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The page is just for us Beer Gardeners on bg@mailman.berklix & Organisers on bg-org@mailman.berklix
  • To refer to when choosing & announcing a beer garden.
  • For long term group memory, ease of tracking.
  • In standardised format, to compare one BG with another.
  • For mouse pasting Directions into announcements.
  • We don't want marketing gloss.
  • We want negatives too, eg: persistent short measures, unfriendly staff, TV noise or whatever.
  • In our English language, not local German.
  • German indexes to German pages of individual beer gardens don't provide that.
  • Obviously anything that's wrong author & Organisers welcome corrections for.
  • But we organisers have NO time to check if things are still true, better or worse. We need beer gardeners to mail us change reports. We've No time to check, We're not Paid to check, There's no adverts to pay us,
  • I regret the page is locked against public access, years back it didn't start that way, but I don't have time to waste archiving proof of every negative, against the chance some operator of a beer garden might object to some negative being listed, or might claim we should regularly check unpaid whether he's fixed some previous problem. We don't want lawyers wasting our time. Corrections are welcome from members, send them to bg-org@
  • The login & password are automatically included in footer of each bg@mailman.berklix list posting for ref. by current members of closed groups bg@mailman.berklix & bg-org@mailman.berklix. They may be changed at any time without warning. Do not give password to others. Tell them to join Beer Gardeners group if the want the info. Do not put password in body of any list mail where they may show up in archives.



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Yes it's not complete, No time. You type & email me one that's missing.

Names That Are Compound/ Concatenated Here Have Spaces.

If you use search engines you may want to try variants with & without spaces & hyphens.
(Most Germans don't spell place names (or other compound nouns) with spaces. Instead, they unfortunately ram words together, discarding spaces, making things harder to read, especially for foreigners guessing where to split words up, prior to looking up words in a dictionary. (Sometimes Germans put a dash/ hyphen/ "-" in, followed by a space). No need to perpetuate foolish removal of spaces, ( It took the Quebecois to fix French numbers over 80; it takes Non English native speakers to iron out irregularities in English; Don't wait for Germans to realise German could use a simple easy fix. At the last Rechts- Schreib- Reform Germany dithered over triple S etc, changed the rules, then changed back after lots of new dictionaries were sold, but were too daft to just do the simplest obvious fix: Put the spaces back.)

Other Indexes. Maps

Beer garden indexes on line (in no particular order), Mail the organisers which is best index & we can list it first): To find beer garden locations on maps try
  • Web Maps.
  • A paper map
  • Muller bakeries sell new beer garden guides for 5 or 6 DM in 2001.
  • Ludwig publish "Die Schoensten Biergarten in Muenchen und Umgebung" ISBN 3-7787-2131-3, Mine is 2. Auflage 1993


This list does Not pretend to be complete, or to be PR / tourist info. hype. Here warts are mentioned too.

U-Bahn numbers

Since the MVV annoyingly renumbered what was the old U 8 plus another line too, it has not been possible to blindly trust U-Bahn numbers from older maps & books, without checking year of issue, against year when MVV caused avoidable confusion, so always check U numbers yourself.

Bus Line Routes

These of course are even easier to change than U-Bahn numberings, Example: Details in the 2003 MVV book weren't correct for for Hinter- bruehl by 2006. That's why I include Year & Month next to many Bus numbers.

Publishing Dates

: Only clue to publishing date in the MVV 2003 book came on the last para. of the last inside page, talking about a Kombi Karte price.

Walking speeds

Be dubious about walking times as they may have derived from slow walkers eg inc MVV guide, or fast walkers such as Author. Look at a map, decide the distance, & make your own estimate.

  Alter Wirt Ramersdorf

Alte Wirt Ramersdorf
Aribonen Str. 6
Augustiner beer. 600M from U2 Karl-Preis-Platz.
800 Seat. Fallback inside exists. Service area near door exists. Further away may be self service.
Another beer garden: Zar Bar is nearby.

Maps. Page Top


Arnulf- Str 52, 80335 München S-Bahn Hacker- Bruecke is nearer than S & U-Bahn at Haupt- Bahn- Hof.

2019-04-26 Note from Paul: the self service area at the back coming from the main entrance in Arnulf Str is, I was going to say, being renovated but in reality its being completely renewed. The area is a building site which means when I was there 4 weeks back only one small self service area just inside the main entrance and also the seating area is reduced. I can't see it being finished in time for summer so maybe best give it a miss this year or at least check it out before going there!

Shadey big beer garden. Augustiner beer, Hellas & Weissbier & Alk. Frei etc from outside, (& wine of a sort ;-), Dunkles from inside. You can legally bring own food, eg, donner kebab, or pizza from take aways on route or something worryingly healthy from home or shop. Bavarian food sold there inc.: Stuck fish, lots of pig, `gummi- adler';-) & large Brezen.

2009.07.31. Significantly short measured dunkles twice. 1.5 cm or more. Didn't bother to complain as so inflexible not even allowed to buy Dunkles direct from bar, only from waiter who moves it 1 metre from barman to cash till & if you don't pay a tip what chance of ever buying a 2nd beer ? ;-) Told waiter add +.30 tip for the 1 litre, he claimed to misunderstand me offering .30 cent tip (for 1 litre) as wanting to pay 7.20 + 3.8 + 2.0 tip, offering change of 20 - 13 = 7.

No Dunkles sold outside. Watch the inflexible service. Watch the short measures. Watch your change. The short measured beer tasted good !

2012_05_28: Dunkles Mass 7.2 EU. (+10c cos to pass it a metre from barman to waiter at the bar, the waiters expect a tip). Short measured beer, at least 2cm short of a litre. (bought from inside as usual, cos they are too inflexible to sell it outside) New barrel was put for my beer, the man who did that was not busy, but of course the beer came with a big head, & he was too lazy to wait for useless foam to settle (or scoop/ run out) & add beer. I didn't even ask this time, tired of frequent arguments & lies from beer gardens about foam = beer, which is just a lie. Too used to being ripped off in Munich I guess. The previous dunkles mass in a country beer garden on a walk earlier in the day was a full litre, from 2 bottles. Typical.

Directions For Email
Directions to South West corner of BG: Arnulf Str & Zirkus- Krone Str.
Take S or U-Bahn 1,2,4,5 to Haupt- Bahn- Hof, Exit North side (DB
platform 26) to Arnulf Str, Turn left = West into sun, Walk 1
block to Seidl Str, 1 more block to Hopfen Str, (Or if lazy, Tram [16
& 17] Haupt- Bahn- Hof -Nord, 1 stop to Hopfen Str.) Pass Rund-
Funk- Turm & Herbst Str. on the right. Augustiner is next up the
rise. (If very lazy, take tram 2 stops to Hacker- Bruecke & walk back.)

In main gates on Arnulf Str, left = West, head for Sun, past the Schaenke,
through the served area (table cloths), keep parallel to fence & Arnulf Str,
past the kids play area to corner with Zirkus- Krone str, then turn right.

Or in side gate entrance on Zirkus- Krone- Str, right = South along fence
toward Arnulf- Str & we'll be most of the way in that direction, & near to
fence, or at most about 5 rows in from West = Zirkus- Krone- Str fence.

Early or late season:
If shadows from building in the West are long, we may be East a bit
(for those weak on compasses, think lengthening evening shadows ;-) Page Top

  Au- Meister (English Garden, North, Hofbraeu @ 2016-05-27)

Sondermeier- str. 1, (Muenchen-Schwabing), : Tel +49 89 325224
  • Beer at 2015-08: HB_Muenchen= Hofbraü
  • Directions: Choice of U Bahns
    • U-Bahn: U 6 STUDENTEN - STADT: then look at a map: berklix . org / maps /

      Generally walk with sun on your back, follow your shadow going North East. Initially follow signs for busses until you get to Ungerer Str. Cross Ungerer Str heading toward junction with Gras- meier- str, then left = North East along Ungerer Str, (same direction as train was going, heading out of town) for 5 minutes until traffic light; then turn right=East on to Foehringer Ring (dual carriageway), past Max Planck Physics on right, past tennis courts both over on left = North, & in stadium seating on right = South ); When main road (St 2088) bears Left (North East & North), come off the main road, stay straight ahead, slightly South of East, along minor road Aumeister Weg, for 5 minutes, past tennis club building & Iphitos restaurant on right, ignore 2 paths on right = South West, keep on in a straight line East, the path forks, Take the right fork = East (Not the left fork = North East) The right fork immediately takes you across wooden foot bridge over stream Schwabinger Bach, Straight on East (with the stream on the right) till you hit the end of the wide gravel path that is end of Sondermeier str. then left = North East into beer garden (pub is ahead the left, outside beer is ahead right). Sounds a long way but only 1 km.

    • OR U-Bahn: U 6 FREIMANN: An alternate possibly slighter shorter walk might be from Freimann U-Bahn, South (actually SSW), along platform, up on bridge, left = East, right=South down steps, with rail on right & A bahn on left, Under Auto- bahn Left = East across Situli- str, East into Lein- Thaler- Str, Past 5 junctions on left=North; Road runs parallel to rail on right=South; At junction with Sonder- Meier- Str, turn Right = South West, under old brick rail bridge, under concrete road bridge, main beer garden area on left.

    • OR CYCLE: North North East down the Isar, pass under Mittlerer Ring, then short cut across park Or stay by river, cycle under Herzog Heinrich Bruecke (of Foehringer Ring), immediately West North West on Leinthaler- str, South West on Sondermeier- str.
    • OR DRIVE CAR: Easy parking on adjacent roads North or own BG car park as out of town. Then consider drinking non alcoholic.

Large picture of beer garden (& Gaststätte) under 2 foot of snow

Maps. Page Top

  Blutenberg Wein fest

Seld- weg 15, 81247 Munich, Germany 2013: 9. bis 12. Mai
As announced Wednesday: Meet Helga 3PM on Friday, May 10th, 2013

Pre Formatted for email announcement: then type this:
Schloss Blutenburg, Munich, Germany
It's out West on River Wurm. just South East of roundabout of A8 to Augsburg.
S2 OberMenzing (1 stop beyond where tracks split at Laim), 6 blocks West.
Busses 56 & 143 (Stop: Bertha- von- Suttner- Weg). &
Busses 143 & 160 (Stop: Blutenburg).
(Tell me if bus number changed).) Cycling: From city, North West past Rot Kreuz Place & Nymphen- burg , Or
West to Pasing, North on Hermann- hesse- Weg, East a few
metres, North on Schmirmer- Weg in park by river.
Taxi stand: North East of Castle at Schirmer- weg.
There are pavilion tents against rain.
2012 entry was free, guards were there just to deter possible rowdies.

Page Top

  Bombay Garden

Link removed: as just a useless Lieferando.

zum fleißigen Gartler

Indian with a big beer garden It's just off Balan- Str just before the S7 level crossing going out of town. Bus (Tell me if bus number changed).) or S3 Fasan- Garten is easiest public transport to get there.

  Gasthof zum Bruckenfischer, SE of Schaeftlarn (Between Isar canal & river)

Dürnstein 1, 82544 Egling, direkt an der Schäftlarner Brücke
inc. self service beer garden, useful for bike tours. 2015 they brought it & 2016-04 they still have 4 x standard 230V socket for free electro bike top up.
Page Top

  Brueckenwirt (South, on river)

Closed 2022-08-15. Looks like closed for weeks/months not just that day ?
South of Munich on Isar, West bank, on cycle track, (opposite Schloss Gruen-wald on East bank)
An der Gruen-wald Bruecke 1, 82049 Hoell- Riegels- Kreuth Tel +49 89 7930167
Prices at 2014-06-09:
  • 0.5l Hel Urtyp 3.7
  • 0.5l Alkohol Frei 3.7
  • 0.5l Leichte Weisse 3.9
  • 1/4 Ente 10.95
  • Butter 0.65
  • Brot 0.75
  • Kaese spaetzle 8.95
  • Haferl Kaffee 3.4
  • Kuchen 3.25
A load of cycle repair tools wired to a fence to repair bikes, & the 1st & only bike inner tube dispensing machine I've ever seen, I think tubes were 7.5 Euro from machine, & 5 in a shop, but if one is on the track with a flat, what a boon !
Beware on a hot summers day, loads of rafts tie up there, the place gets swamped. 2015 we hot thirsty thirsty hungry weary 3 to 5 cyclists abandoned attempt to purchase food & drink, & got up & cycled on elsewhere.

Brunner- garten

  • With outdoor seating and a small restaurant attached. It's in the middle of the garden plots (Schreber- garten), but is a public beer garden! . The area is nice and green, you can cycle through the park or walk from public transportation. Lowenbraue. Not tried yet, but we will.

