Gun" could be bought at Pending.:
  • Wordsworth - Schelling str. 21a
  • The Anglia Book shop - Schelling str. 3
  • The City Hilton kiosk - Rosenheimer Platz
  • The Hilton in the Englischer Garten
or by mail order directly from Harries Verlag.

Books after Time Gun were available direct from author, in A4 format. Pending.


  • Time Gun
    10 Euro + 1.5 Euro - post & packing
    (No P&P if you arranged to pick it up at BG - Beer Gardeners events. No longer.
  • A4 Format ( "A Strange Footprint", "No Enemy", "Alien")
    Enquire of Harries Verlag Pending . PS Also ask about "Slack".

Publisher enquiries welcome. Pending.


Book author Geoff Harries died 24/25 Feb 2012.

Geoff was a friend of this web page author Julian H. Stacey who has contact with his daughter.

Maybe 2 years before, Geoff gave a box of his books to a young Asian female, resident in Munich, name & contact unknown, probably in ToyTown circles
, There may still be a cache of his books around somewhere in Munich? If she contacts me I could here publish (free) contact details for book purchase from her.

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