  Chinese Tower / Chinesische Turm (Hofbraeu)


  • Brewer: Bayerische Hofbräu since 2002 (before that it was Löwenbräu for 120 years).
  • Watch out for the black Dunkles beer, they often only have Stark here instead, though they usually warn you. Stick to yellow Helles if you don't understand the difference ! (Stark has names ending in Tor eg TriumphaTor, Stark is 50% stronger than Dunkles, Dunkles is stronger than Helles, German beer is stronger than British beer, & British beer stronger than American beer, so if you are a visiting American, be careful ;-)
  • Don't lose or forget your Deposit token (Pfand Mark), take it & your glass back it at the end to get your money back.
Pre formatted for email:
Our usual area within the beer garden:
North East end. From beer & food vending stands, walk North (sun behind
left shoulder) towards kids play area (tends to be more space, less smoke).
Directions: Several ways there, Look at a map:
In the park: "Englischer Garten", one can walk from many starting points.
By bike is ideal; Or
Bus: 54 or 154 (Tell me if bus number changed).), Stop: Chinesischer Turm. Or
Tram: 17, Stop Tivoli- Str; Or
U-Bahn: U3 & U6, Stop Gisela- Str.
Take the stairs at the front of the train coming from the city centre.
Next level turn right and then stairs to the right. Above ground the bus
stop is behind you in Martius- str. Take the 54 Bus (Tell me if bus number changed).) to Chinesischen Turm.
Or walk down Martius- str. straight on into Thieme- str. then again
straight on into the Englischer Garten. Follow the road (South East)
till the bus stop then turn right. About 1km. Or
Car: Entrance over Tivoli- Bruecke, to Parking for Restaurant guests
(presumably not for Beer garden customers ;-) GPS: "Tivoli- Str:
There's even a horse carriage: +49 89 180608
  • You could take a frisbee before, or a volley ball, (We have occasionally. Traditional place for that is South West of beer garden & West of the Monopteros (the stone statue on a hill, the West front of slope [used to be] called the Drogen- wiese by sarcastic Muenchners, but perhaps that name is now obsolete, as in 2010 Munich TV reported the number one drug exchange was Sendlinger Tor, (Where they make deals on the pavement, then walk North across Lind- wurm- Str to exchange drugs & money
  • This beer garden is Big. It's a bit rougher & livelier than See Haus. Like any place with thousands of people, it can on occasion have a spot of bother.
    • Years back the beer garden hired the Schwarze Sherrifs as security guards, perhaps the lesser of 2 evils, after Munich council in 1988 terminated the Sherrifs security guard contract for the MVV ([underground] public transport, after some Sherrifs back then got convicted of beating people up.
    • Now they may have other security guards.
    • While the beer garden is busy, there's often a police car available North East of the beer garden, then East of the bus stop. Cyclists advised to cycle properly there :-)
  • The next beer garden North is See Haus

  Zur Geyerwally Ex: Concordia Park

Landshuter Allee 165, 80637 München

@ 2013 taken over Again, This year's name Zur Geyerwally - Hofbraue beer

@ 2011 taken over Again, still has the beer garden & inside, now

Klaus Wachter - BBQ Grill-akademie München Telefon : 089 / 15 52 41, Handy: 0178 / 715 41 91, E-mail:

live band & Karibik-sound am Do 2. Juni 2011

@2009 : Taken over, became a Greek Taverna. They still had self service & served areas at 2009.05.19 Picture of sign on web shows Lowenbraue & Franziskaner.

Spacious, shaded, & un-crowded: No rubbing backs ! Beer a bit cheaper than Taxis- Garten nearby. Self service so you can also bring your own food. Small, so you can't miss us;
To be checked if still true: Not busy, some less frequently ordered foods get cooked to order. Large room in Gaststätte under same management adjacent if it suddenly rains, (no problem about running in wet with drinks, & ordering more from waitress later). Big kids play area under trees, optically near enough for parents, but acousticly offset for non parents ;-) Ideal for midsummer, plenty of shade.

Directions to Beer Garden, Landshuter Allee 165

  • U.Bahn line U1, Station: Gern, Then 1 of 2 routes:
    • Quickest Easiest Way:
      take stairs at front of train coming from city centre on next level stairs to the right. Above ground turn right alone Klug Str. After 500M there is a Tengelmann on the other side of the road then turn right into Esebeck Str. It is a dead end road but at the end is a back entrance into the beer garden.
    • Alternate route
      Go to the South (city centre, back of train if coming from city) end of platform; up stairs & left (East) along Simeoni Str, right (South) into Taxis Str, left (East) into Hane- Berg- Str, Left (North) into Landshuter, a few metres; Left (West) down foot path ending in Concordia Park.
  • Tram 20/21 from Stachus (via Haupt- Bahn Hof, Leonrod- Platz) to stop Olympia- Park West. Walk round the back of the Tram and cross the south-east bound (into the city) lane of Dachauer Str. and then alone Landshuter Allee.
    The main entrance to Geyerwally/ Concordia is 220M on the right.
  • Bike: From city centre North West along Dachauer Str, under the Mittlerer Ring, Left= South on Landshuter Allee a few metres. , Right = West on narrow lane/ foot path.
Geyerwally Tel No: 155241.
Don't confuse Geyerwally with larger Taxis Garten nearer Gern U-Bahn.

Maps. Page Top

Dicker Mann

  Dicke Sophie

Direct by S8 Johannis- Kirchen, Out in the sticks.

Maps. Page Top

  • Greek Restaurant,
  • Egnatia, Maybe its closed ?
  • Schmeller- str 17, Schwanthalerhöhe, 80337 München
  • Or is it: BLVD Boulevard All Day Cafe Bar & Terrasse
  • can sit outside. not a real BG,

  Emmerams- mühle

Web just text at 2009.08, maybe built by brain damaged microsoft addicts ?. Smaller part of total 1200 seats outside is self service. Poser venue (Schicki) reputedly. Up North, Near River, West Of River, Outside Mittlerer ring South of Foehringer Ring, Off the end of Cosima Str. Public Transport, Nothing near, but: Bus 50 (Tell me if bus number changed).), Stop: St. Emmeram
U-Bahn U 4 Stop: Arabella-park, U 6 Stop: Studentenstadt, then walk across river.

Maps. Page Top


Zum Flaucher" redirects to:

Warning: top panel of web Flash encumbered At 11.07.2011

(Loewenbraue @ 2016-05-27)

2022-08-17 Dunkles 1 litre =@ 9.5 Euro, Large Brezen 5.10 Euro

2022-08-17 Caution: Bill says "Haberl Michaeligarten Gasstattenbetriebs GmbH Zum Flaucher" If 1 company runs 2 or more BG, that's less competition.

@ 2015-08:Lowenbraue => Franziskaner

Isarauen 1, 81379 Munich. Tel 7232677

2022-08-17 Flaucher beer a rip off: Loewenbraue Dunkles 5.2, Versus Bavaria Park Augustiner 4.3

2011-07-08 Friday EXPENSIVE

  • 0.5 litre of Dunkles & Alkoholfrei 3.6 & 3.7 Eur & 3.7 & 3.6 for Weissbier then Helles
  • Expensive, presumably to quickly repay for renevations for the Gaststaette, (which was due to re-open next day apparently), & for rental of mobile beer serving stand on wheels & temporary extra food shed.

    The normal outside Schanke (vending area) was closed. There was no seating laid out at the back of the main building (cinema/TV area sometimes). No seating in the park (Used to usually be some the other side of gravel cycle track/path/road). So extra costs distributed over less seats.

  • Big rectangular slot hole in roof of beer garden umbrella (big square one covered Eastern of the 2 mobile cash tills + brezen sales area + our table, The hole a nuisance during thunderstorms. Another umbrella seemed similarly afflicted, too far to be clear. Several looked old. Should have been more & in better condition for beer at that price.
Not perhaps the easiest of places to find, so here's copious information:


  • Near the left (West) bank of the river Isar (Left bank is conventionally looking down river. River flows to North East).
  • South (up stream) of where the Mittlerer ring (south side of city) crosses the river. At that point the Mittlerer ring is called Candid- Str
  • West of the North end of Flaucher- Steg.
  • East of Schinder Bruecke.
  • South end of "Isarauen" (My map from RV GmbH 1985 merely shows the street in the park called Isarauen, but does not name or index it).

Getting There

  • Bike: Through Isarauen toward Thal- Kirchen. See Below
  • U-Bahn: U3 Bruder- muehl- str or Thal- Kirchen.
  • Bus: 54 (Tell me if bus number changed).) along Candid str, Alight at Schaeftlarn- Str. May also be one at Bruder- muehl- str
  • Car: Schaeftlarn- str, Hans Preissinger Str, Schinder Bruecke.

Getting Back

When It's dark, you may want a torch, to go blundering about in the bushes trying to find Schinder Bruecke. (not sure the path is lit or not) Or with no torch walk along the lit wide path, either down stream to Candid str (= Mittlerer Ring), then left at the ring to Bruder- muehl- str; or up stream, over canal, & up the canal to Thal- Kirchen U-Bahn.


Cyclists who remember annual trips South, up (as in up-stream along) the West bank of the Isar to Grosshesseloehe, may remember a beer garden half way there, that sprawls across the cycle track, & into the park, ... that's Flaucher ! Shortly before you've been cycling through trees, curving right with the park on your right. If you overshoot, you arrive at the junction of the long Flaucher pedestrian wooden bridge across the river.


They do films outside occasionally, round the back.
Good kids play area.

Maps. Page Top

  (Zum) Grünen Baum

Verdi Str. 47, 81247 München
2012 The BG is still there.
We avoid this place. The word is (@ 2010) that they will build houses in the beer garden. A sad loss of a beer garden, but good riddance to the repugnant landlady & landlord, a pity they didn't sell out to a less hostile landlord.


  • On South West corner with Frauen- Dorfer- Str.
  • S-Bahn: Obermenzing station on S2 line, (10 mins. from Haupt- Bahn- Hof). 100 metres South West from station, walk back (opposite direction to train arriving from city), slightly down hill, across Verdi Str, heading into the sun.
  • Busses: 143 and 162. (At August 2009) (Tell me if bus number changed).).
  • Bike: Head towards Autobahn A8 : From Haupt Bahn Hof, West North West along Arnulf Str, under Mittlerer ring, to Rot- Kreuz- Platz at Nymphenburg, then North along Menzinger Str, curving West around park on left, past end of park, under S-Bahn up, then left across road junction.

Maps. Page Top

  Hacker- Pschorr Bräuhaus - braeuhaus- an- der-
(Ex Bavaria Braue Ex Hacker Pschorr Keller)

Big place inside, Bavarian Italian & Asian sections. Beer garden outside not self service. Hacker-Pschorr Bräuhaus, Theresien-Hoehe 7 - 80339 München, Telefon: (089) 500 59 38 - 00

Nearest U-Bahn Theresien- Wiese U4/5. Take the exit at the front of the train coming from the city centre. Above ground turn right then right again. When you reach the road (Bavariaring) turn left and follow the road as it curves to the left. The Braühaus on the opposite side of the road, between XXL-Lutz and Gollier- Str.

Harteck Gaststaette

harteck . de .. vereinsheim . htm Pächter gesucht @ 2020-08
openstreetmap</> shows a Paulaner garten ?
Trenkle-weg 5, 80937 München and is 5 mins walk from Hart-hof U2 U-Bahn which is 13 mins to Haupt- Bahn- Hof. Take the Weyprecht- str. Exit and turn left at the church and walk straight on, it becomes Trenkle-weg I believe. Their mobile: 0160 / 968 899 92 or Fax: 089 / 370 674 01.

the flyer says: Für 300 people, large lawns, Kinder- spiel- platz, Tropical Bar im Freien, Grill bei schönem Wetter, gemütlichen Pavillions, Wasserpfeife, and WLAN and that's all in the Biergarten. in the Gaststäte they have Fußball Live (Premiere), space for 180 people, a large Saal mit trenn-baren Neben-räumen, international Küche, Internet,

And if one doesn't like it, in the same street is a typical German Biergarten with a Kinder- spiel- platz on the right opposite the church when you are walking down Weyprecht- str.

  Harlachinger Einkehr

Karolingerallee 34 81545 München
Nearby downhill North East is: Gasthaus Siebenbrunn

  Hinter-brühl am See & (Hacker - Pschorr & Paulaner Weissbier @ 2016-05-27)


Hinterbrühl 2 81479 München Hinter- brühl [er Weg ] 2,
Tel +49 89 794494 Fax +49 89 798724; Open daily from 10:00-24:00, no day off


  • South (upstream) of Munich. On Isar canal, West bank, with terraces overlooking the canal & river Isar out of sight further East beyond the canal.
  • Self service (South) half of the terrace becomes car park for visitors to restaurant out of season (ie was so on a cold 2010.10.13).
  • Beer: Hacker Pschorr (Prices: cheaper than in town. @ 2003.07 : Litre Helles 6,10; @ 2006.08.19 : Alkohol- Frei half litre 2.85, Spare Ribs 6.75; @ 2009.05.25 ribs 6.95, Chips 2.9. More expensive than in town @ 2013.01: Alk Frei 0.5litre 4.1 EU I recall !
  • Self Service & Served areas about equal size. Can bring own food to self service area . All benches even in self service area have back rests. More importantly they're well spaced, so no back rubbing unlike many central venues eg Augustiner & See- Haus etc.
  • Hot chips done to order (when it was a non hot quiet Sat August afternoon)
  • Children's playground opposite self service area
  • Old owner was president of Munich football club TSV 1860 München (Löwen)


  • S7,20,27 Siemens- Werke. (considerably nearer than either U-Bahn. South (out of town) to Siemens- Allee, Left = East to Wolfratshausen- Str, Left=North 100 metres, U turn South along Ludwigs- Hoeher- Str, Left=East (no road for cars), cross Heilmann- Str, East down Gerbi- Str
  • U3 Ober- Sendling. (perhaps a little shorter than U Bahn Thal- Kirchen, but more complex) East along Irschen- Hauser Str, turn right=South into Plingangen Str, keep on left=East. Before Kreppel- Burg, take path down across to Benedikt- Beuren- Str which goes East down toward river. Turn right=South along Zentral- Laend- Str, past camp site on left, same distance again along Zentral- Laend- Str till you get to Junction with Gerbi- Str
  • U3 Thal- Kirchen, then South up river approx. 1 or 2 km
  • Bus: U3 Thal- Kirchen, then Bus 135 (@May 2009) (Tell me if bus number changed).) direct to Hinter- Bruehl, or Bus 134 (@May 2009) (Tell me if bus number changed).) to Kranken- Haus Martha Maria then a few mins on foot
    Bus 134 (Tell me if bus number changed).) As is it a Stadt Bus, it only goes every 20 minutes. Maybe a convenient U-Bahn or S-Bahn station to hop on Bus No. 134 (Tell me if bus number changed).) is Harras.
  • Bike: south up river, on the West Bank. If you pass an island with more drinking space on it, on you left (East), (run by other management).
    between canal & river, then you'r about the correct place but look West up hill to the terrace.
  • Car: Half way along Hinter- Bruehler- See (small lake), there's a junction. It's on South corner of the junction With a navigation system type in Zentral- Länd- str./ corner Conwentz- Str. Parking: Keep driving down road & eventually you'll find a space maybe.

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  Hirsch- Au (Augustiner, Hofbraue & Koenig Ludwig & 2016-05-25)

Tel.: 089 - 322 10 80 Fax: 089 - 322 10 819 Spaten & Franziskaner beer @ 2012, (Jim reckoned their bottled better than draught).


2022-06-04: Dunkles price a rip off 9.70 Euro / litre. When I didn't pick up the Mass, & they sked why, I said I was leaving it there so it could settle ... (unstated: to show they were serving short measures & see it topped up). The frequent normal Munich hostility at being caught serving short measures ensued: Snide instruction to me if I wanted more beer I should just say so. As if I the customer was wrong, greedy, & troublesome expecting a litre.
Pre 2022-06-04: Self Service. Own food allowed. Cooked food there. Also sells Dunkles & Weiss bier etc, not just Helles. Sells halves as well as Litres. Long narrow-ish beer garden, North-South. High trees to West. Jazz band stand, middle of West side. Kids play area, big well equipped fully fenced, at North end. Tennis Courts & car park East beyond servery. Coffee Mug deposit 3 Euro (for boring plain white mug!), don't forget to return mug!

Directions - Formatted Ready For Email

Location: Gyssling-str. 15, 80805 Muenchen / way / 72272787 # map = 19 / 48. 16220 / 11.60268
Directions, Alternative Routes:
- U6 DIET- LINDEN- STR: On a train from centre, exit at back of the train
(South West), up steps, turn left on to Diet- Linden- Str. walk
(or Bus 59 (*) (Tell me if bus number changed).)) South East with evening Sun behind right shoulder.
3 blocks & you are in the park. 2 blocks more along the Mittlerer
ring & you are under a foot bridge. Do not cross the bridge.
Walk North East in direction of foot bridge down ramp (sun on
your back); vear right (South East), listen for jazz music, 30
metres on, turn left (North East) into beer garden, we're often
up the far end near the kids area.
(*) Bus 59 (Tell me if bus number changed).), start on the same side of Diet- Linden- Str that
has Esso petrol station. Bus goes towards Effner Platz, get
off before, after maybe 1 stop at Osterwaldstr, or maybe a 2nd
stop near bridge (ask) use the foot bridge to go North East into park.
- OR U3 & U6: MUENCHNER FREIHEIT: East into park, North East past lake
& over the footbridge. No bus. More interesting back streets, less cars.
- OR U4: RICHARD STRAUSS STR: Longer walk or Bus 59 (Tell me if bus number changed).) North West, by & above
Mittlerer ring, past Effner Platz. & over John F Kennedy bridge into park.
- OR CAR: North of Mittlerer ring ( = Isar ring). West (Tennis court)
side, of South end of Gyssling Str. Park for See Haus, & Gyssling-
str both often full, but try, failing that, around Oster- Wald- Str.
- OR Bike, If using Isar cycle track, at the North West (down stream,
left bank) side of the John F Kennedy bridge, head North West into
the park & listen for tennis balls.
- OR IF YOU KNOW SEE- HAUS & don't know Hirschau: Either:
1 minute's walk North (toward Schwabing), then Right = North East
over foot bridge above Mittlerer ring road;
OR find quiet road Klein- Hesselohe under the Mittlerer ring,
Half a minute's walk East (toward River Isar) then curving Left
= North East under busy Mittlerer ring. Just after going under
bridge, turn Right (North East) into Gyssling Str. After 2
minutes turn Left between car park & tennis courts (listen for
tennis balls), walk East beyond the buildings
- WARNING Not Hirsch- garten ! Similar sounding but many miles away !
Bus numbers for the above are welcome. Tell Julian

Old Owner Gone - Good !

Owner was daft enough to send all 8 external beer garden staff home Fri 2003.06.06, after a spot of rain, leaving about 3/4 internal restaurant staff to struggle: Time consuming queue to buy beer resulted. One responsible deputy manager did his best to handle the flood of trade & problems his landlord had dumped on him. Later visit 2003.07.25 they were serving as normal. Friday 13th August 2004 Again they were closed outside, & we were fetching beer & food from inside, - it had been somewhat windy & cooler earlier. That seemed a frequent pattern, fortunately, 2006.06 I'm told there's a new owner. That's good news ! Another beer garden guide completely dropped entry for this place then restored it with new owner. Tel (089) 3120550 (from web other index) or 3221080 (my 2003 book).

Bad Weather Fallback

For temporary shelter, the adjacent Hirsch- Au Gaststätte/ cafe exists, but if it's obvious in advance there's also: Oster- Wald- Garten, Kefer- Str. 12.

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  Hirsch- Garten

  • English
  • German
  • Hirschgarten 1, 80639 München, +49 89 17999119
  • Beers & Breweries @ 2011: Picture of their May pole on their web shows: JW (Augustiner) HB_Muenchen= Hofbraü & König Ludwig.
  • Directions (pre formatted for inclusion in email)
    Maps: 51184
    Normally we start looking for a table on the South East corner,
    near the park, kid's carousel end, remember there's a 2nd area round
    the back, North West toward the deer.
    Tram 16 & 17 from Sendlinger Tor, NW on Arnulf:
    Alight at stop Kriem- hilden- str,
    turn left= South West on to footpath (Esso is now on your right),
    First left = South into Herder- Str, past Koenig- Bauer- Str into
    park; veer Right = West South West, bearing 230+ ;-) diagonally
    across park to B.G..
    Or alight earlier at Steuben Platz immediately after passing
    Mittlerer Ring, & veer left a bit = West into the park. Walk
    West (with the sun a bit more in left eye than right).
    For trams, when leaving you don't have to walk through the park
    in the dark (and less distance than to S Bahn). The trams are very
    frequent up till 22:00 & then still every 10 minutes. 16 mins to S. Tor).
    OR S Bahn Laim, On "Stamm- Strecke" (central section), so nearly all lines.
    Station: Laim Not Hirsch- garten ! Laim is nearer. Hirsch- garten
    is new, opened in 2010 or so. (We reckon it was given that name
    to help sell new blocks of flats).
    From S Bahn Laim: Walk North through tunnel under railway, along Wotan
    Str,; Right (East) into Winfried Str; Left (North) into De La Paz
    Str, Right (East) into the park, then veer Left (North East)
    through park; curving a bit left, (to North); Past largely Turkish
    etc family groups barbecuing & playing with footballs & kids
    etc,; Carry on toward beer garden. The Deer park is now on your
    left. At the Steckerl Fisch stand (Fish on sticks over a grill),
    turn 90 degrees Right (East) & walk toward the open grass.
    (If you'r worried you'll not find it through the park, you could
    always continue along De La Paz Str, Turn Right (East) into
    Koenig-bauer str. then Right (South) into beer garden, then down
    the far (South) end, on the Left (East)).
  • Cyclists tip:
    If you'r running late, & cycling fast from the city heading West on the cycle track, be careful on the track on the North pavement on Lands-berger Str, West of the Mittlerer ring. There's sometimes quite a number of camper vans & cars etc with prostitutes there. (I've heard regulation is less strict outside the Mittlerer Ring, so one tends to see higher density just outside. I've nothing against them, except I do Not want the knuckles of my hands on the handlebars to be smashed, when they suddenly fling open their door to discuss business with a potential customer on the pavement. (It's nearly happened to me, & elsewhere on a Munich cycle path (in less salacious circumstance) a friend got hand impacted by a car door). They have little comprehension there might be a Bike at speed, & they should look first, before only slowly opening their steel door outward to obstructing the long straight, thus fast, cycle path. Male customers on the pavement walking toward female in car, are an additional but somewhat lesser hazard: sometimes with more peripheral vision as standing free on pavement, not sat in a vehicle facing forward, when Bike is coming from behind, & & walking man is potentially softer than a steel door to crash into, though I don't fancy trying ;-) If you'r a fast cyclist, its safer to cycle on the road IMO, (it's a quiet trade road parallel & adjacent to the real 2 x 3 lane high speed road adjacent. But on road 'll probably be forbidden under German law as a cycle track there. (The cycle track is also on small paving stones. The road is mostly smooth tarmac over periodic cobble stones. After the prostitutes end of the street is passed, the next set of people drifting around on the cycle track painted on the paved stones, are private 2nd hand car trade, they at don't tend to present quite such sudden hazards, & may be a bit more spatially aware. The laws of kinetic energy are Never subservient to human law, despite many locals behave as if they were ;-)
    Another safer option can be to cycle North on Frieden- heimer- bruecke, then West into park at Seidl-hof- str or Arnulf- str.
  • There's a lot of football screens at this Beer garden, & no area is free of the cursed things.
  • If it thunderstorms, you'r doomed to get wet.. 1 little gast- statte has no chance to take all those people on a warm night.
  • Re. Racks of glasses: They do wash them. Its just traditional some customers rinse them too. It harks back to the days when customers paid a direct price for the beer, and the rest, the food and plates were your own problem.
  • Beer Measures: At least 3 of us have had heated arguments with the Schanke over short measures. Was OK last time (2008?). In 2009 Report of some personnel taking delight in issuing short measures at one Schanke.
  • View into park on East side. Evening sun over deer park on West side. Maybe biggest beer garden in Munich.

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  Hopfen- Garten (Loewenbraue @ 2016-05-27e)

In West Park. East Segment, North side.
Siegenburger Str. 43 81373 München
Not easy to get to with public transport.
Franziskaner beer.

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Isar Alm
Nithartstr. 8, 81541 Muenchen
Tiny place in allotments near Schoen Str, North of zoo.

Jagd- Schlössl
Nymphenburger Strasse 162 (Augustiner @ 2016-05-27)
Direct by Rot Kreuz Platz U-Bahn. Beer garden is not self service (so don't bring your own food). Nymphen-burger Str. 162.
U-Bahn U1, Rot- kreuz- platz, take the stairs at the rear of the train coming from the city centre, then on next level the first exit to the left. Above ground the restaurant is right in front of you.
@ May 2009:
Also going to Rot- kreuz- platz is the 53 Bus and 112 (Tell me if bus number changed).) Bus replacing the 12 Tram.

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Kapuziner, Paulaner Bräu Haus Paulaner Beer

Kapuziner- platz 5, 80337 Munich. Tel 544611.0
2015_05_26: They've degraded their so one can no longer quote a URL to go direct to right page, (one has to go through many unwanted junk pages first), in response I removed my click-able link. It's still a pain in 2020, still doesnt display URL direct to page wanted - Still Not Worth Linking


2015_05_25: Beer Garden closed as cool. Street tables all taken, full. I still don't like this place (any more, used to), was better before `renovation'. Expensive, limited food, & normal stupid Munich trendy menu: (ie smaller fonts, & italics, non useful words, not on white paper but yellow-ish, + poor light, harder than necessary to read, distracting from listening to friends).
Price (self service) 7.0 Eu/litre @ 2009.04.15
At 18:00 14.04.2009, only 2 tables left in Sun, (early season, sun low).
Lots of shade. Damn expensive ribs (10.5 Euro @ 15.04.2009, just a few years back was good value at 5 DM ! Full range of beer, including Dunkles, Weiss, & an unusual deliberately cloudy house brewed Helles, but other beers too etc. Good fallback indoors if weather turns nasty, though loud inside in winter, & somewhat expensive.) Great place if announcing a future event in unknown weather: They just switch staff between beer garden & outside, depending. Used to be good deal on spare ribs (better value than eg Hinter- bruehl, even though Kapuziner is a central venue ). Some years they convert more beer garden to high priced waiter service (no cheap ribs there., The Koenig Ludwig Biergarten Erlass allowed these places to sell beer on the understanding citizens were allowed to bring their own food. Cant bring your food easily if not enough space to sit & drink, 'cos all the self service is taken ! Most of the self service now extends round the corner toward road, so if you don''t see us walk round corner. No football world cup screens on Wed. 28th June 2006 :-). If weather is bad, it might be more crowded/ noisey within sight of copper brew vessels, so also check the likely quieter back room near the beer garden.
2013-08-19 after renovations: Front room was as horribly noisey as ever. Coat hangers on North wall have gone. Brighter/ whiter so easier to read menus. Menu cluttered with lots of irrelevant words, & tarted up with pointless heavy felt covers. Beer a horrendous 4 Euros for alkohol frei. All meals over 10, except Kase Spaetzle 7 EU.


Line Map Beer garden is opposite large red brick & concrete Arbeitsamt on Kapuziner Str Indoor address: Paulaner Brau- haus, Kapuziner- platz 5, 80337. U-Bahn 3 & 6, Goethe Platz. 1 block South East on Kapuziner Str, or South on Haberl Str, merging at Kapuziner Platz, Then where Haberl Str. merges with Kapuziner Plz, either:
  • For Beergarden: half a block South East on Kapuziner Str, & left into beer garden. (or from Isar cycle track, 4.5 blocks North West).
  • For the Brau- haus, if cold / wet, it's on Kapuziner Platz behind the mini car park, on left, on right is gate through to Beer garden.

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  Wirts- Haus am Bavaria- Park (Ex Kongress Garten Ex: Alte Messe). (Augustiner @ 2016-05-27)

Theresien- Hoehe 15, 80339 Muenchen. Tel. +49 89 45211673, Fax +49 89 45211674, Email.
Augustiner beer @ 2015
  • 2022-05: Augustiner Weissbier 4.2 Euro, Dunkles 4.3 Euro, Large Brezen 4.5 Euro, Plate of Chips 4.2 Euro 0.9 Euro Cheaper than {Flaucher beer rip off: Dunkles Loewen 5.2}
  • 2015_06_03: 7 Euro Dunkles litre & full & over full measure :-)
  • Giant TV soap opera blaring at you before football, in season ! Ghastly.
  • 2014-05-24: Short measured twice on 2 x 1 & 1 x 0.5 litre dunkles beer. Then they polluted their beer garden with noise from their giant TV, broadcasting the mindless soap "Berg Doktor" 50 mins before some football match we also did Not come to watch.
    Management too foolish to leave TV Off until just before football, too foolish to have tested their offensive TV in the morning when no one there, & management too absent to be found despite 2 complaints. This author tossed his beer on the ground in disgust, & we all left the beer garden.
  • 2010 name: Kongress Garten
  • 2009 name: Gast- Haus- Alte- Messe


  • 2022-05-14: Maybe they are renovating the normal outside sales counters on the West of the building, so we had to go inside to buy dunkles bier, & then a small tip to waiter/ress. The West side seating under trees has been removed, they've put more seats on the North side, on the square, nearer the snail.
  • Large served area outside the front (West), Green tables of 4 to max 6.
  • Largish self service section of benches for 8 to max 10 West & South.
  • Spacious outside mostly no back rubbing.
  • Can bring own food or buy there.
  • 2012: Their menu, PDF English, shows Augustiner beer 2.9 EU, & Weiss & Dunkles 3.1.
  • Lots of room inside if weather turns suddenly bad.
  • Beer Garden extends into park, across path, park is a good place for a frisbee.
  • Funicular railway engine near Transport Museum nearby, next to paved area where one can [mono] cycle, roller skate etc.
  • Tons of room outside for older kids to run around & explore
  • Play ground fenced in for young kids.
  • I've always had decent measures there. But R.G. 2009.08.01 reported short measures & arguing & waiting twice to refill same Maas before it finally came to the line. (Perhaps from some 2nd Schanke, not the one by Kids area?). 2 changes of owner since then.
  • 2012: One of their (Schanke) bar men was English last time, & their web says: Ihre Wirts-leute Philip und Sabine Sedgwick.

(Pre formatted for email announcements)
U4-U5 to Schwanthaler- Hoehe. Coming from the city centre & Haupt- Bahn-
Hof: Exit at rear of train, take the stairs up to the right, On the next
level walk straight on and take the stairs at the end, following signs for
the Verkehrs- museum. Above ground walk South (sun in right eye), straight
on between the buildings to an open area. Keep left=East of the giant (5
metre) snail, past the service area adjacent to the building, on to the
self service area at the back, at the West and South of the building. Or
Bike it it: Wiesen, South end, West side, West from Wiesen. (Through under
pass across road, avoid colliding with dossers & their beds in wide tunnel).

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. Hof- Bräu- Keller (Hofbraeu)

Innere Wiener Straße 19 81667 München Tel: 089 / 45 99 25-0

Central area, crowded, can smell of smoke, as too sheltered by high buildings & doesn't get enough wind, & Germans smoke too much, so we sometimes sit on North West corner, where it's less crowded (corner with cocktail bar on one side & park on other side). Has a walled kids play area. Have to go inside to buy Dunkles beer. Can bring own food. They sell hot & cold food outside. They stop selling at 22:00 (2006.08 staff informed us, walking round). They have to close outside by 23.00 as overlooked by flats. Big inside area if it rains. Non smoking room. Probably the best (only) kids play area inside I've seen (acoustically out of range of front rooms :-) High ceilings typically Bavarian/ Muenchen. Food inside used to be sometimes on special, smaller fixed portions at (back then) 5 Euro, They make up for the loss of profit with expensive beer:

2023-07-14 Russen 1 litre 10.90 Euro + 2 Euro deposit plastic token, Grosse Brezen 5.70 Euro, Hofbreau 1 litre 10.50 Euro

For a proper litre measure had to return beer back twice on 2006.08.18 ! 3.50 per half Bill calls it Dunkles Gold. Dance hall or some such in cellar, (for older people I'm told). Few minutes walk south from U-Bahn Wiener Platz. Tram stop outside North corner.

@2009, inside now has electronic measurement, at least on Dunkles, so no more short measures at least here ? :-) Still beware most of the rest of Munich
Possibility also to picnic in park outside nipping in to beer garden for facilities & for anyone who arrives empty handed.

2013-06-17 Annoying repeated flashing of lights on & off by Beer Garden management deliberately to annoy customers to make them leave at end of evening. (Flats on North side want quiet).

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  Olympia Alm (Ayinger @ 2016-05-27)

Martin-Luther-King-Weg 8, 80809 München
Tel: +49 89 3009924
  • U-Bahn: Olympia-zentrum.
  • 10-15 min walk
  • Uphill.
  • Near top of the hill (564m).
  • South of the path along the crest.
  • East of the peak.
  • Look at a map, or go with someone who knows.
  • Or Tram 27 Ackermann- str & Mail me pedestrian Directions for this page if you want, Or Bike
  • Ayinger Bier
  • No wet weather fallback.
  • (Don't confuse it with beer garden at base of hill on South East corner of park. - inside there is a smokers ghetto )

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.Oster- Wald- Garten

Keferstr. 12, 80802 Muenchen,br> It's a beer garden, but not self service, so not bring your own food either. However, conveniently near the See- Haus in event of bad weather there.

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www . laimers . com / kontakt / Laimers, Wirtshaus, Bar, Biergarten
Agricolastr 16, 80687
Pic. of beer garden Does it have any self service ?
  • openstreetmap . org
  • S-Bahn: stop: Laim All S-Bahnen on Stamm strecke except S7, Exit Lands- berger- str, then right, head out of town along Lands- berger- str at 2nd lights left in Agricola- str, & on a few metres.
  • Tram 19: to stop "Agnes-Bernauer-Platz" head out of town, then right in Agricola str.

. Linden Garten

SolaLinden- str 50, 81825 Munchen, Germany

About 2 Km SE of Trudering U2 & S4 & S6, or 2KM WSW of Gronsdorf S4 & S6
30 mins From Haupt Bahn Hof, according to MVV-Muenchen route planer.
To Trudering on U2 direction Messe- stadt Ost
7 mins on StadtBus 192 (Tell me if bus number changed).) direction Neu- perlach Zentrum
from Ottilien- str., walk 3 minutes 0.1 Km

@ 15:00 Tuesday 2nd July 2013 the self service was closed 'cos very few customers, so just one friendly waitress. The self service Schanke shutters opened about 16:00.
Prices from bill @ 2013-07-02: WB dunkel 3.7, alkoholfreies Bier 3.7, WB leicht 3.7, Schnitzel Wiener Art 10.9, Ofenkartoffel/Haenchen 10.5at

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. Muffat- Halle

  • Zell- str. 4, 81667 München.
    Directions: (In format ready for email): Down stream = North from Deutsches Museum Forum der Technik, on
    the right = East bank. The Isar cycle path (East = Right bank)
    separates the Isar from the minor road & back wall of the beer
    garden. Maps:

    Between S-Bahns Isar- Tor & Rosen- Heimer- Str. Optional Tram:
    From Isar- tor, 1 stop to Museum's Insel, (Or come
    by tram other way from Max Weber Platz (U4 & 5), to the bridge.

    On Ludwigs- Bruecke (bridge), if coming from Isar- Tor & the city,
    walk the full length of bridge on the left = North = down stream side
    of bridge, to the North East end of bridge, (The Mullerschen Volksbad
    (an indoor swimming in ornamental old building) is to your left.
    Rosenheimer- str is to your right, rising up to the Gasteig).

    Ignore the hill, turn left = North, walk down the sloped cobbled
    road, curving left. The beer garden is on the right, in a court yard.
  • Tel. 458750.80, Fax. 458750.89
  • @2012_06: If you order alkoholfrei you get given a plastic token to take to cash till, cos the alk frei is cheaper :-) Still no dunkles though. Just Dunkles-weiss. Deck chairs too. & Inevitable football screen for UEFA-2012.
  • Some limited possibility to picnic outside near river, sitting on stones of bank of river.
  • 300 Seats. Normal cheap space saving 10 seat benches.
  • Jammed together seat benches touching, so people can rub bums backs & elbows with next table. (Tables used to be are slightly oblique rows, so only 4/5th could be annoyed, but now straight so 100% can. Beergardens that cram in deserve to lose customers.
  • No Dunkles beer sold (2009.05).
  • South West aspect & they say large umbrellas, but not true, a few medium size wood & white canvas, smaller than little cafe single table umbrellas, but not Big modern aluminium & white plastic Large umbrellas
  • Walled all round & a small B.G. so not much draught, which may be a bad thing: with all the tobacco drug addicts when it was at 25% seat occupancy, a 2nd mass was not worth buying, 'cos of smoke drifting erratically.
  • Öko- fleisch vom Lava- stein- grill. 2 sausages for 5 Euro
  • Small sand pit for few small kids & 2nd KPA at 150 metre out of sight.
  • Bike parking not compatible with racing handle bars, only good for "city Bike" & mountain Bike.
  • Mo bis Do: 17 Uhr bis 1 Uhr. Fr bis So: 12 Uhr bis 1 Uhr
  • Look for a yellowish orange building, baroque, (with a swimming pool inside), & a large square factory chimney further North (= down river) from Deutsche Museum, & West (= down hill) from Gasteig.
  • Wet weather fallback: They have an adjacent "Cafe [similar name to Electra, or dynamo), whether its free entry or just for concerts unknown. Labelled something like Elektrizitaets- Haus, perhaps was a way station for 1st electric line between Kochel & Alte Botanische Garten.

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  Löwen Bräu Keller

Stigl- maier Platz, Nymphen- Burger Str. 2, 80335 München, Tel +49 89 526021, Fax +49 89 528933

Getting There:

U-Bahn U1, Stop Stigl- maier Plz, Tram routes 20, 21, N20

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Where In Beer Garden:

Usually in self service area, towards far end, not near main gates on Stigl- maier Platz (unless its raining, when we may be inside, or just outside, served, under umbrella).

Maps. Page Top

Beergarden Description (for announcements) :

Sheltered as city central, You can bring your own food, eg from home, shop or take away en route, whatever. They sell ribs, haxen, chicken etc. No kids play area.

Maps. Page Top

Wet Weather fall back:

Umbrellas outside, also big inside area, just Bavarian food served inside. Later possibilities could include Indian (Maharani) to North East & an [African] is North on Dachauer Str etc.

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Beergarden Description (extended notes, not for announcements):

Beer: Lowenbraue (which means Franziskaner for Weissbier, (which Jim doesn't like). & 2 Maas of Dunkles tasted foul to me 2008 07 04, Chucked much of both on the stones. It was a fresh lively barrel, foaming like crazy, & was not old, did come fresh from tap. Perhaps it was washing solvent on the glasses, insufficiently washed off. Normally dunkles there OK. But often from bottles, or dunkles draught from inside (was closed for renevations). Currently they have both draught & bottled Dunkles outside.

Long narrow beer garden, running East-West, Parallel to Nymphen- Burger- Str.. Enough sun in summer. particularly at West end in Summer 2008 as building site adjacent to so shadow. Better than an edge of town beer garden on cool days. Low level is sunny, higher is shadier. Can sometimes be noisy from the road. Can be damn noisy occasionally if some rotten radio station invades, bringing `Schickeys' (Posers) im tow, recruited by radio, penalty of any central convenient location.

@ 2008.05: Dunkles on sale outside from bottles (so you get a full measure, Even their Helles was a full measure @ 2008.05 Somewhat unusual for Muenchen ! )

@ 2008.07.04 they have completely gutted the inside, raw concrete & steel, so no wet weather fallback at all for next several months.

[The cellar ?] is another traditional place for Stark Bier Fest, substantial entrance fee then though.

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. Max Emanuel Brauerei

Adalbert- str. 33, 80799 Muenchen In middle of city. No green.

Maps. Page Top


Maria-Einsiedel-Str. 2, 81379 München | Tel +49.89. 723 2031 |
Opposite Wienerwald at Thal- Kirchen (U3). @ 2002.06: Beer Eur 5.80 / Mass. Usual big tables and chairs as per other real beer gardens, bits sunny, bits well shaded. Big Chicken wings and scampi etc. deep fried and tasty. Watch the trucks carting away the logs of the Isar rafts for the next day. Food from the woks can be spicy if you ask nicely / insult the cook enough. Chilli spare ribs were excellent after they had been jazzed up a bit.

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  Menter- schwaige:

MENTER- SCHWAIG- STR. 4, 81545 München Tel.: +49 89 640732 Fax: +49 89 6422971
Jim says Lowenbraue => Franziskaner
East of River Isar, South of city.
Near the river, ~ 1.5 KM South of the Zoo. Good for cycling along river. It's equidistant between South end of Zoo & the high rail bridge at Gross Hesseloehe.
Tram 15 und 25 both stop direct on Menter- schwaig Str.
These Trams connect from other lines (List starting in North, going South)

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Michaeli- Garten (Ost Park)

Caution Flaucher bill 2022-08-17 says "Haberl Michaeligarten Gasstattenbetriebs GmbH Zum Flaucher" If 1 company runs 2 or more BG, that's less competition.

Feicht- str 10 81735 München, Tel. 089/43 55 240,
Formatted ready for email:

Feicht- str 10, 81735 Muenchen, # map = 19 / 48. 11473 / 11. 63755
U-Bahn: U5, Michaeli- Bad; Walk in same direction as trains heading out of
town ( East South East, Compass 112.5 ;-) ; Along Heinrich Wieland Str, past
Michaeli- Bad on right (first past long low single storey buildings behind
which lie grounds of the swimming pool); past main pool entrance, past cycle
park, curving gently right into park, past flower bushes, past Restaurant
(a bit off to right, adjacent to lake).
Walk to serving area in beer garden, past that toward sun & lake.
Cars: Ost-Park is East of the East side of Mittlerer ring. Free Car Park
South off Heinrich Wieland. But why drink-drive ? Use U-Bahn or cycle :-)
If weather collapses, 3 alternate fall-backs:
  • Dicker Mann,
    Heinrich Wieland Str 11, Muenchen 81735, Map grid C 73 in Blue
    Phone Book Die Muenchner Between U-Bahn
    & Biergarten, nearer U-Bahn. other (North) side of street from park.
  • Echardinger Einkehr - Augustiner Bräu, Bad-Kreuther-Straße
    8 81671. Back West (towards Inns- Bruecker ring), just past U Bahn,
    North=Right on Krumbald- str; A few metres East=Right.
  • Beim Staudinger Trattoria Da Francesco, Staudinger- straße 20, 81735.
    Paulaner. Big place.
    South past lake; West till cross river; South in park to Staud.; Left=SE
Own Food is legal here. They sell hot food too. Optional hill & park stroll after dark. Illuminated model boats on lake sometimes. 2nd Wet Fallback indoor venue Optional: Restaurant adjacent to beer garden gets full, & slow service if down- pour & rather formal/ expensive compared to self service.
2006: Nasty football screen dominated half the beer garden acoustically for the World Cup.
2014-06-06: A review of
Useless web: guff flowery prose, drop down menus, & pointless pictures to set a mood, but doesn't name their brewery ! or their range of beers, or outside prices. or what food they sell in their beer garden. nor mention they have an ice cream stand too, nor did I see their fenced kids play area mentioned, nor that they install a monster TV to impose football on all-comers when the football watching season arrives.
2016-09-09: Picture of sun umbrella shows: Loewenbraue.

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  • 2023-09-30: Dunkles litre 11 Euro, 0.5 Weissbier 5.5 Euro, Brezen all between small & proper large, but sold as large 4 Euro.
  • VERY EXPENSIVE 23 June 2011: Weissbier Helles 0.5 litre @ Euro 3.95,Plate of chips "Pommes portion BG" @ 4.60 Euro.
  • Hoch- str 77, 81541 Mu. Shown on my map as "Paulaner" ... the brewery is adjacent. Cyclists: Along the cycle path to Reichen- bach- Bruecke, South East, along Ohlmuller, up hill, left into Hoch- str (before going over rail bridge). U-Bahn (flat route to avoid walking up hill from river): U-Bahn Silber- horn- str, walk north north east along Tegern- see- land- str towards Rosenheimer Platz, North West = Left at junction with Ostfriedhof, down Nock- herberg- str a few meters over rail bridge, Due North (Right) Into Hoch Str. Maybe 50 Metres Right again.
  • Their Web. Tel 459913.180 fax 81 Wirt Peter Pongratz. Leiter Haustechnik Joerg Kukulies
  • Directions: (pre formatted ready for email)
    Corrections / improvements ? Mail me , don tell me, - I won't try to remember, Email !
    Directions: Depends where you'r coming from. Maps:
    U-2 Silber- horn- str (from city, direction is Messe- stadt Ost): then
    Either Tram 25 direction Max-Weber-Platz a get out at Ost- fried-hof,
    Or Walk north north east along Tegern- see- land- str towards
    Rosenheimer Platz, Turn North West = Left at junction with
    Ost- fried-hof, down Sankt- Bonifatius- str a few meters over rail
    bridge, Due North (Right) Into Hoch Str. Maybe 50 Metres
    Right again.
    S-Bahn Rosenheimer-platz:
    Then tram 25 direction Gruen-wald & get out at Ost- fried-hof.
    U-1 Kolumbus- platz (Direction Inns- bruecker- ring)
    Then Bus 54 (Tell me if bus number changed).). At stop Silber-horn- Str change to tram 25
    & get out at Ostfriedhof.
    Tram 27 Direction: Schwanen- See- Str.
    It Passes through Haupt- Bahn- Hof, Sendlinger Tor (U-1,2,3,6),
    Fraunhofer- str (U-1,2), South West over Reichenbachbruecke,
    past Eduard- Schmid- Str,
    Then Either:
    - Get out at Maria- hilf- platz, walk up hill, turn
    Left = North into Hoch- Str, & it's immediately on the right
    (toward the yellow building with tall Paulaner chimney beyond).
    - Or stay on Tram up Ohl- muller- str, Get out at
    Ost- fried-hof. Walk back North West along Sankt- Bonifatius-
    Str., over rail bridge & down hill a bit. Pass Hiendl- Mayr-
    Str, veer right into Hoch Str.
    German Directions: html
  • Beer garden
    • Can be (if wind from West, but Munich doesn't get much wind) a pleasant view over the escarpment & into beer garden.
    • Crowded seating during the rebuilding after the fire.
    • Rebuilding complete @ July 2003, now has all the recti-linear architectural attraction & interest of an old Butlin/Pontin's holiday camp ;-)
    • In the back corner along the side adjacent to where where the Kids Play Area (KPA) was, they've put low level toilet block, & a new bandstand further down.
    • Exactly where the KPA used to be is now a pathway to the large bus car park, they didn't sacrifice any of that parking space, they sacrificed the beer garden.
    • They can now bus in hordes of eg USA BMW businessmen 2003.07.11. We were then stuck between the awful racket from the lousy `Lampion' band (some north of Munich music type ?) on the new bandstand, & the different Americanised Bavarian music from the halls.
    • We complained to management, cashiers subject to even more noise right opposite bandstand complained too, Forget any hope of a quiet relaxing beer garden unless you sit well away from halls entrance, nearer to the escarpment.
    • If you want to go, check what band will be making too much noise too close to you. They have a timetable.
    • Beer schanke too inefficient / slow though lots of staff & some quite surprisingly friendly, they'll probably get more efficient by 2004.
    • It takes a certain `skill' to manage to not pour the full content of 2 half litre Alkohol- Frei bottles into a litre mass glass, but they managed it, (the place used to regularly short measure on Helles & dunkles `vom fass' (on tap) served by the older man from the South Schanke (S. Schanke now gone) before the fire).
    • The KPA has grown, but moved down right by the main entrance, much easier to have your kids run off or be stolen from the new KPA, than the old South East corner location with high fences. Even this non kid owner noticed that was daft.
    • Amazingly a local tabloid (`yellow press') paper (TZ or AZ maybe, but not SZ), claimed lots of their readers like it ! Maybe they used to, hard to believe they still do.
    • Sad that it isn't what it was before the building were burnt down (about which some cynics after a beer have been heard to ask each other rhetorical questions about the convenience of loose matches ;-)
  • The Stark Bier Fest: Traditional start point for the fest. Televised live. Politicians do their ponderous bit here. Some say if you enjoy that, you've been here too long, some say if you can't understand it, you'r not a local. Whether one Wants to appreciate it is debatable. I've been here too long ! 'Cos I've enjoyed the televised Bavarian humour at times.
    • The 2003 Stark Bier Fest: (Return from the tents down by the Auer Dult) Short measures & tight fit tables bolted to the floor. Tedious rubbing of backs with next table tight packed close. A waitress tried to steal the substantial change due my female neighbour - I put my arm across to table opposite, grabbed it, & the fat old waitress bounced off & couldn't escape without paying back what she had attempted to cheat. She knew full well, she was just trying to cheat the young American female customer who was trapped on the tight bench, & couldn't get her money back. I left in disgust shortly after, I finished drinking my first & only Stark bier there outside.
    • In the front building, it used to be OK even during Starkbierfest time, it was more of a civilised restaurant in the area that led off from the left side, just before where you paid for entry to the `garden' & halls.
    • Stark beer is seriously strong: There used to be a reputation for good number of fights at Starkbierfest zeit. Men seemed more casual after leaving the premises to go home, & vaguely wandering across the road to urinate above the escarpment beyond, but more surprising one year was to see 2 young women, trousers down, squatting in the gutter urinating about 4 meters from the entrance, couldn't even be bothered to walk up or across the road, let alone to the grass beyond ! Strong beer, & things happen. Another traditional place for Stark Bier Fest is Löwen Bräu Keller @ Stigl- maier Platz
    • The 2010 Stark Bier Fest: Still very short measure on beer. Signs saying to get measures topped up at the Schanke are worthless, deceptive public relations, because all the beer is collected from there just by waitresses who have not the slightest interest in taking it to customers, & being sent back to top up when it is inevitably short. Our waitress was typical: An over age, seriously fat, very grumpy mercenary granny. She told us she wouldn't let people from another table who had already bought beer join us, bluntly told us she wanted to _sell_ beer. (She obviously considered selling refills was insufficient). Didn't have the politeness to say Danke for tips, unless fat tips. Argued back when I said I wasn't prepared to buy the shortest measure she presented, I grabbed my money back & slid her her beer back to her. Only then did she agree to sell me one less short measured (but still a way short measure). At O'fest & stark beer fest they habitually sell the shortest measure to the first sucker. Nock-herberg continues to use the so called stein krug, where customers can't check for fraudulent short measures.

      On 18th March 2010, we noted times of "Ein Prosits" played by the band. (The word is at O'fest it's in band's contracts to encourage customers to drink, so probably the same at Stark Bier Fest.) We might have missed writing a few, but these were the times (& intervals in brackets). 16:52 (30) 17:22 (29) 17:51 (37) 18:28 (45) 19:13 (14) 19:22 (31) 19:53 (13) 20:04 (26) 20:28 (42) 21:20 (30) 21:50 (31) 22:21

Spring/ Early Summer 2006: Weird reconstituted potato type things outside, sort of like chips but spongy, & tapering to pointed ends, came swimming in thin gravy with some meat. I immediately poured my gravy on ground. Frankie didn't & was very queazy later.
Lousey service inside, their very friendly helpful manageress tried to sort it, but couldn't make that much progress with such bad staff, two of whom should be sacked as more interested in Not working, &/or chatting behind bar to their friends in front. (& also smoking behind the bar I recall, (but won't swear to, memory not guaranteed on that event), (Illegal BTW in UK, unless you wash hands after: saliva = health risk!)) One can speculate with 2 versus 1, who will leave first, & if service will improve.

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  Park Cafe:

2011_05_09 19:30 whole beer garden (self service & served) in shadow from trees.
2011_05_09 Friendly service from self service & waiter in served area.
2011_05_09: Alkoholfrei is awful Becks in horribly small 0.3[3] litre
Self service outside has deposit on glass with plastic token. (so in a thunderstorm some rush off home with a token in pocket, & they keep your euro & the glass). Self service outside doesn't sell Dunkles. Buy it inside. No deposit. High prices: @ 22.7.2009 Dunkles (from inside) Mass 7.6
Large Brezen rip-off 3.9 (& some large brezen were not good, looked under cooked & tasted towards UK steam baked bread!). Sometimes whole of inside private party, no cash in till to pay for a dunkles & no dunkles on shelf (perhaps classy privates drinking wine ?) Can be friendly service often from waiters, (but not from managers german female pre 2009 & japanese male 2009). Staff close big table umbrellas public open (fear of wind damage, prepaid customers left to get wet).
Pre formatted for email:
Outside in the self service half of the Park Cafe Sophien- Str. 7, Tel 51617980 On edge of park (ex site of Old Botanical Garden). U-Bahns: Nearest: Karls- platz/Stachus. Others: Haupt Bahn Hof & Koenigs- Platz
Beergarten & adjacent cafe run by different staff. No Dunkles outside, but you can go inside to cafe to buy Dunkles. On after possibilities include: Nearby up Dachauer Str: Indian, Maharani, & African too.

Warning: We Avoid Here During football Season

  • Next : 07.06.2008 bis 29.06.2008 EM LIVE
  • Their web claims to have largest screen in a beer garden,
  • Most of our group does not like pervasive football noise from loudspeakers.
  • We won't pay extra high prices for degraded environment.
  • Note the mobile number of the mail list announcer, for in case they impose football noise on us, & we leave, & you need to find us by mobile phone, as happened 02.07.2004: Rip Off football Pricing With No football !
    Beergarten Aus- Schanken was closed, due to bad weather. The small area next to cafe was open as usual, but had been extended, partly railed off. They'd put a large projection screen outside, possibly so they could show something, maybe a film or something I thought, but it was off, no signs of any sort, no tickets, & they were serving beer outside as usual, & it was quiet, largely deserted on arrival, so OK. After beer arrived, we asked for menus, but only one ordered food, as too expensive & a bit weird for the price. I saw the waiter looking very carefully at backs of all menus when he collected them from us before selecting some for next table. Elke paid first, for a single Weiss Bier: 3.90 Euros! We complained, & refused to pay more than normal. Found that some but not all menus had football logos on back cover, with rip off prices inside. Cafe manageress was insistent she must rip us all off @ 3.90 Euros for beers instead of their normal 3.30, for non existent football we didn't see & didn't want. She rolled out the usual Munich excremental excuses: That it was owner's orders, & owner of course wasn't there, & so she had to rip us off, & we had no choice but to be ripped off ... & that if we didn't pay their enhanced rip off prices, it must come out of the waiter's pocket - the owner would rip him off instead. We refused to be ripped off: there was no football showing, & I added I hated watching football & would Not have been there if they were showing it. She said she'd turn it on (to retrospectively justify the prices, now we wanted to leave!). I warned her not to extend the attempted fraud, by falsifying evidence, & turning on football TV just before police arrived (if called). I didn't trust her at all. I demanded she show me my 3.40 change due from a 10 Euro note on 2 beers, before I'd even give it to her. I was certain she'd short change me & the rest after otherwise. She continued arguing with us. She rushed off briefly at one point, to harass the technicians to immediately put on football, any, even a recording, they refused, saying there was no point. The waiter accepted normal pricing, & I finally got my right change from him. Then others paid & left. After group had left, last organiser reported she was still telling technicians to turn on the large screen & show football - & they were saying No, none available!
  • Direction pre-formatted for email:
    Sophien- strasse 7, 80333 Muenchen
    From Stachus= Karls- Platz:
    Fountain behind you, Sun behind left shoulder: Cross the busy
    Karls-platz/ Sonnen Str to West side (under ground or at pedestrian
    crossing) Walk north past Koenigs- Hof Hotel on left, toward &
    past Justiz- Palast also on left. Cross Elisen Platz, left = North
    West into park, continue curving gently left past Kunst- Pavilion
    into beer garden.

    OR From Haupt- Bahn- Hof, corner of Bahn- hof- platz & priel- mayer- str:
    Sun behind you on left shoulder, go 1 block North on Luisen-str,
    till you see the giant rusty O ring, as high as maybe a 3 floor
    building, cross North East to it, continue East then North in park
    of the Alte- Botanische- Garten. BG is North, beyond the hedge.

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Der Pschorr - near Viktualien- Markt

Restaurant Der Pschorr, 15, Viktualienmarkt, Bezirksteil Angerviertel, Munich, Bavaria, 80331, Germany No self service outside. Expensive as on edge of Viktualien- Markt. Decent individual (green plastic & metal ubiquitous) seats though 6 to a table, no jammed up back rubbing bench seats that I recall ?

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  Rosen- Garten - Westpark Also

Westend- str 305, 81377 München Tel.: 089-578 693 00
Paulaner @ 2015-08


  • Park is in West-South-West Munich.
  • Park is bisected by Mittlerer Ring
  • Beer Garden is in West half of park, at West end, West of lake, (West is where sun shines as it sets in the Evening)
  • A new (at 2017-06-02) good experimental route planner, try it:
    test . mvv - auskunft. de / index. html # trip @ origdest
    Sample for 2017-06-03
  • Alternative #1: From U-Bahn U6, Station:West park Direction:From Sendlinger Tor
    (Slightly longer but much more of the walk is in the park):
    Exit at front of train heading West out of town (toward Holz- Apfel- Kreuth) continue along Ehrwalder- Str West (away from city, into evening sun); Turn right = North into Kaiser Weg; Cross Kruener- Str into Reuland Str, continuing North into Park; In park turn left = West; Pass South of lake, keeping left of West-See.
  • Alternative #2: U-Bahn U6 Station: Holz- Apfel- Kreuth:
    (Slightly nearer, but more walk among buildings.)
    Exit toward back of train, walk East (back toward city) crossing under Fursten- rieder Str, emerge above ground, continue East (evening sun behind right shoulder), toward city centre, pass 3 streets along Ehrwalder- Str, then turn Left = North into Gilm- Str; Then North East in park (evening sun on your back)
  • Alternative #3: (Might be problematic at 2017-06 as tram track disruption South of Haupt- Bahn- Hof)
    Tram 18
    from Sendlinger Tor, direction to Gondrell Platz, via: Stachus, Landsburger Str, Agnes Burnauer, Zschokkestr, West End Str. After tram veers right (= West) into Ammer- See- Str., Alight at stop "Stegener- Weg" Go over the bridge of the Autobahn, turn half left = (South West) into park. After approximately 200 m and a slight turn to the right, Restaurant Rosen- garten and beer garden shows up. 500 m walk.
  • Alternative #4: Bus 51 (@ 2015-08) (Tell me if bus number changed).) along Furstenrieder Str, Stop=Andreas- Voest- Str. then East (sun behind right shoulder) 650 m walk.
  • Alternative #5: cycle through Park.

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Kloster-Braue Stuberl, Kloster Sch%C3%A4ftlarn 16,

de . wikipedia . org / wiki / Sch%C3%A4ftlarn
de . wikipedia . org / wiki / Kloster_Sch%C3%A4ftlarn
schaeftlarn 82067 Ebenhausen
A cycle ride along Isar South of Munich Weisbier 4.60 @ 2022-09-05, Alkohol Frei 4.50 @ 2022-09-05

  Schlössel- Garten

Cosimastrasse 41 81925 München U4 Arabella Park then ' + Bus or 10 Min by foot.) Bus 89 (Tell me if bus number changed).) direction Fritz-Meyer-Weg 2 stops till Eva- Str., Then 200 Meter along small footpath across from Bus stop.

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  Schuetzen- Garten

Old name: Muenchner Haupt. Very old name: Schiess- Statt.
Ziel- Statt- str. 6, Sendling, 81379 München. Tel: 089 786940

Directions: (ready for email: no umlauts & < 80 chars/line) # map = 19 / 48. 10448 / 11. 53472
S-Bahn: S7 Mitter- Sendling (5 minutes) On a train from city centre, walk forward in direction of train (= South), down the steps, turn left (= East) (for Neuhofener Platz or Zech Str), under railway track, turn right (= South), up steps. Continue along the path parallel to tracks until you turn right (= West) into tunnel ... ***; OR U-Bahn U3 Ober- Sendling. (7 minutes) Coming from town get out and walk towards the back of the train (= East), up the ramp, turn right (= South) (briefly?) and again up the ramp to Toelzer Str.. Turn left (= North) into Toelzer Str., cross over Boschetsrieder Str. and continue until you come to Steiner Str.. Turn left (= West), go past the hotel on your right (= North) and follow the path veering right (= North West) to the railway track. Through the pedestrian tunnel ... *** ; OR U-Bahn U3 Aiden-bach Str + Bus 53 (& N41) : Bus 53 (Tell me if bus number changed).) from Aiden-bach Str, heads South on Aiden-bach, turns left=East , then again left=North up Hoffman-str. Alight at Stop = "Ziel- statt- strasse", (3 minutes) on the corner of where Ziel- Statt Str. (East - West) crosses Passauer Str to North, which becomes Hofmann Str to South. In the direction of a bus South from Harras, turn Left (= East) into Ziel- Statt Str. past Lidl on the left, past Bavaria petrol station on left, then veer left (= North East) into park toward beer garden. The Bus heads south on Passauer str from near (West) of Harras S Bahn OR Bus 134 (Tell me if bus number changed).), Stop = "Floesser- gasse", (3 minutes). The bus runs every 20 minutes, starts at Theresien- hoehe (U 4 & 5), ends at Fuersten- ried West (U3). Stops at "Am Harras" (U 6), South along Plinganser Str., the 5th stop after Harras is on the corner of Steiner Str. as bus turns left (= South) into Toelzer Str.. Walk West toward railway line, (in old direction of bus, before bus turns left (= South) down Steiner Str.) Veer right (= North West) into the tunnel ... ***; *** Into pedestrian tunnel, under the railway tracks, out the far side, up the ramp, veering right (= West North West), to entrance to beer garden, (beer garden tables visible ahead & further right ( = North West)) Head North West to main building, then right (= North), past beer serving area, then again right (= East). OR Car: parking is normally possible in Ziel-statt str. OR Bike: Ideal of course :-) GPS coordinates of the entrance : N 48.10403 E 11.53554 We're always in self service areas, usually towards the back (East, away from servery) toward the kid's play area. GPS N 48.10461 E 11.53513.
  • 2015: Augustiner beer.
  • 2010_08_13 Prices: Weissbier 3.9 Euro, Alkoholfrei & Dunkles 7 Euro, Helles 6.8 Euro.
  • 2010_08_13 Still no halves sold, (except Weissbier & Apfel schoerle) Beer Garden at Sat 18:00 was quiet, & mostly empty The regular man at the Schänke was under worked, presumably bored waiting for customers presumably, but was still too typically awkward & inflexible to sell half a litre. Despite taking & translating for physically small purchaser who did not need or want a litre, who had to buy Weiss instead of Helles. Typically awkward Muenchner/Bavarian, thought both the elderly polite purchaser & this author.
  • 2010_08_13 Loud speakers (PA) not noticed. Perhaps cos they had so few customers, & food pre cooked, no waiting & calling needed ?.)
  • Pre 2010_08 Obtrusive loud speakers (public address amplifier system) over most of beer garden, with un-intelligible gibberish from a Bavarian female, until towards end of evening. Best sit right down the end & then loudspeaker's not so bad, near the children's play area at the back next to the railway. Jim noted 2011_08: "We were there one lunchtime and they were announcing when food was ready for collection. It's not so noticeable in the evenings."
  • 2015: still no halves of beer 'except weiss.
  • Tables well spaced, embedded in ground, as are bench seats, longer than the normal ubiquitous yellow 10 pack portables. However, very high, difficult for short & older people to climb on to middle (but I think there's lower seats too on other tables, just we tend to go for the high fixed ones, a change from the ubiquitous norm).
  • Bad weather fallback exists: Row of wooden open sided shelters, on North edge of the tables, open to the South, + 4 rooms inside the buildings,

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Sendlinger Tor (SW of)

Andy's Krablergarten Restaurant mit Biergarten
Thalkirchner Str 2, 80337 Muenchen, Tel +49.89.260 19 148,
Not self service. Schnitzel is a non standard nice sharf sauce under (not mustard, & not horse-radish=meer-rettich) 10.5 EU, Seelachs+Senf sauce 9.5 EU, Weissbier Leicht 3.8 EU, Lowenbraue alkoholfrei flip top 3.5 EU @ 2013-08-20

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  Wirtshaus zum Straubinger near Viktualien- Markt

Blumen- straße 5, 80331 Munich

Paulaner & Hacker. A Small beer garden attached to a pub, central location & high prices eg Weissbier vom fass 4.2 EU, Dunkles 3.9, Helles & Alk Frei 3.9 @ 2013-08-29. I think probably no self service (unless at back on right ?). Decent individual (green plastic & metal ubiquitous) seats though 6 to a table, no jammed up back rubbing bench seats that I recall ?.

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  See- Haus: Englischer Garten


Klein- Hesselohe 3 , Schwabing, 80802 Muenchen, Tel +49 89 381613 0
Price (self service): Very Expensive: 7.4 Eu/litre at 2009.04.15 ; 2015_05_10: {Alk Frei 4.3, Weissbier 4.5, Radischen 3.5, Wurst 2.5.}


  • The beer garden is North of the City.
  • South of of Mittlerer ring,
  • In the park "Englischer Garten",
  • On the edge of the lake "Klein- hesseloher See".
  • Nearest U-Bahn: U 3/6, Muenchner Freiheit, then walk East along Feilitzsch- str into park (Sun behind your right shoulder), Left=North briefly at T junction, then Right=East toward park, past Oster- Wald- Garten (pub) on left, continue into park, Left=North round lake clockwise (North, then East, then South a bit. See- haus is on edge of lake.
  • Or Bus 144 (Tell me if bus number changed).) from Diet-linden- Str (U-Bahn Münchner Freiheit) to Oster- Wald- Str.
  • Or cycle along Isar.
  • Or by car its South West of where Mittlerer Ring = John F Kennedy Bridge crosses river Isar, small car park.
  • If you type "Gyssling Str 1" into it shows the right place.


  • Nice view South over lake.
  • If hot & crowded we sit further back toward cash tills.
  • Within easy distance of many Schwabing locales
  • If weather gets bad we sometimes retreat to Oster- Wald- Garten), Kefer-Stra\xdfe 12, on edge of the park on way back to U-Bahn. Also useful for later, if cool after dark at beginning or end of season.
  • An expensive restaurant there, that we never use, run by has a small picture.

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  Gasthaus Siebenbrunn

Gasthaus Siebenbrunn, Siebenbrunner Straße 5, Siebenbrunn, Untergiesing-Harlaching, Munich, Bavaria, 81543 East of zoo "Tierpark Hellabrunn" , Maybe 0.5 ? km near river. Siebenbrunner Straße 5, 81543 München. +49 89 8003377
Beer: Spaten & Franziskaner. No idea if self service or served, never been there. Directions @ 2016-07-27: U3 Thalkirchen, & Bus 52 (Tell me if bus number changed).) to terminus Tierpark (Alemannen- Str)"

Nearby uphill SW: Harlachinger Einkehr

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  Tannengarten , Ex   Spektakel

  • 2021-08-07: Dunkles 9.0 Euro/ litre, 4.8 per half ! Weissbier 4.5 per half.
  • 2019-07-05 Opened under new management. Ayinger beer.

  • Open in 2018, No Dunkles beer or alkohol free Hellas outside, have to order those from waiters in served area.
  • Closed permanently in 2015 - Was to become a block of flats - How foolish of planning authorities to grant permission for that change of use !
  • Beer at 2011 Hacker Pschorr
  • self service & waiter served areas.
  • Beer garden has self service & served halves too.
  • TV screens at front. Sky football there :-(.
    No TV at the back, Back in Spektakel time, ex Storm effects at 19:30 & 21:30.
  • Tannengarten beer garden is already (Sat 11 July 2015) open.
  • It is now Augustiner (before Hacker-Pschorr) with Erdinger Weissbier.
  • Pfeufer- Str. 32, 81373 München Sendling Tel 767 58 359
  • Gasthaus does not open till autumn 2015.
  • Directions (pre formatted for email)
    Directions to Tannengarten
    U & S-Bahns
    Similar walking distance from any of 3 U & S bahn stations:
    - U3 & U6 : Pocci- Str:
      Walk on Lind- Wurm- str in same direction as train took you heading out of
      town, South West, into the sun. Up the hill, sharp right (=North) on to
      Pfeufer- str (cut the corner up the steps if you want). A few
      minutes North & Tannen- garten is on the left=West. Beer garden is West, at
      the end of a short dead end road along the side of the Gaststaette.
    - U3 & U6 : Impler- Str
      On Oberland- Str, walk 6 blocks West (Sun in Left eye), then right =North
      on Plinganser- str, & as per from Harras on Plinganser  
    - U6 & S7 & S27, (not S20) : Harras 
      - Longer walk on main roads:
        East (Sun behind right shoulder) 2 blocks to Am Harras, Left = North
        East then North on Plinganser- str. About a 5 minute walk first
        crossing over Linden- schmidt- str, another 3 blocks North to
        Lind- wurm- str. Along Pfeufer- str North 2 blocks to Tannengarten &
        Biergarten on left = West.
      - Or Shorter walk:
        Exit North (city end) of train. Down stairs, turn right = East
        on to Margareten- str, cross Meindl- str, pass south along
        church; left=North along Plinganser- str, (pass Lindwurm- str)
        Plinganser becomes Pfeufer- str; Left = West at junction with
        Spitz- Weg- Str.
    - Busses:
      2 blocks South of bus stops at crossing Herzog Ernst Platz:
      Busses (as observed from shelters 2012-08-05 )
      Bus stop & shelter on Pfeufer Str (North-South) 53 & 134.
      Bus stop & shelter on Radl-Kofer Str (East-West) 31 & 152.
      Night Busses (@ 2012-08-05): N43, N44.
      Older bus routes pre 2012 131 132 134. Mail me changes.

Maps. Page Top

  Taxis Garten

  • Taxis Str 12, 80637 Muenchen. Tel.089 156827
  • Good Kids Play Area.
  • Cooked Food & Can Bring own.
  • Spacious - They were forced to reduce seating numbers some years back, after noise complaints from neighbouring residents. They grassed over a barrier border on North side. 2018 on North side, East end, part of the border has been gravelled & tabled again.
  • GeyerWally (ex Concordia) is nearby, but lesser known, smaller, quieter than Taxis.
  • U-Bahn U1, Gern
  • Good Kids Play Area.
  • Announcement ready to mouse copy:
    We will be at Taxis Beer Garden
    Taxisgarten, Taxis-str. 12, 80637 Muenchen.
    www.taxisgarten. de / bg / places /# taxis_garten
    You can bring own food or buy there.
    Easiest to just turn up on time :-) But if you know you'r coming,
    & as some tables are green 6 seaters, & they reduced total number
    of seats some years back (noise complaints from neighbours), feel
    free to tell us <bg-org@mailman.berklix.___> to try to collar enough seats.
    Nearest U-Bahn Gern U1 only 6 mins from Haupt- bahn- hof.
    Take the stairs at the back of the train coming from the city centre.
    Then on next level the stairs to the left.
    Above ground do a U turn then right at the Hypo- Vereins- bank.
    Walk down Tizian- str and at the end of the road is the beer garden.
    Only 300 metres.
    Report from RG, Sun 22 Jun 2014
    Yesterday we went to the Taxis beer garden and they stopped serving beer at 8.15PM (because of the football there were not as many people there as usual). So we all had to pack up and go home but before we left at about 8.25PM PC and myself wanted to go for a pee and as we came to the toilet we saw the manager locking the door. When we ask him whether he could leave the toilets open until at least most of the customers had left (after all they have to pee somewhere) he said in German "If you don't want to drink we don't want to open the toilets". I had eaten a meal and drunk 3 beers, PC. had eaten a meal and drunk more beer than myself!
    I think this is a case for crossing this beer garden off our list.

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  Tollwood General Location
Spiridon Louis Ring /Willi-Gebhardt Ufer.
Where we meet:
Andechser Zelt Location: On South-East Corner of Festival Grounds 1. Enter "Main entrance" (from Spiridon-Louis Ring) 2. Stay Left. Walk along left periphery. 3. Continue until you see the Andechser Tent. It is one of the circus tents with a blue roof and blue-white sides. see pictures Ringed around the Andechser Tent there are many Beergarten tables. 60% have blue sunshades. 1. On the LEFT of the tent entrances are tables facing the grass. Also near the racket from the free band adjacent. 2. On the RIGHT of the tent entrances is an area of tables adjacent to the "Andechser Lounge" (Right / Left as you face the tent on your arrival)


Yes some (Not Us!) annually pull out their Hippy gear to cruise (& man) the stands here. There's nothing too weird not to be on show as junk for sale at high prices here.
Beer Measures:
The hippy pseudo peace & light atmosphere does NOT extend to beer sales. As per usual Munich attitude they'll try & rip you off on short measures, I had the normal argument over measures last year, from the lounge bar then, & this year got ripped again by the bar between lounge & main tent. A pity we don't have some UK style Weights & Measures Inspectors in Bavaria to close places that regularly defraud on volume. ( See other refs to eg Muenchner Verein Gegen Bier Betrug, & The Oktoberfest tax authorities institutionalising rip offs by charging more than 100 tax units per 100 "Mass" ( not equal to a litre) sold)

Cycling To Toll- wood.

Sure there's Bus, but nothing beats a Bike IMO. However there's still laws to obey, eg:
On a hot hot crowded night, ~20:00 Tues 21 Jun 2005, 3 police in a row were fining 3 cyclists under the trees heading towards Toll- wood. North East of the junction with Dachauer Str, heading North East on Schwere- Reiter- Str, on the North West side of the street, rather than using the cycle track on the South East side of Schwere- Reiter). There were numerous more cyclists heading in to be fined next. There were many pedestrians in both directions, & cycle path was not wide, so if the cyclists had swerved, they could have endangered pedestrians.

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. Kleine- Villa Flora

No longer a useful URL @ Thu Aug 20 04:09:20 CEST 2015 :
Don't confuse with The other up market bigger Villa Flora (on Hansa Str) is 1 block North East along Garmischer Str from Kleine- Villa Flora The big one does Not have self service.

Kleine- Villa Flora:

Tübinger- Str. 19, Westen Laim, 80686 münchen Tel. 089 57954954 Wirtin: Irmgard Papperitz I don't know if it has self service. 150 seat outside. cheap. Big Spiel- Platz 10:00-24:00 Uhr. Grosser Spiel platz und Wiese. U-Bahn U4 Westend- Str. U-Bahn + S-Bahn Heimeran-platz

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. Viktualien- markt

Viktualien- markt Biergarten 8331 München, Am Viktualien- markt 9 Tel.089/29 75 45, U3/6. Bus 52 (Tell me if bus number changed).) Marienplatz Too crowded for our size group to ever find a table on a Friday/Saturday evening, & I think they close early evening

.Wald- heim

.Wald- Wirt- Schaft

  • Tel +49 89 74994030 Fax +49 89 74994039
  • Jazz beer garden.
  • We go every year on May 1st, & other times too.
  • 2022-08-16 Monday public holiday, jazz playing, Dunkles bier @ 9.9 eu/l & 5 eu/ half. Plate of chips 4 eu.
  • 2015_06_04: Dunkles 1 litre 7.9 Eu. Kloster sausages (6 small red very spicey reccomended by jhs@ :-) with chips instead of kraut for same 7 euro.

  • Location: South of Munich, just West of river Isar on the escarpment.
  • Area for GPS: "82049 Gross- Hesse- Lohe bei Muenchen":
  • Beer: Spaten Franziskaner
  • Plans for May Day rides vary, but basic format is:
    Pre formatted to width 80 for email announcements:
    13:00 Meet us under ship's propeller (called a Screw by maritimers)
    on Museums Insel on the road between 2 bridges on Ludwigs Bruecke
    (Nearest S Bahn Isartor.) /# map = 19 / 48. 13158 / 11. 58644
    We cycle near river, South, up stream to Thal- Kirchen, then usually up a
    long shallow cycle track, converted from old rail line, takes one
    gently up, avoids a later steep hill direct up from river. Destination:
    Georg- Kalb Str 3, 82049 München
    South of Munich, just West of river Isar on the escarpment.
    waldwirtschaft. de / anfahrt - 2 /? lang = en / bg / places /# wald_wirtschaft
    ( Password as in foot of all bg@ postings. )
    Arriving at beer garden before 14:00.
    You can bring food, or buy there. They sell drink.
    For those who won't cycle: S-Bahn 7 & 20, (direction south west to
    Wolfratshausen); Stop: Gross- Hesselohe- Isar- tal- Bahn- Hof.
    No organised return: Individuals choose own route, time & speed back.
    Nice if you let us know you'll be joining us, & we'll look out for you,
    & tell others too, but you could just turn up.
    - If on bike@ mail "Bike Organisers" <>
    - If on bg@ mail "Beer Garden Organisers" <>
    - If on walk@ mail "Walk & Hike Organisers" <>
    (for joining a possible walk from Munich to beer garden).
    S Bahn Gross- Hesseloehe,
    S7 & S20 Direction Wolfratshausen & Hoellriegelskreut.
    Get out front of train coming from city, down through tunnel,
    back along track, turn 70 degrees right, (optionally continue
    along side of building till front door of pub, then turn right
    90 degrees with back now parallel to the door) walk across car
    park to Kreuz- Eck Str. Continue East down Kastanien- Allee, 4
    blocks. Turn right = South on Georg Kalb str, Stay on Georg
    Kalb as it curves left = East, until you end in beer garden.
    Bikes: Nice cycle track, converted from old rail line, takes one gently
    up long hill South, which avoids steep hill at end up from river.
    Car & GPS: Their web suggests: "82049 Pullach, Promenadenweg".
    We suggest: "82049 Gross- Hesse- Loehe bei Muenchen": "Pullach
    Im Isar- tal": What stadtplandienst. de finds it with.
    "Gross-Hesselohe (Pullach Im Isar-tal)": What
    GPS TomTom 700
    prompts after typing in "Gross- Hessel". & can find Georg- Kalb Str 3.
    Another GPS (manufacturer unknown, in a
    BMW could not find it,
    but I think person wrongly typed in Munich at one stage, don't know
    if he tried Pullach.
    PS, Same weekend as May Day trip, for techies:
    Vintage Computer Fest Europa www.vcfe. org

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  Wald- Gaststaette- Jahn, Haar

Gitti's Waldwirtschaft, 2, Jahnstraße, Haar, Landkreis München, Bavaria, 85540, Germany @2012 I think I heard this place might have closed or be in transition to another owner ? A shame if so, nice place.
Waldgaststätte Jahn, Jahn- strasse 2 , 85540 Haar Tel. &. Fax: 089 /46 77 30 E-Mail: waldgaststaette-jahn@ Near the S-Bahn station.
About or over 110 Years old in 2011. Friendly service from a non Bavarian family. (Maybe they try harder ? ) Young chap speaks good English.
Police sports club round the back, loads of tennis courts etc.
Kids play area.
Served & self service area.

Real grass area One of those secret beer gardens only locals seem to know of, worthy of wider fame.
Train track nearby, noisy periodically.
Gast-statte inside for cold weather.

  Winkel- Stueberl

@2016-09: Most beers just 3.10 Euro per 0.5 litre! Helles, Urtyp, Radler 2.90 ! Its not self service. Cant bring own food, But beer & food there very cheap. (A BG built on the edge of allotments, tables well spaced, greenery around, waitress fluent in English, Barman spoke some too. Nice evening, we'll be back.
www. winkelstueberl - muenchen. de /
www. openstreetmap. org / way /30076324
Eduard-Stadler-Winkel 3, 80686 München
Format Ready For Email:
It's North of the West half of West Park. 3 blocks West of
Mittlerer Ring. North of Autobahn to Graefelfing & Herrsching.
U4 & U5. (Green & Brown on map), Stop: West End Str, then optional
Tram 18 (Green on map) briefly East then South West, 1 stop
(Fachner Str) & walk forward, or 2 stops ( Saulinger Str) & walk back.
Or U6 (blue) Westpark, & a little longer but greener walk,
North to & across the park , Footpath (Lermoos-er Weg) North
over Autobahn, Pfrontener Platz to Eduard-Stadler-Winkel 3.
Or cycle.

  Wirts- Haus Weyprecht- Hof

MaxLiebermann Str 6, 80937 München. +49 89 311950

(North of Frankfurter Ring).

U2 from Hauptbahnhof to Hart-hof; Go North to front of train; Up the stairs; On the next level, straight on; Outside, the stairs to the right (East); Vear left (North East = sun on your back) 10 metres on to Weyprecht- str; Vear right = East = sun behind right shoulder; 150 metres along Weyprecht- str., pass St Gertrud church (on left = North); Turn left = North into Max- Liebermann Str.

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  Zamila Seestuben

North East Munich
Gerhard Nikolaus Fritz-Lutz-Straße 25 81929 München Telefon : 089 - 93 02 755
@ 2015-08:
  • Muenchner Hell 3,40
  • Pschorr-Braeu Weisse 3,60
  • S-Bahn: S 8 Daglfing, 800 m walk ca.10 mins
  • Bus: 188 + 189 (Tell me if bus number changed).) Marien- burger- str.

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  Zar Bar (ex Zic Zac) (Suggestion from Barbara J., not been there.

Now Zar Bar. Rosenheimer Str 240 It is on an island in the middle of the Rosenheimer Str. directly opposite the Alter Wirt (co-ordinates where the Rosenheimer meets the Inns-bruecker Ring). I like it because it is modern and non-Bavarian. If you go through the bar you come out at a beer garden at the rear, maybe a little bit smaller than the Alter Wirt, with a small play area. The ages and nationalities are mixed. The Bus stop (very close) is Ramersdorf, Bus 95 and 96 (Tell me if bus number changed).), U-Bahn Karl-Preis-Platz with a 5 - 10 minute walk south according to one's condition (!). Alternatively U-Bahn Inns-bruecker Ring - walk along the ring towards Salzburg Autobahn and turn right into Rosenheimer Str. I think the food is o.k. as I don't l like Bavarian food, but maybe it comes out of a freezer ? Don't know what a beer costs, but can't be too expensive, cos the youngsters go there!

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Also look above for other unindexed stuff marked NO_NOTES_YET.
  • Laimers;s 80687 München, Agricola- str 16. Tel.089 5466401, Tram 19. Willibald-Platz U5 Laimer Platz, Laim Self service section, looks like a fenced off kids area.
  • Jagd- schloss Alte Allee 21 , Obermenzing 81245 München , Tel.089/820 820, Pasing S/bahn 4/5/6/8
  • Villa Dante Dante- str 22 80637 Moosach, München - 089 14346137 Probably;y not self service or a real Beer Garden just a restaurant with a garden ?
  • Franziskanergarten Trudering. S5 oder der U2, Halte-stelle Trudering. Then Bus 192 (Tell me if bus number changed).) to Vogesen- Str.
  • Kraillinger Brauerei
  • Truderinger Wirtshaus till 01:00 Beer=Augustiner
  • Am- Schlössl
  • Wirtshaus in der Au, not self service
  • Braunauer Hof, Frauen- str am Isar- Tor, modern inner courtyard, not self service.
  • Freihamer Wirtshaus
  • Hufnagel Wirtshaus & Biergarten, Perlach, FC Bayern schnapps when they score. Beer=Löwenbräu
  • Echardinger Garten-laube Berg am Laim. 81673 München. Echardinger Str 10. Till 01:00 uhr. Josephs-burg u/2. Inns-bruecker Ring U/5. 19 Tram Baum-Kirchner Str
  • Grünwalder Einkehr Münchner Str 2, 82031 Grünwald Expensive part of Munich Beer=Paulaner
  • Bachmaier Wirtshaus Beer Garden to 24:00 Dachauer Str. 185, Neuhausen 80637 MÜnchen Tel.: 089 / 15 97 00 62 Beer=Franziskaner
    only has a small terrace.
  • & Bachmaier Hofbraeu, Leopold Str. 50.
  • Gasthof Maxhof Gasthaus Maxhof Mühlthaler Str. 91 81475 München U3 Richtung Fürstenried West
  • Leiberheim 2500 seats Wald- perlach Brewery Erharting
  • Prinz- Regent- Garten Pasing, Benedikter- Str. 35, 81241 München (Nähe West-bad) Telefon: 089.8202760
  • Siebenbrunn, Siebenbrunner Str 5, 81543 München Tel: 089 650848, By the Zoo.
  • Weisses Bräuhaus Apparently they have a beer garden ! I suppose some small inner courtyard,
  • Brau Girgl (Weisses Brau Haus?) Berg am Laim. 81673 München.Baum-Kirchner str 5. Tel.089/ 431 63 81. 9.00- 24.00 Uhr. U2/7.Josephs-burg. Tram 19. oder über A 94 Richtung München. U-Bahn Josephs-burg
  • Weyprechthof Paulaner U-Bahn Halte-stelle Hart-hof adjacent
  • Wirtshaus am Hart, Sudeten-deutsche- str. 40 80937 München Am Hart, Franziskaner
  • Wirtshaus zum Isartal
  • Zum Brunnwart Beer=Paulaner Biedersteiner Str. 78 80802 München Tel.: 089 / 361 40 58
  • Insel- Muehle Von-Kahr-Str. 87, Unter-Menzing, 80999 München
  • Self service. Augustiner Helles, But Franziskaner Weissbier. Next to the river Wuerm.
    Restaurant on the other side, which looks up market.
    Don't think it would be possible to go inside if it starts raining.
    1 km. from Unter-Menzing S2 S-Bahn. Walkable or 165 Bus 2 stops. Or 160 (Tell me if bus number changed).) Bus which runs between Allach and Pasing S-Bahns.
  • Zur Muehle Kirch-platz 5, 85737 Ismaning

Long Distance

Ideas for cycle trips & walks:
  • Maisinger See 2014 shut from 19th October to Easter 2015
    Rec. from LK@ 2018-08-26. Best selling point is huge racks of ribs. Cycling from Giesing quite easy, 25.5km.
  • En route to Freising
    • 11.5 KM from Holz Str, Muenchen
      Isarauen, Am Poschinger Weiher 50, Unterfoehring.
      www. seegarten. net /
      Maybe a bit too early for a stop but not such a detour from the Isar as = the other two.
    • 14.5 KM from Holz Str, Muenchen
      www. hotel - muehle. de / Zur Muehle, Kirch-platz 5, Ismaning.
    • 16.8 KM from Holz Str, Muenchen
      www. biergarten - muehlenpark. de Muehlenpark, Muehl- gasse 48, Garching.
      about a kilometre from the road bridge over the Isar.
      1 km vom Isar-Rad-weg; Rad-weg am Schleißheimer Kanal 8,5 km nach Oberschleißheim
    • At Freising: Bräu- Stüberl.
      Weihenstephan-er Berg 10, 85354 Freising, Tel. 08161-13004 Map Location when my GPS battery ran out, likely in Beer Garden) Weihenstephan-er Berg, between Alte Akademie (10 m) & Hohen-bachern- str (450 m) N 48.39605 E 11.72878
  • En route to Andechs
  • Flieger Braeu, Sonnen- str. 2 85622 Feld-kirchen
  • Green Farm (at correct time)
  • Klosterbräu Schäftlarn
  •   Kugler Alm Linien- str 93 82041 Ober-haching, S-Bahn Furth. Tel.089 6139010
    Supposedly where Radler was invented in 1922. But as that same German article also observes just prior, there was other German usage of the word Radler in 1912, & also "Shandy" bereits im 19. Jahr-Hundert als Getränk an britische Truppen aus-geschenkt wurde. SO probably lots of places in various countries invented the concept in parallel way back. Wikipedia on Shandy
  • Pschorrhof Lochhamer Str. 78 82166 Lochham-Gräfelfing Tel. 089 - 85 57 84
  • Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn
  • Seerestaurant Lido, Starnberg
  • Taverna Kipos, Dachau
  • Urthalerhof Sindels-dorf
  • Wald-gasthof Buchenhain Am Kletter-Garten 7. 82065 Buchenhain. Tel. 0049/89/7448840
  • Weiss-bräu Deisenhofen
  • Weissenfelder S-Bahn Feldkirchen Tel.: 089 / 904 693 96
  • Zur Eiche 82152 Planegg, Bahnhof- str 44 Tel. 859/80 36, S/6 Planegg

Stout, Irish & Guinness pubs

  • Beer Types:
    Note from Jim 2010.09:
    Unfortunately the only Irish pub I know which doesn't sell that beer which I prefer not to mention is the Shamrock in Trauten- wolf- strasse. The problem is that I seem to remember that some time ago Spaten did a deal with Guinness and this is the reason that everywhere you tend to find Guinness you find Spaten. The Shamrock is of course out of the question because it's very noisey and I doubt that it's possible to reserve a table.

  • Killians Frauen-platz 11, 80331 owned by the same guy as the Shamrock and also has live music and Augustiner
    + Next door in same cellar: Ned Kelly's Australian is for sport although Saturday would be ok but the place is very popular and not just with sport fans. Crowds flood in.
    IMO the place is a fire risk if crowded, I Julian do Not want to be there then,
  • Molly Malones - Keller- Str. 21, Haidhausen
  • Ryan's Muddy Boot Schlör. Str. 10 80634 Munich Neuhausen, Too small for us. Augustiner beer
  • Outlander Australian Pub Weissen- Burger Platz 3 81667 München
  • Cobbler's Irish Pub, Page in German !
  • www.kultfabrik. info Kultfabrik near Ostbahnhof The Temple Bar - Grafinger- Str. 6, - Mess of a page cant quickly see irish pub page, so unlinked.
  • www. shamrock - munich. com Shamrock Trauten- Wolf- Str. 6, 80802
    Augustiner with a make of Weissbier Paul can't remember. But live music most days, see website.
  • - folk - pub. de/ Gisela- Str. 11, Schwabing - Crippled page just selling salmon for Xmas & even worse one cant click back!, so unlinked. Too small, only two normal tables

Out Of Town

Other Beer Guides

Flash Encumbered Web Pages Are Mostly Stupid
Flash needs a proprietary binary, Suitable for addicts who run Microsoft, & Linux etc emulating Microsoft Virus Compatability, Not attractive for Free Source Software users averse to viral hazard from uncheckable binaries. Sure, some webs with genuine film/movie content might benefit from flash, but its stupidity from clueless web "Designers" to chuck it on webs eg for Beer Gardens & Restaurants, that need to sell static pictures of rooms & gardens & menus of food & drink.
Link to Standard Mail To Webmasters

Indians with outside seating

Notes on a few Indian Restaurants with outside space:
  • Maharani 2, Balde-platz, Has a side garden away from the road. Lots of foliage adjacent, may be risk of mosquitoes some times ?
  • Noor Jahan in Kaiser- str 80M from Leopold- str.
  • Taj Mahal on the corner of Nymphen-burger- str and Landshuter Allee. south side of Nymphen-burger Str, just East of the Mittlerer ring has a shadey front garden well back from the road.
  • Maharani 1, Rott-mann- str. 24, 80333, near Stiglmaier Plz has tables on a pavement widened over a converted road.
  • Haveli Nymphenburgerstr 193, 80637 Muenchen. Terrace toward road. U Bahn: Rotkreuzplatz U1. 53, 62, 63 bus (Tell me if bus number changed).) and 12 tram to stop Neuhausen.
PS If you spot a sun dial & your watch says 7PM in summer:
19:00 politician's summer time = 18:00 normalised for timezone,
= 17:00 GMT. Munich is at longitude 11.5 East, 5 hours + 11.5 / 15
* 60 mins after solar mid day = 17:46 on a sun dial.
(Axis tilt corrections? Over a beer ;-)
Beer Signs:
  • J.W. = Augustiner
  • H.B. = Herzog-liches Brauhaus Tegernsee. not Hof Brau Haus
  • More ?
Caution: Directions posted for each event are often not checked since last time, so will go on being wrong, till someone mails me to correct them.

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